Sequel: Shut Up. Kiss Me.

Just Jenny!

Chapter 38

“You all set?” Kevin asked as I grabbed my sketchbook from my work station and quickly looked around the room.

“Yep, look out Texas here we come!” I giggled.

Romy and “Why did we watch ‘Michele's High School Reunion’again?” he asked wearily.

“My pick, of non-Christmas movie” I shrugged lugging my bags down the stairs.

Neverletting you do that again, I still have ‘Time After Time’ lodged in my brain.”

“Me too.”

“Good song,”

“But over used, I know.” I sighed trying to shove my bag in the back of the SUV.

“Here let me get that,” Kevin offered lifting it effortlessly into the trunk, before opening my door….thatdoesn’t happen often, or ever.

“Thank you.” I mumbled.

He has to stop being so sweet! Seriously, how’s a girl supposed to know where she stands when a guy cooks her dinner, acts impossibly sweet…then makes no mention of an actual date, in fact he went out of his way to say it was a non-date in an email a couple of weeks ago.

That’s another thing, did he change his mind? Why call it a date only to retract it? Is he even interested in anykind of romantic commitment…with me? Sure, I may be out of practice here, but I know enough to knowthat from an outsiders point of view we’re involved…the question is how involved? Does he want to take this further, make it public…is he just lonely?

I’m not awake enough for this, and I’m pretty awake, I just don’t think I’m ever awake enough for this.

Boys suck.

“So do you have the travel info?” I asked coming out of my silent rant, the silence getting loud enough to drive me insane, like I need the help.

“Yeah, we’ll have to fly commercial (first class but still) since the family took the private plane to Texas, and I figured a charter would be less safe in this weather. Loved Patsy Cline, and Richie Valens, just don’t want to go out like them.”

“Oh how will I ever live with the disappointment?” I deadpanned, like I’ve never flown commercial.

Kevin!” I whispered from my window seat, trying to draw as little attention to us as possible .We were lucky enough to get on the plane without much incident just a few pictures with some of the employees, but mobbing with nowhere to run may not be the best thing.

What?” He whispered back leaning his face closer to mine.

“I don’t want to watch this movie.” I gestured to the small screen above us.

“So don’t.”

“Then talkto me!” shouting in whisper is fun.

“You’re the one who started whispering! We can’t stop now, and having a full conversation like this will draw even more attention to us.” He smirked.

“We can write notes!”


“Yes, it’s like text messaging gone wayold school.” I smirked pulling out my sketchbook and a couple of sketching pens.

‘See! It’s just as fast. :)’ I wrote and placed the sketchbook in Kevin’s lap.



‘Not cool, when you can just draw your expression all cute and comic like’ he wrote and then held it up for me to see, pointing at my caricature for emphasis.

‘But this is fun no?’

‘Yeah, even though you keep writing in a different direction.’

‘Something you can’t do with text!’

‘I can’t believe we’re passing notes.’

‘Well, I guess I could read a book, but then you’d be all alone!’

‘And sleeping at 3am is out of the question why?’

‘We slept all day.’

‘But we’ll get to Texas and start our day, with settling in, family time, gift wrapping…then tomorrow is D-Day.’

‘Jonas we fall asleep now, and I guarantee people will talk.’


‘Mini me over there keeps looking over at you squinting.’ I gestured to a preteen girl with curly brown hair and glasses, jamming out to her iPod…pen poised over a notebook.

‘So what you’re really saying is, you can’t keep your hands off me even in your sleep? ;)’ He didn‘t just write that!

‘And that’s where Joe get’s it from.’

‘Didn’t deny it.’

‘Not only are you a great pillow, but you’re always warm.’


‘shut up’

‘Not making a sound…this note thing really worked out XD’

‘You know I can see you not actually laughing right?’ I wrote then did my best Jonas brow for effect.

‘Fun sucker’

‘Freaky Friday!!!
Good non-Xmas pick btw!’

‘You know we can just watch TV on my laptop right?’

‘What do you have?’

‘Terminator: Sarah Conner Chronicles?’
‘Nothing says Christmas like cyborgs.’ I grinned.

Wait, where did this go wrong? I could have gotten an answer there! Gah, stupid best friend banter reflex, why didn’t I write something like, ‘…people will talk, unless of course you don’t mind.’ Then maybe given his reaction I could have discerned if I’m in fact staying at my boyfriend’shouse or just a boy friend’s house.

Right, like I’m anywherenear that coy.

Did I just think that? No, I am not dating Kevin unlesshe asks me on a real date. Or to officially go out with him, there I have a plan. Now let’s just hope I can stick to it.

“Can I just say, I lovecyborg humor?” I gushed as we made our way to the baggage claim.

“I know, so lifeless and ironic!”

Yes! Though I’m…”

“A little scared to turn on your computer now?” he cut me off, “me too.” We both shivered overdramatically. “Though I must admit,” he added “I’m a little more scared of you.” He smirked.

“Me!?” I asked mock shocked. GreatI scare the guy...

“You just slipped an autographed cd in that little girl’s bag, without being spotted.”

“First off, she’d hateyou for calling her a little girl, and second I’m awesome, and even if she’s not a fan she can sell it for some spending money on e-bay.” I grinned as we got to the baggage claim. “So what’s the plan for today?”

“Get the bags, oh I see them.” He broke off pulling our stuff effortlessly from the conveyer belt which is just wrongby the way. Why does he get the nice conveyer belt when I have to take a ride on the evilone to get my stuff? “Then take a cab to my place, where I have a car, and get you settled in.”

After a quick car ride we reached the Kevin’s place, and unloaded our bags, and then Kevin went to pay the driver which left me to fully take in the view. His house is amazing, beautiful two stories high, with an immaculately manicured lawn.

Kevin’s unexpected voice in my left ear almost had me jumping out of my skin, “Wait until you see what’s inside”.

“This place is amazing.” I gushed, taking in the clean earthy feel, mixed with some of the most incredible Christmas decorations I’ve ever seen. Everything seemed covered in deep reds, with green and gold accents making the white marbled floor and mantle gleam.

“Thank you, but I can’t take the credit.” He said sheepishly, “mom really did the bulk of the decorating, I just picked the house.”

“Well it looks like a good choice from here.” I laughed.

“It’s nice, office, music room, master bedroom, spare bedroom with bunk beds for my brothers three and a half bath, pool, living room where actual living happens, then the useless formal living room and formal dining room I was planning to hold business meetings in.” He said the last part with an eye roll.

“Okay, so there’s no kitchen, that sucks, but what’s wrong with the business meeting idea?” I asked.

“There isa kitchen, an amazingkitchen with a breakfast nook where I take all my meals,” he laughed, “but why would I have any business stuff held herewhen everyone is already at the larger house? Just makes sense to have everything there, plus I don’t really have people over here save for my family and the band maybe.”

“Okay I can see that.” I shrugged.

“Yeah, so what do you say we take all this stuff upstairs, we can shower and get into some fresh Texas weather clothes, and then we head out to do some grocery shopping and maybe grab a bite? Because I have nothing in this fridge, at all…maybe we should eat first actually then go grocery shopping.” He chuckled!

“Sounds like a plan, then later I can make lunch and we can wrap all those gifts!”

“Nope, we’ll order in for lunch, youmissy are on vacation!”

“What about an easy pop it in the oven food?”

“Is it frozen?” He asked pulling a face.

“No, but I’ll let you help me.” I bargained.