Sequel: Shut Up. Kiss Me.

Just Jenny!

Chapter 33

“It’s not funny!” I pouted, as Chief’s gruff demeanor crumbled under hysterics. “Okay…not thatfunny!”Funny is what I aim to write after all.

“You’re telling me, that not only did you hurt your foot, falling out of bed…dodging a t-shirt, but you also somehowmanaged to get pulled on to the luggage carousel on your way home?” he asked trying to keep a straight face.

“It’s not myfault I couldn’t properly plant my feet to pull the stupid suitcase off! Plus who makesthose things anyway? They should know better than to make those conveyer belts so strong!” Well it’s true!

My first day back and this is the reception I get, sure Chief loved all the pieces I wrote for the LA series of the article, but it can get a little taxing being the butt of my own joke every once in a while.

I think the pain meds, just make me sensitive, though I haven’t taken them since I got back…so maybe I’m secretly addicted and going through withdrawal!

Maybe I can get on Dr. Drew. Sure I’m no real celebrity, but I didn’t know who half those people on the last season were anyway. Plus if I do get on Dr. Drew, I’m sure he could help me with my Kevin issue! Not that there really is an issue, things between us seem great, only they’re not really the same.

Does that make sense?

It’s like overnight we went from not talking, to close…to flirting? Well I’vealways kind of flirted, but now it seems he’s laying it on pretty thick, but just as quickly as a saucy comment comes, he reverts to cool, casual, buddy, Kevin, and I’m left trying to figure out if I’m reading too much into it.


Not even Dr.Drewcould decipher the inner workings of my coffee brain I’m sure, plus then all of this crazy in my head stuff would be televised, and on the off chance that Kev doesthink of me as just a friend things would be awkward. Or, even worse, if he doesn’t, and does like me…my blabbing our personal lives to the world might make him rethink things.

“So does that work for you?” oops, still at work!

“Um, which part?” try and figure out what he’s talking about!!!

“The whole thing. We’ll space out these five pieces, the comic strip continues as usual, and next week we’ll meet with the higher ups about you starting a blog, something more interactive, like “Jenny’s top picks” or something…places you like to eat, shoes, hats…people want to know you kid.” Wow…I blocked out all that!?

“Sounds, great chief, just one question though.”


“What do I do about the column now? Is it still something I’m doing? Do I just have a four week vacation from it?” I’m inquisitive, can you tell?

“It’s called a break. With everything in development you should be happy for the breather. Yes, after the fifth one is published, you’ll continue as usual, but these few weeks will help you figure out a work schedule in which to incorporate the blog or whatever else these people think you should be doing.”

“Cool beans, just checking.”

“So, I’d say enjoy the week, keep off the foot and get to drawing I don’t want you slaking off.”

“Sure thing boss!” I sang out, as I hobbled my way back to my desk, which as you might imagine is littered with half finished sketches.

So, naturally…having technicallyalready started on my drawing for the week, I decided to check my email.

Subject: :)


Sorry I haven’t really been in touch since you left but we’ve been swamped! I hardly have time to breathelet alone talk to my favorite girl! ;)

Have I mentioned how glad I am we’re talking again? I felt like such a jerk when you were mad at me, and I couldn’t find a way to fix it, because we’ve never really had a fight like that before, and then so much time passed and once we did make up, I couldn’t help but think things were going to be weird between us…

This email is making things weird isn’t it? Sorry :p

I’m just glad things worked out, and we still share a brain. Speaking of which…

How’s your ankle? Don’t ask howthat’s a “speaking of which” It just is :D

So, I know this is going to sound lame, but I was wondering what you were doing for Christmas? Not that that’s the onlyreason I emailed you…but you see every year our family has this huge party with a bunch of family and some Disney stars in our main house in TX and I was wondering if you wanted to come?

As my date maybe?

I can’t believe I just asked you out over an email, but it’s not like a real date, date. As in we don’t have to tell people we’re dating, just you know...go with me? I can fly to NYC early get some shopping done, then we can fly to TX together, and you could stay at my house it’s right down the street from where my parents and bros live, only nobody to yell at us if we pig out!

Now I’m stressed,


Subject: RE: :)


I’ve been swamped too, in fact I have a meeting next week to expand my already massivework load, but it should be fun, so I can’t complain.

As for the glitch in our psychic connection, I know what you mean…I couldn’t bring myself to call you either. We both messed up, but at least we got through it.

Now as for my ankle, it’s better, I can get the boot off in a few days and then I’ll just have to keep it wrapped and no heels for a bit. :(


I mean Yes.

I’ll go to your family Christmas party as your date. Or notdate…as the case may be.

You don’t have to fly up here if you’re too busy, I can always meet you there, just give me the stats and I’ll find a way to make it all work. Also let me know if Denise needs me to make/take anything for the party.

Chill out babe,


Okay ten times moreconfused!

So it’s a non-date?

So he likes me but we can’t tell people, or he doesn’t but wants me to go with him…or maybe I should hold off on hurting my brain until we actually get through Christmas!