Sequel: Shut Up. Kiss Me.

Just Jenny!

Chapter 34

Freaking out…

I have six hours before Kevin’s flight is due to arrive, and while the ideaof spending the next few days with him and his family sounds great, last time he came to New York alone we broke up!

Not that we were dating, but still!!!

Once he gets here we’ll have about two days of shopping (Kevin’s idea) before heading out to Texas where I’ll stay at his place, and then we’ll do Christmas eve at the BigJonas House, then We’ll all fly back for the guys to do New Years in Time square.

Thank you internet, for saving my jobs.

Nope I’m not stressed!

“Cruisin' my house, Buggin' my phone…When will I be left alone?” blasted from my cell phone just as I was working myself into a full on fit.

“Hey Nicky, what’s up?”

“Should be asking you the same thing.” I can hear him smirk!


Meaning, I know you. And more importantly, I know how you feel about my oldest brother.”

“Nick…” I sighed, as much as I hate freaking out, I don’t like talking about not real relationships even less, I feel like I’m getting everyone’s hopes up.

“Jen…come on, are you okay spending all that time alone with him? I can find an excuse to crash the trip if you need me to.”

“That’s sweet, but we’ve been friends forever it seems, so I’m sure we can get by a couple of days alone.” I laughed, what’s little Nicky gonna do anyway?

“Okay, just let me know if he pulls any funnystuff okay? I don’t want you getting hurt.”

“He’s your brother. If anything happens, I will notlet you in on it.”

“Jenny…he’s a guy! Guys pull stuff I know!”

“You know? Howdo you know?”

“Um..I jeeze, nothing. I’m just trying to ease into the best friend role, in case you guys end up being more than friends.” He sighed making me giggle.

“Thanks hon, if you want we could talk, but noKevin bashing okay?”

“Deal…jeeze you got it bad”

“Shut up!”

“You know it’s true.”

“Fine, but see here’s the thing. Ever since we made up, Kev and I seem to be…friendlier? I don’t know how to put it. We’re still the same as before, it’s not like we’re making out (sorry for the visual!) only I think he’s flirting more…maybe I just notice it more? I don’t know why I’m stressed, it’s not like we could work out.” I sighed.

“Okay ew, but you’re forgiven I asked for it. But maybe he’s trying to ease you into thinking of him romantically, and I think you could work out.” He suggested.

“But I’ve always thought of him romantically!” shit! “I mean, I don’t think he needs to ease me into it.” Stupid mouth!

“Nice save. I’m just saying, that up until recently he was caught up in his ex, and maybe…I can’t speak for him because he won’t let me in on any Jenny info since I told him off for the whole fight thing, he didn’t want to get into anything with you because he didn’t want to lose you.”

“Nick, don’t defend me against your brother! Okay, not unless he’s really being a jerk! What does him losing me have to do with this? We still went on hiatus without the dating.”

“Exactly, the no dating rule won’t guarantee you stay in his life…If you hit a home run, why walk the bases?” What?

“That made no sense.”

“Just saying, he lost you once anyway, so if not dating won’t keep you in his life, why not go for what he really wants?” insightful little booger.

“And you think dating me is what he really wants?”

“I’m not saying that’s what’s going on, just that it’s a possibility.”

Thanks...why not just ask me out point blank?”

“Even I know you’d think it was some kind of pity date, or rebound thing if he just asked you the second you started talking again. The fact that he still hasn’t asked you out is a little shocking actually, I was sure he’d of cracked by now.” So he didn’t tell his brothers.



That’s bad right? But he did say it wasn’t a date in the classical sense…and he refuses to let Nick know about anything that may hurt me or our relationship, so it could be a positive thing?

I’m going to kill a Jonas!

My brain hurts.


“But he didinvite you to our Christmas party, and since you’ll be staying with him, that means that you’re showing up together…that’s a start.”

“Is it though? Maybe not… I am just his dorky friend Jenny after all.”

“It’s got to be a date…and if it isn’t get a killer dress and make it one!” came another voice on the line.

“JOE!!!” Nick and I both yelled.

“Sorry, I couldn’t resist you shouldn’t have used the house line Nick.”

“Uhh, does everyoneknow about this then?” I sighed.

“Kind of…but still, it’s kind of a big deal, Kevin NEVER lets people stay at his place…claims it’s like his sanctuary or something.” Joe chirped.

“I guess…but what if I just end up breaking my own heart here trying to go after Kevin?”

“Then we’ll help you stick it back together, and set you up with every guy we know.” Nick deadpanned, letting me know he thinks I’m being a drama queen.

“Okay, fine. Thank you guys, but I have to shower, and make myself look human if I’m planning on dress shopping without Kevin.”

“Get something sexy! “ Joe yelled as I hung up.

After trudging through the stupid New York cold…no snow just slush, I finally spotted the perfect dress. Sexy, but not overtly sexual…looking at the price tag, I’ve never been happier to work three jobs! Sure I hang out with celebs, but I can’t afford to shop like one often.

Now I’m making coffee and attempting to pack, but it’s hard knowing Kevin will be here any…

The knocking on the door interrupted my train of thought, only having enough foresight to zip up my garment bag before running (noI’m not excited) to answer the door.

“You ordered an elf?” Came Kevin’s cheeky smile as I opened the door, stepping back to let him in. Not two seconds after crossing the threshold and depositing his bag on the floor he scooped me up in a classic Kevin bear hug, spinning me around a few times. “I missed you.” He whispered before letting me go.

“I missed you too, though you’re awfully tall for an elf.”

“Yeah, well I think it was all the coffee…caused a growth spurt.”

“Hey! I drink lots of coffee, does that mean I’m tall too?”

“…I’m gonna say no.”





“I’m cold, we should close the door.” I giggled, as he mockingly glared at me.