Sequel: Shut Up. Kiss Me.

Just Jenny!

Chapter 32

I look like Robocop…okay I feellike Robocop. I can’t believe Kevin was right, and I have to wear this stupid walking boot until my ankle heels. As if my coordination wasn’t bad before, now add this thing to the mix.

“So…we let Joe and Nick pick the movies why?” I asked finally breaking the silence as we waited for the two younger Joni to show up.

“Seemed like a good idea at the time.” He shrugged, holding up a Severus Snapeshirt, as he continued to sort through all our junk.

“My pile. And you know we’ll be stuckwith whatever they get right?”

Obviously, on both counts…but hopefully Nick will counteract Joe. And I was just wondering WHYyou got a Snapeshirt.” He smirked climbing into my double bed, the sorting now complete.

“Because I’ma nerd.” I smiled turning my head only to find myself a mere inch from his face…

Jenny this isn’t over! My baby deserves to know her…”

“Get in here!”Kevin demanded ripping open the door and pulling Joe in, while Nick calmly followed.

Jenny!” Joe pounced on me, wrapping me in a crushing hug.

Joey! Whatwas all that about?”

“I just wanted you to let me in as quickly as possible.”

“You’re luckyI’m hurt and only have Kevinto answer to.” I warned trying to keep a straight face as his beefier brother stood towering over both of us.

“I’ll just put in the movie then…” He trailed off going to the other bed where Nick was currently empting the bags they brought in.

“So how exactly did you fall again?” Nick asked from the bed he and Joe had commandeered…though I think Kevin might have had something to do with that, boy is he protective. In a cute way…*gag* I can’t believe I just thought that.

“I was dodging a tee shirt.” I shrugged; trying to focus on the film, for a horror movie there’s a surprising amount of build up.

“So…instead of getting a face full of cotton, you dove for the ground and sprained your ankle?”

No…I dove for the other side of the bed, only to have stupid physicswork against me, and aid my trajectory to the ground.”

What?” chorused both younger brothers.

“She missed, and landed on the floor.” Kevin clarified, as something weird popped on screen with no warning music or anything!

“Oh, gross…” Joe mumbled behind a pillow, as Nick calmly assured him that it’s just a movie.

While I agree with Nick…I agree with Joe even more, which is why my face is currently buried in the closest thing to my left, which just happensto be Kevin’s arm. How much does it suckby the way, that I can’t even enjoy the amazing muscle toning when I know I have to check back to see if the gross part is over?

Just as I’m about to turn my head, to check the screen I feel a large hand stop me while Kevin’s other arm wraps around my shoulders. “I’ll let you know when it’s safe to look.” he breaths into my ear…oh yeah this battle is SOlost.

On the upside, I have a new appreciation for horror films…

Four hours, two pain killers, and a huge bag of candy corn later, found me draped over Kevin’s chest as the end credits of ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’flickered on screen.

Yousuck right now.” I mumbled painkillers making my head all fuzzy, but with enough sense to keep it down, only Kevin and I are still standing…figuratively.

“Why is that?” he asked clearly amused.

“You’re comfortable.” I explained snuggling in closer…if you can believe that.

“And that’s a badthing?” he chuckled.



“You’re not supposedto wantto cuddle with your best friend.” Oh, my gosh…I can’t believe I just said that! Thatpeople is why I don’t like hospitals, they get you all hockedup on pain meds, and who knows what’ll come out!

“We’ve neverbeen justfriends though.” He reasoned.

What does that even mean? Is it a come on? Or does it just mean he likes me but won’t take it further? Am I reading too much into this? My brain feels fuzzy, I said that right?

“So, then thisis okay?” I asked not moving.

I’mnot complaining.” He whispered into my hair, tightening his grip slightly.

“Just don’t hurt me.”

“What?” Crap, crap, crap! Shut up mouth! Communicate with brainbefore talking to Kevin!!!

“My foot, don’t kick. The brace is off.”

“Oh, right… don’t worry.” Psh! Yeah, like that’llever happen, me not worrying.



“Why areyou still single? For real, not the you’re scared thing.”

“I don’t know…nobody’s interestedI guess.” I sighed trying to look up at him.

“I sawthe guy at the bookstore though, so I knowthat’s not true.”

“But I don’t knowbookstore guy so he doesn’t really count.”

“Still, you can’t reallythink that nobodyis interested.”

“Not that Iknow of.”

“Are youinterested in anyone?” he asked after a few seconds.

“Doesn’t really matter.”

“Why not?”

“Even if I am…were, I’m old fashioned enough not to want to make the first move.” I sighed. “I know that sounds lame, and I’m not asking for a whole lot from a guy, I just want to feel like the girl…like I’m taken care of.”

“I thought you didn’t like people fussing over you.”

“I don’t, but sometimesI want to stop being in control of everything and know it’ll still be okay. Unlike you guys, I really do live alone, and work and pay the bills…all without my family or many close friends there to look out for me. So a boyfriend would have to kind of help fill that role a little, you know?”

“So, it would be okayfor a boyfriend to protect you?” he asked, “like, if he wantedto, you’d let him cook for you, or fend off losers?”

“Yeah,” I chuckled “I might still want to do those things myselftough, but once in a while…it would be nice. Plus, I would want to take care of him too sometimes.”

“Like how?”

“Well I can cook, or if he needs it, I can listen, and most days I can even change a tire and fend off skanks. I know guys tend to not want to talk, and I can’t really solve most problems, but I could probably help him work through them…if he letme.” I sighed, his heard beet is lulling me to sleep. Stay awake!



“You know I’llalways take care of you right?” Okay that woke me up! Well it woke my brainup, my body’s all stupid feeling, though I think my heart just jumped out of my chest.

“Yeah, baby I know…Kevin?”


“You know the same goes for youright?”

After an impossiblesilence I finally heard him respond, “Yeah, I know darlin’. Now get some sleep.” he breathed into my hair.

“’Kay, night.”


At least out loud…I won’t say I’m in love….sha na na na na na *sigh*