Sequel: Shut Up. Kiss Me.

Just Jenny!

Chapter 30

Mmh! I’m awake…no I’m not.

This pillow smells nice.

Uh, I don't want to open my eyes...I know somethingwoke me up, but what?

Fuzzy morning brain sucks.

“Ah!”I gasped opening my eyes suddenly very aware of someone staring at me, only to find Kevin sitting on his bed looking perfect as usual while...I'm sure I look stunning(note the sarcasm) in yesterday's outfit.

“Sorry, I triedshaking you, but I got swatted with a pillow. Then I remembered you said staring freaked you out, so I tried it.” he chuckled sheepishly.

“Sorry,” I suck at mornings, “What time is it? And whyam I in your bed?” I asked stretching and trying to remember falling asleep. Where’s my candy corn? I remember that.

“You've got nothing on Joe” he laughed “It's really, really, stupidly early in the morning, don't glare, and you fell asleep on my shoulder while we were sitting on the floor, so I figured the bed would be more comfortable.” he shrugged.

“So…you carriedme? Kev, you’ll hurt yourself one of these days lugging me around like one of your guitars.” I reprimanded halfheartedly, earning me an eye roll. “So, okay I’m better than Joe…but why am I awake at such an offensive hour?” I asked rubbing what I’m sure are makeup smears under my eyes….I’ve given up on my hair I know it’s all over the place.

“Well you see I work…”

“I workedyesterday!” I pouted.

“Mm hm, anyway we had an early phone interview, but now everyone went back to sleep, and I thought we…you and I that is, could go check out some of the cool local shops, maybe find some good coffee first?” Okay first order of business, find some way to ignore those eyes. They are really, really becoming an issue!

“So you're saying you want me to crawl out of this comfybed, sneak out of your house, in yesterday's clothes, then you'll buy me coffee and we go out and pose for the paps?” I clarified snuggling into the warm yumminess that is Kevin Jonas’ bed.

“Yes, kind of. I'll lend you clothes, the biggest good coffee we can find, and I was thinking we posebut actlike it's candid, that way people think we always look this amazing.” he nodded standing.

“Yeah, news flash genius, I do always look thisamazing.” I mumbled gesturing to my current state of disheveledness…is that a word?

“Yeah, I know, but we might not want to let them see you with all that sexy bed hair.” He winked then disappeared into his humongous closet leaving me a little shell-shocked...did he just FLIRT….with me?

God? If you get me a kiss I can die happy! Okay, Jenny ADULTbrain!

And with that, I made my way into Kev’s bathroom to try and tame my tresses.

As promised, our first stop was a secluded LA coffee shop. Decked out in Kev's Police T-shirt (skillfully pined to cinch in the waist) and a pencil skirt I left behind when I pilfered his pj pants, I settled into a plush arm chair, pulling out my ever present sketchbook and a ballpoint “doodling” pen.

“The mighty Bic I see!” Kevin exclaimed, placing a massive cup of heaven in front of me, before taking his seat with an identical cup in his hand.

“Don't mock the Bic! These things last forever!” I scolded taking a sip. Oh my gosh!!!! This is incredible!

“Iced toasted marshmallow latte.” he chuckled no doubt, noting my expression.

“Usually I'd go for vanilla, but this.” he motioned to the cup in his hand, “and the fact that the paps hate the third floor, is the reason I come here.”

“It's so...mmmh!” I finished unable to find a word for the yummy feeling this place gives me. It's so cozy and peaceful even though there's jazz blasting, and deep reds and yellows, contrasting with olives and midnight blues coating the walls and ceiling.

“I knew I could count on you,” he laughed before pulling out a notebook and a trusty Bic pen.

“We've been here forever!” Kevin pouted leaning against the very bookshelf I was tiptoeing trying to get a book out of.

“Not forever, just super long, and I'm almost done I just...” before I could finish my sentence, I felt somebody behind me, reach out and pull out my book. Turning around I found myself looking up at a tall blond guy holding out said book. “Um, thank you.”

“Any time, but maybe you could make it up to me? Say lunch? I know a great place...” before he could even finish his sentence, as always, Kevin stepped in.

“We actually have plans today, but thanks for the offer.” he stated with an obviously forced smile.

“Oh, um right.” Blond guy sputtered feebly backing away.

“Thanks again.” I shrugged walking around him, and making my way to the cash register, overly aware of Kevin's hand finding its way into mine. Although realistically, we are the hand holding I love you saying kind of friends.

“Seriously though, what was up with that guy?” Kevin ranted as we browsed through vintage band t-shirts.

“He was just handing me a hourago.” I chuckled.

“Yeah, but he was all over you and leanywhen he did it. I mean, okay he was interested, but you were with another guy! Who does that?” He asked picking up a Santana t shirt.

"Leany?” I smirked with my best Jonas-brow, I’ve subjected this guy to one too many chick flicks no more ‘While You Were Sleeping’ for him! “I wouldn't have said yes, and even though I was with you, I'm not with you, you know?” I sighed amused.

“Well...yeah. But hedoesn't know that!” that's it, that's when I officially lost it and just burst out laughing…Kevin’s retaliatory pout just made me laugh harder.