Sequel: Shut Up. Kiss Me.

Just Jenny!

Chapter 23

I'll be the firstto admit, when Kevin first got here things were (more than a little) weird, mostly myfault, I'll admit it. But after about two cups of coffee, any stupid crush-like-awkwardness (on mypart, as I don't think hehas a reason to be awkward) seemed to simply dissipate. So, in true Jenny-Joni fashion, and because Joeisn't around to hog all the goodstuff, we decided to host a makeshift movie night!

Though not as formal, or planned out as most, our little two person party still found us both sprawled out in pjs amidst a pile of blankets and pillows with glasses carelessly discarded and placed to the side (away from getting-crushed-ness). Not only that though, we were alsodown one pizza, a bag of burnedmicrowave popcorn, half a candy apple (not considered fruitas it was covered in caramel, marshmallow, chocolate chips, rice crispies, andwhite chocolate), a bag of chips, buffalo wing sauce (for the chips), and about two and a half potsof coffee.

Uhh.” Kevin groaned from somewhereon my right.

Toldyou the popcorn was too much.” I smirked even though I highlydoubt he could see it as neitherof us was really in a position to move after allthe crapwe consumed.

“Yeah sureblame mypopcorn, what about that sorry excuse for an appleyou were hording in the fridge?” he asked in the same mocking tone. Man, I missed this, how easilyour banter flows...which just makes me feel worseabout not calling him more often...damn.

“I'm sorry.” I said, in what I'm surewas a patheticsounding whisper.

Hey, I was just kidding. The realproblem is we didn't have Joehere to testanything on.” he soothed sitting up, a massivefeat I'm sure, assuming I was referring to our currentpredicament.

“Well, that's true.” I replied with a weak smile, “But I meantabout not keeping in touch. I shouldhave called more often, or even emailed...”I started before he cut me off.

“It's okay.” he said giving me an oddlook, happybut odd. Well, obviouslythis look earned him nothing less than my patented almost-Jonas-eyebrow-raise.

“You're busy, so am I. And in a few ways it might have actually helpeda little that we didn't talk so much.” he grinned at me. Gee, thanks! Way to make a girl feel loved! I meant liked...well no I meantloved, but like best-friendy-love, not love, love...shutting up now.

“Gee, that's flattering.” I smirked rolling my eyes teasingly sitting up to better face him.

“That's notwhat I meant and you knowit.” he scolded playfully. “It's you ever feel like you invest somush time and energy into oneaspect of your life that you don't even realizethat you've neglected others?” he asked semi-rhetorically, but I answered anyway.

“I suppose, like more trouble than it's worth?” hey, where's this going?

No, not negatively at all, a little more like too much of a good thing. Although, I could neverget sick of us,” he stated motioning between he and I causing the stupid pterodactylsto make another slight appearance. “it's just, I guess withoutour constant contact I had to find something elseto do in my off time, and that's sort of what brings me here.” he explained...sort of.
“ came here, to hang out with a way to fill up your off time?” I asked tilting my head to the side confusedly, causing him to chuckle at my expense.

“No. I came herebecause I missed you. I came to New York, because Brittanyasked me to meet her for brunch tomorrow.” he explained calmly and with a slight smile. Then it hit me...he said Brittany. I think my pterodactyls died, because nowI just have a huge weight in the pit of my stomach.

“I thought you weren't talking to her?” I questioned in what I hopped wasn'tan accusatory tone.

“I wasn't
. Well, not when you and I last talked about her, but over the last couple of weeks...I don't know.” he trailed off a little guiltily, causing the weight in my stomach to grow.

“So you're going to meet her.” It wasn't a question...he said so himself, it's the reasonhe came in the first place.

“I was planing on it.” he confirmed with a slight nod.

“Are you getting back together?” I asked in an even tone already dreading the answer.

“We've talked about it.” he stated in an equally even voice, causing what littleself control I have to snap and throwing allplans of notmeddling out the window.

“You can't, Kev.” I stated, not breaking eye contact, hoping he could see the urgencybehind my calm words.

What?” he asked incredulously, hurt and slight resentmentin his vice. That's when I realized, he probably came to melooking for an alleywhere his brothers would provide none.

She's not good enough for you!” I all but yelled, flailing my arms about.

And who is?” he demanded eying my outfit for a split second, the angerin his voice scaring me a bit. Don't get me wrong I knowKev, would never ever (times a billion) hurtme, but it's still enough to send the badkind of chills up my spine. “That's what I thought.” he spatout bitterly as he stood up and started pacing the length of the room, no doubt referring to my lack of comeback.

Excuse me?” I demanded angrily now standing up as well. Just because he's tallerthan me doesn'tmean he's allowed to towerover me...well not thatmuch!

“Admit it you're scared!” he let out a bitter laugh rubbing the back of his neck, “But, you have noright to be jealousof the fact that I'm at least tryingto move on, because I'm notgoing to spend the restof my life patheticand alone.” Ouch.

Instinctively I wrapped my arms around my self to ease the pain of his statement. I've been hurt before, both emotionallyand physically, but no beating could have preparedme for what I felt at that second. “Low blow Jonas. Get out.” I said in a quiet growl keeping my eyes trained on the spot in front of his feet.

What?” he asked shock evident in his voice, though weather it was from his words or mine, I doubt even heknows.

Please.” I whispered, fighting to keep my composure, angry tears threatening to mix with hurt ones.

“Jenny, I...” he started putting on his glasses.

NOW, JONAS!” I added more forcefully finallymustering up a deadly glare to mask at least someof the hurt, because I knewif he didn't leave, I'd either break down, or hit him...maybe both.
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