Sequel: Shut Up. Kiss Me.

Just Jenny!

Chapter 35

“Kevin, my feet hurt!” I pouted as we sifted through the clothing racks at an upscale thrift store…yeah that sounds stupid to me too, but they only sell vintage designer stuff, not clothes us little people…like me, sort of, can own.

“Your feethurt?” he asked raising the eyebrow I’ve come to know and love so well.

Yes? And I'm hungry!” I added handing him a leather jacket to try on.

Thatsounds more like it” he laughed...hey!

“Would you stop picking on me, and feedme already!” I glared.

“Not until you pick something...” he shrugged, he's so annoying…in a cute way.

“You have got to be kidding!” I pouted.

“How am I supposed to know what you want me to get you, if you won’t even pick stuff for yourself?”

“Kevin, you can’t get me anything that…never mind.”

“I can’t get you what?” he asked worried.

“Nothing, never mind. I was just going to say, that anything from this store is too costly a gift…but that’s not fair to you.”

“Explain.” He requested crossing his arms over his chest and cocking his head to the side.

“Well, most people don’t have the financial resources you do so price relation is different. But that being said I certainly don’texpect, or even condone your spending lots of money on me. I just think I know you well enough to have figured out, that if you like something for someone the price tag is the lastthing you think of. That is until you make sure to remove it so they can’t see how much it really set you back.” I smirked at the last part. “But, remember I really don’texpect a lavish gift.”

“Thank you.”

“For letting you spend money on me? That’s weird even for youKev.”

“No, for clarifying that it’s not expected, but still being okay with the fact that it’s going to happen. If I like something for you I’m going to get it, it’s the way I am…I just” here he leaned down to stage whisper “love to shop” as if the world didn’t already know!

“Your secret’s safe with me.” I whispered back reaching for a fedora just beyond his shoulder.


“Don’t ask when we can eat.” He called out not even bothering to look my way, as we shoved our way through New York shoppers.

“But I’m hungry…and cold!” I’d say my arms hurt from lugging all these bags, but we left thosein the car at the parking garage.

“I know, but I told you…we can eat when we get to the restaurant.”

“Will I like it?”

“You’re hungry right? You’ll like it…and we’re here.” He grinned stopping in front of a tiny pizza joint, before holding the door open for me.

“It’s pizza.”

“It’s pizza.” He confirmed.

“We could have orderedout for pizza.”

“Not this pizza.” He shook his head, steering me towards an empty table.

“They don’t deliver?”

“They do, but you’re hungry now, not in an hour…and it’s better fresh.”

“You’re lucky I like pizza,” I informed him looking over the menu.

Luck? I wouldn’t have picked something you don’t like.” He laughed, “I know how scary you can be, plus little known fact…Ilike pizza too.”

“Okay, so…New York pizza, with Texas hot sauce, extra cheese, and you like to shop and love coffee?” I asked between bites “So, Mr. Jonas…what exactlyis wrong with you?” I asked quirking an eyebrow…or trying to.

“Nothing of course!” he gasped overdramatically.

“Then whypray tell, are you still single?” I asked smirking.

“I don’t know…”he smirked back, leaning over the table, “youtell me.” Whoa, intense eyes.

“Must be the company you keep, I tend to scare girls off.” I grinned. Why did I go into joke mode? He was right there!

“Is that so?” he chuckled taking a sip of his soda, “We’ll then I guess you’ll have to be the only girl I hang out with for a while, ‘cause I’m not losing you again. I went through major withdrawal it was like no coffee or junk food!”


“Yes dear?” came the amused reply...I think he means I'm a nag.

“You have too many brothers.” I stated matter matter-of-factly as we hauled our purchases up the stairs.

“I say that everytime we go on tour.” He grumbled also lagged by the weight of the bags.

“But you needthem then, right now? Nope not looking as useful, too bad I like them and all.” I sighed reaching the door and fidgeting with the lock.

“Here let me get that, I know it sticks.” He offered remembering our last phone conversation where I threatened to take off the whole stupid door and just let people take my stuff for all the good it does me locked inside when I’m stuck out here.


“Any time,” he smiled as he held open the door, for me before depositing all out junk on the couch. “Though you have a point, I have grown rather attached to those little heathens.” He sighed dramatically starting to put the groceries we stopped for away as I went to put his bag in my bedroom.

“You know you don’t haveto help with that right?” I asked cornering him in the kitchen.

“You know you don’t haveto let me stay here right?” he asked stepping closer to me in a silent challenge.

“If you’re going to let me take care of you, lodging counts.” And she walks on the edge of the cliff just for kicks? I laugh at uselessly reckless people, yet here am flirting with danger…well more accurately his older brother.

“Noted. But if you, are going to let me try and take care of you, that means I get free reign of the kitchen every once in a while…especiallywhen I suggested the grocery store so I could make you dinner.” He countered leaning into me “…so out, until I say you can come back.” he smirked.

“But I can help.”


“But I’m good in the kitchen…I’ll even do what you say like a helper!”

“Sorry, this is called doing a nice thing. You get to go in there” he pointed towards the hall where my room is located, “and finish packing. We leave the day after tomorrow at two am, so that gives us about twenty six hours in the city.”

“Fine…but thencan I help?”

“No, but you can sit in here and watch.”


“Okay, and remember we’ll wrap the gifts over there so you can go ahead and pack those too.” He called after me, not that it took much effort in a one bedroom apartment.