Sequel: Shut Up. Kiss Me.

Just Jenny!

Chapter 26

“Stupid, stupid, stupid head!” I yelled at the traitor (aka: my ex-coffee maker), as it refused to percolate. It seems ever since Kevin and my falling out, everythingis out to get me.

No we stillhaven't spoken.

I suppose after speaking to Nick and all but admittingmy crush out loud, everything was supposed to magically be alright? I'd call Kevin, tell him how much I need him in my life, and somehow we'd come to the conclusion that despite our flaws he and I make each other better, distance isn't a factor (the coffee bond is stronger than that), and we'll live happily ever after.
Hah! This isn't a fairy tale, this isn't the 'once upon a time' (or at least we're not there yet) I've always wanted, because once I hung up with Nick I just couldn'tbring myself to call Kevin. Sure I've sort of worked out what Ifeel for him. It's no secret, in mymind, that like it or not I have a crush on my best friend. I don’t care what Nick says, I’m not admitting to love right now.

But I have no idea what hethinks. I mean, sure there've been times when I think maybe...he couldlike me. You know, like when we have movie nights and sneak off to talk afterwords, and he makes sure I'm not cold, or lacking in caffeine. Or maybe when I firstmet him and he gave me his shirt, and then my birthday was amazing thanks to him. But he was takenfor most of that time, so it was never something I read into. Kevin is a nice guy, an amazingguy, but that's what makes it so hard to figure out whether or not he wants to be morethan just my best friend.

AHHHH!” I yelled throwing my arms up in exasperation , both at my lack of coffee and the enigma that is Kevin Jonas.

Grabbing my coat and bag I decided to just head on over to the office as no caffeination is going to come from here and all this obsessing is doing my head in.

Realistically, I've never been thatgirl. You know the one who sits there and pines? I've neverbeen the kind of person who can't live without someone else, that’s stupid. Life goes on even when those you love are no longer in it...people dieevery day. The thing is...I still don't wantto. I don't want to get used to knowingKevin isn't going to call. I know Icould do it (call that is), but the fact of the matter is this was a pretty heavy argument, whether I want to admit it or not. And texting, emailing or even calling isn't going to fix this. Not really, I have to do this in person, only Iunlike somepeople, don't have a private jet.

Okay that was just rudeon my part, but I miss my best friend, work coffee sucks, Starbucks was full, and I'm scared to call him, and he likes leggy blonds that an email form Kevin?

Subject: Hey...

This is Joe.

We're doing some press and my phone died, plus I don't think you're up yet, so I'm emailing you from Kevin' s phone (don't tell him I took it!). How are you? I know you spoke to Nick and he told me you'd be fine, but it's been over two weeks and I have yet to speak to you, so I can't really be sure.

By the way you can't like Nick better than me, so if he's your new best friend I demand to be your brother!

So, anyway by the looks of Kevin this morning I'm guessing you haven't spoken to him either...he's miserable, in case you were wondering. The only reason I have his phone is because he left it out here when he went to the restroom. Usually he's checking it nonstop. Don't worry too much, I think he just can't figure out what to say or something...I can't figure him out. Anyway, we're throwing a surprise party for him in LA early next month (5th, so really a week and a half), make plans to attend whether you're speaking to him or not, I want to see you!

Your favorite brother,

p.s. You can reply to my phone, or email. By the time you wake up and get all coffeed up, I should be back online!

False alarm.

After checking my email, I went to get more coffee as eloquence can notbe expected from me when the coffee's low...then I actually had to get to work. Moping over Kevin is a nightmareon my productivity, and if I want any chance of going to that party I have to reallyplead my case with Chief. In all of my haste and worrying over deadlines, and whether or not Kevin would even want me there (*cough* if I feel like messing up his party by showing up *cough*) I sort of forgot to do one teeny tiny little thing...

“Help! I need Somebody. Help!”Blared from my cell phone as Joe's name flashed on the screen.

“Hello?” I answered tentatively.

“Hello? Hello? That's all I get?! You scaredme woman!” Joe scolded me frantically. Oops?

“I was working!” I laughed.

“Since when!?!?!” Hey! I can just picture him flailing his arms about, and pacing.

“Since way before I met you, you've been here, you know what I do.” I explained patiently.

“Yeah, but it's your life. So like, can't you just fall and then draw it or something? At very least you could have texted me back so I know you're ALIVE!” Drama queen!

“It's not that easy. The last couple of weeks have been crazy in a not funny way, and then because things are going so well I'm getting more and more press offers, which means I have to have tons of stuff done in advance, and I'll probably have to do some interview or other just to convince my boss to give me enough time off to attend this little shin dig you're throwing.” I defended slightly amused.

“'ll come!?” And here I thought he wanted me there.

“You invitedme. And I'm not sure, I mean I'll tryand I had an idea for a gift, but that was before everything....well you know.” I trailed off, seriously rethinking the whole thing. Sure assuming we're not on speaking terms that'll give me an opportunity to confront him personally. But then again, it's his birthdayand I don't want to mess it up even more than moping would.

“No, come! You are invited and I knowhe wants you there. Or he will once he figures it out since it's supposed to be a surprise.” He whispered.

“Are you sure? We haven't spoken, and blah, this whole think is just so stupid!” I sighed twirling in my chair.

“I'm sure. He'll love it, he thinks we're booked with press all day! But hey I've got to go we have some interview we need to get to and I should have been in the car five minutes ago.” It only took me a second after hanging up with Joe to realize what I had to do.

The amount of time I sat in my cubical staringat my text message working up the nerve to send it though seemed like an eternity. Eventually the realization that showing up at his party withoutpatching things up would no doubt ruin it won. Nobodycan enjoy anythingwith all that pent up weirdness in the air.

To: CoffeeGuy

Looking at the text message one last time I took a deep breath and hit send, before snapping my phone shut and tossing it on my desk like it was on fire. Not two seconds passed before it vibrated signaling an incoming text.

From: CoffeeGuy

Letting out the breath I'd been holding I finallygot back to work.