Sequel: Shut Up. Kiss Me.

Just Jenny!

Chapter 31

“So that ring...” I started sitting Indian style on the hotel bed amidst the pile of junk food we'd acquired while sorting our haul, after deciding we eachneeded to get at least one thing from every shop we set foot in.

“Who got this?” he asked holding up a vintage scarf, “what about the ring, yougave it to me.”

“That one’s yours I decided on the purse remember? And not thatring in particular but the purity ring...”I trailed off looking through another bag trying to hide my face. I don't know why I want to know, it's a big part of their public image, but it wouldn't make a difference to me either way.

Okaywhatabout the purity ring?”

“Um…is it…you know, real?” I mumbled.

“Yes, it is.” he chuckled shaking his head at me.

Really?” I asked with a giddy grin. Don't ask why it's so adorable, that he said that. Realistically, so long as he's not going around endangering any body's health it's none of my concern.

“You didn’t believeme?” he laughed eyes wide.

“It's not that...just, I don't know.” I shrugged still smiling wondering how I could ever stay away from him, even though I’ve been crushing on him, he’s still my Kevin…well not MY…never mind.

“Well, it's just a promise to respect women, and ultimately myself, enough to wait until I find someone I love to be intimatewith. Plus being a rock star, I’m pretty sure I’d have caught something nastyby now if I didn’t wait!” he gagged pulling a face.

“You’re a dork! But a very sweet dork…and that’s true you could catch carnifolousor something!” I gagged laughing.


“You know…like what carnival workers have…allegedly, some weird uncharted STD! That’s why you keep your distance no matter how cute!”I stated in mock seriousness. Yes I know I have an odd brand of humor.

Nowwho’s the dork?” he asked rolling his eyes.

“Oh, it’s still you.” I grinned skillfullydodging a t-shirt, only to find myself rolling off the bed and onto the floor in an unceremonious heap.

“Are you okay?” Kevin gasped lunging off the bed to my side in seconds, as my body wracked with laughter.

“Ouch!” I gasped between giggle fits.

“Okay, seriously, stoplaughing and tell me what hurts!” he laughed my giggle fits obviously contagious.

“Ouch, my ankle.” I finally told him the adrenalin fading enough for the throbbing pain to kick in, causing tears of pain to mix with those of laughter.

“Let me get some ice and then we’ll move you onto the bed…staythere!” he ordered sobering up and going into big brother mode….great just what I need even moreof a familial association with my crush.

“Kevin, I’m fine.” I pouted for the thousandth time sitting in the private waiting room Kevin’s celebrity got us at the hospital.

“You’re fine.” He deadpanned.


“Then why, would yousay, your ankle is swollen to twice its size, and sporting a veryattractive bruise?” He asked still looking over an old parenting magazine.

“I don’t like hospitals.” I pouted once more, trying a different tactic. I know, kind of, that it’s for the best…but I’m sure it’s just my body being a drama queen. I’ve taken spills before.

“I know, but it’s myfault you’re hurt and if I don’t get you fixed up then I’ll never forgive myself.” Kevin cajoled, draping is arm around me.

“I get hurt allthe time, you hardlycaused this.”

“It was still on my watch, so what do you say we just make sure, it’s nothing major…then maybe we round up the guys for an officialmovie night?”

“With candy corn?”

“With candy corn.”

“Okay, fine…hey Kev?”


“You were looking up how to head shrink me into staying here, in that magazine weren’t you?” The laughter that immediately followed served to confirm my suspicions.