Sequel: Shut Up. Kiss Me.

Just Jenny!

Chapter 3

Kevin’s POV

After finishing my coffee I decided to walk around a bit and see if I could indeed find something “flowery” for Brittany while I was here. Sure being a model she’s been to New York plenty of times, but she lives in LA, and I still like to get her something from the road. But what the heck constitutes as flowery?

Apparently I contemplated this question a little toodeeply because next thing I know I’m tripping over some trash on the ground and landing in a heap in front of a street vendor. “Whoa, careful there pal, you practically pulled a Jenny!” He exclaimed helping me up. Wait What?

“Um, thank you…but did you say ‘pull a Jenny?’ what does that mean?” There’s no way that this guy knows the coffee girl, I mean seriously? If I didn’t know any better I’d think it was some weird meet-cute, but I have Brittany so it’d not relevant...but still!

“Yeah, it’s from the comic strip “Based On A True Story” in the Daily Observer, “ he said motioning to his stand containing hats, and shirts with strange tag lines such as ‘Ping Pong is Dangerous.’ “Hottest thing at the moment, I’ve already sold twenty shirts this morning.”

After thanking the man, and buying a shirt for every member of my family (man that guy is persuasive), I continued on my quest finally settling on some slinky pink shirt with flowery gold embroidery. Well, if it has flowers it has to be flowery right? Man I feel like Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” walking around with all this stuff. Okay so I only have three bags, but if you add my laptop bag, and my awesome outfit it at least has the same feel. Wow, that’s sad, I should at least feel like Richard Gere…they should really have more movies where the guy ends up buying a bunch of stuff. I mean shopping can be manly right? Well if it’s done properly…

This is a call to the colorblind
This is an IOU…
” Blaring from my cell phone pulled me out of my potentially embarrassing train of thought.

“Hey Joe what’s up?” I asked not bothering to look at the screen, if I’m right Nick is freaking out right now.

“Dude! ‘What’s up?’ You were supposed to get coffee, and come back, that’s ‘what’s up’. FroBro over there is about to burst a blood vessel, keeps threatening to leave you behind.” I knew it.

“Look, Joe, just tell him to calm down, I got sidetracked and I just have one more thing to pick up before I head back, I’m not too far now, and I even got you all gifts.”

“Presents! Cool, I’ll make sure we don’t leave you!” I chuckled in response; sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s the youngest, Frankie or Joe.

Jenny’s Pov

Jennifer Moreno, you best have a DAMNgood reason for breezing into this office half an hour late, dressed like some street punk on the day of your deadline!” Mr. Danes bellowed, making me cringe. Sure I expected it but dang, did he have to call me Jennifer?

“Sorry, Chief, but you wouldn’t believe the morning I just had!” Okay so I know it sounds like the dog ate my homework but it’s true! “I was on my...” I started to explain when he lifted his hand motioning silence.

“Save it, if you’re involved kid I’d believe almost anything, but let me tell you this, it better make a damn good story because I expect to read it; and I expect it to be on my desk by noon. This is a news paper not study hall, so don’t let it happen again!” now that would have been scary, had it not been for the discreet wink sent my way once his rant was over. No, it’s not some creepy thing, it’s an ‘I want the dirt once you’re done doing your job’ wink. Chief and I are pretty close, he’s the one that offered me a permanent slot after a few weeks of free lance work, and then sort of took me under his wing. I guess I remind him of himself when he started, he actuallydid start in the mail room, just like in the movies!

So taking my beat up tan corduroy fedora off my desk lamp and placing it on my head, I started drafting a “formal” version of the coffee incident for the paper. Now I know what you’re thinking, Kevin Jonas just swooped in on his white horse to save you, and you conveniently leave his name out!?! But it just wouldn’t be right, he’s a nice guy, and the last thing he needs is the press (oops, I guess that’s me too) making it seem like there’s more than there is to this story. Especially since I doubt I’ll see him again any time soon, he’s a rock star after all, and me…well lets just say there’s a reason my columns entitled “just jenny”

MORENO! MY OFFICE NOW!!!” Dang, that guy has some lungs on him. Setting aside my sketchbook and slipping my feet back into my red pumps I quickly made my way into Chief’s office.

“You bellowed?” I asked sauntering in.

“Close the door.” I did as I was told then took a seat in the char across from his desk.

“So what’s the realstory here, not that this isn’t a fine piece, but I know when you’re holding something back.” He smirked.

“Off the record?” I have to be sure, he didn’t get where he is by being a nice guy you know, he had to be sneaky! I waited for him to nod the affirmative before continuing. “He’s not just some guy, he’s a celebrity, at least I’m pretty sure he is, I haven’t googled his picture to confirm anything.”

“Oh jeez, you really do get yourself into a pickle every day don’t you?” he laughed. “So who is he…allegedly?”

“Kevin Jonas. And I’m like 98% sure it’s him, he did say his name was Kevin after all, but I haven’t checked my facts.”

“Kevin Jonas…” he paused a moment trying to make the connection “…from that band…the Jonas somethings…they started out not to far from here, I remember the little one on Broadway, right?” laughing internally Chief knows the Jonas Brothers!

“Yeah, that’d be them alright.” I sighed getting comfortable.

“So which one are we talking about here?” he asked with a strange gleam in his eye worthy of Albus Dumbledore.

“The oldest, I think he’s maybe a year older than me? I’m not sure but I know he’s at least my age... well he looked my age.”

“So you’re not a fan? I thought all the girls were swooning over them, like Frankie at the Sans.” he quirked his eyebrow with a smirk.

“Well, I’m not obsessed, I mean their music’s good, and I have a couple of their songs on my ipod, but I don’t know all the personal details.” Oh my gosh, I am so dense! I recognize that gleam!

“Mm-hmm, so this attractive famous fellow, walks into a coffee shop, protects your honor…”

“I’d hardly call it that…” this simply earned me a glare as he continued.

“…Buys you coffee, and offers you a shirt to change into, then insists that you keep it…am I right?”

“I never told you he insisted I keep it.” I stated suspiciously. Did I? Nope pretty sure I kept that little tidbit to my self.

“But he did, right? It’s a classic meet-cute kid. So when are you going to see him again?”

“Oh, I don’t know… never?” I sighed. Hello he’s famous, I didn’t get his contact info, and he’s taken! Well the last one isn’t that much of a problem it’s not like I need a boyfriend.

“Explain your self.” He demanded crossing his arms and raising one eyebrow.

“We didn’t even exchange contact information, I vaguely mentioned a have a comic strip, and then I realized I was late and ran out. Plus to top it off he’s probably touring, and I know he has a girlfriend, so the meet-cute is kind of out the window.” I said in one breath.

“Hmm, to be young again." he chuckled shaking his head. "Don’t worry kid, it’ll work out. Now get back to work.” With that I got up and made my way out of his office and headed towards my cubical hearing a vague “…and get a new hat!” before his door closed.
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