Sequel: Shut Up. Kiss Me.

Just Jenny!

Chapter 36

Mmm, that smells good, what do you want to drink?” I asked from my perch on the counter…were I’ve been exiledfor the remainder of the cooking process.

“I can get the drinks too you know. It’s part of the deal when I run the kitchen.”’

“I know, but I can help.” I shrugged hoping to look cute, swinging my feet.

“I know you can, but what do you say to waiting until some other meal? Let this one be on me.” He smiled turning off the stove and reaching for some glasses.

“Okay. When doI get my kitchen back exactly?”


“Just wondering if I’m on dish duty or not.”

“Not tonight. Now come on, go sit at the table while I finish up in here.” He suggested tucking a lose strand of hair behind my ear.


Can I just say, it’s really hard notto do everything for myself in my own place? But I don’t hateit…he’s a little bossy, but then again so am I.

“Here you go.” He said placing two plates of meat balls on the table, before going back to get the sodas and garlic bread. Guess he’s not looking to kiss me tonight, but I do love the garlic, so it’s a hard decision. Make her happy or get a kiss…which would alsomake her happy (her being me), just saying!

Okay thattrain got a little derailed, back to reality please!

“Thank you, this looks amazing.”

“Sure it looksgreat, but wait till you taste it before you thank me.” He chuckled.

Nodding my head, I wearily eyed my plate and slowly, and dramatically cut a tiny piece off the first meat ball. Inspecting it for a few seconds, I then dipped it back in the sauce and finally put it in my mouth chewing slowly. “You’re right.”

What? Is it bad?” he asked cutting into his own and taking a bite out of it.

“No, it’s great, and now I can properlythank you.” I grinned at his glare.

“I should make you do dishes for that little stunt missy.”

“You’re just mad because I was right the first time.”

“Is that so?”

“Yep, you just can’t stand that my nose knowswhen food tastes good.”

“That was lame.”

“But the food’s good.” I shrugged dipping my bread in the sauce.

“So, what’s the plan for tomorrow?” He asked scrubbing the last dish, as I once again sat on the counter top.

“Not sure, we got all the gifts today right? So there’s no real needto shop.” I shrugged.

“Yeah, I think so. Do you have something to wear to the party? Sorry I forgot to mention it’s a little dressy, we could always go find you a dress if you’d like.” He suggested.

“It’s fine, I got something the other day actually when Joe called and asked me if I’d gotten one already…he wanted to give me his input.” I laughed recalling the lasttime Joe tried to dress me.

Oh…okay then, we’ll find something else to do.” He shrugged a little disappointed.

“You wantedto go dress shopping with me.” I accused eyes wide.

Whatno…what for?” he denied putting the glasses away.

“Then why didn’t you tell me I needed one?”

“I forgot.”

“Really you forgot, so you can look at me right now…with a straight face, and repeat that?” I challenged.

“Okay, so I wanted to get you the dress, but I wasn’t about to buy you one without your inputso I figured we could go together, and I’d convince you to let me pay.” He sighed leaning on the counter next to me.

“That’s very thoughtful, but I got this one.”

“I knowyou can pay for it Jen, but I invited you, so I was going to get you the dress, have you stay with me…you know not put you out at all. Like a vacation form everything exceptthe fun stuff.”

“I understand, but I got a dress already, and hey maybe you can think of it as your gift.”

“The dress?” he asked looking me up and down, “hate to break it to you, but if it fits you…it won’tfit me.”

“No, seeingme in the dress, like a surprise! Hey it’s not every day you see me all dolled up right? Not that it’s a great sight, but still.”

“I’ve seen you dolled up a few times, but okay. And just so you know, it isa pretty great sight, although I like this look too.” He added brushing my ever messy curls away from my face.

“Thank you, again for tonight.” I whispered, suddenly my normal voice seeming too loud for the intimate moment. Placing my hand on his shoulder I slowly leaned in to kiss him…on the cheek. Cop out I know, but my heart was pounding, and I couldn’t breathe and what if I fellafter our first kiss? That sould be so like me, and such the moment killer!

“It was my pleasure.” He smiled, bumping my shoulder with his own.

“Oh my gosh, look!” I squealed pointing out the window, now only killing the moment, but obviously scaring the heck out of the poor guy who cooked me dinner. Jumping off the counter and running out to the living room, I climbed out on the fire escape to twirl in the new falling snow.

Thatgenius idea was short lived, as the actualcold of the snow registered and I dashed back in, “Son of a nutcracker! It’s COLD!!!” I yelled jumping around trying to get warm.

“Come here.” Kevin instructed, obviously having foreseen this particular mishap, and already holding open a down comforter I’d left on the couch for me to step into. Quickly making my way into the comforter, and consequently his arms, I struggled to keep my teeth from chattering. “I could have toldyou snow is cold.” He whispered conspiratorially as he led me over to the couch.

“I know, but its Christmassnow…I wasn’t thinking about the cold.”

“It’s not really Christmasyet though.”

“Still the first snow of Christmas.” I reasoned snuggling into his embrace, my toes no longer numb.

“I’ll give you that, but nexttime tryand think it through…I don’t want you too sick to enjoy my company.”

“So you’ll only take care of me when I don’tneed it?” I giggled.

“No, I’ll alwaystake care of you, but chances are you’lllike mebetter when you’re not miserable and your body isn’t staging mutiny.”