Sequel: Shut Up. Kiss Me.

Just Jenny!

Chapter 40

I’ve been to enough Jonas events now to knowthat before making my presence known I must first make sure to plant my feet. Sounds simple in retrospect, but when my feet are encased in five inch leopard print pumps…things don’t alwaysgo as planned, which is why when I heard the tell tale sign that I had been spotted instead of standing my ground…I dodged.

Joe yelled incredulously from the ground beside my feet as his brothers snickered in the sidelines.

Joey!” I chirped trying to look innocent…not working.

“You moved! You let me fall.” He pouted.

“I was going to go down withyou! That’s not good right? Remember last time, with the crushingand the people and the chasing…not a pretty picture.”


“I’m wearing white!”

Undera black jacket.”

“The falling, rememberthe falling, and the blistersfrom the running?” I’m grasping at straws and I know it, but the last thing we need is a Joe and Jenny tantrum.

“Joe you barreled into her that is a pretty scary sight.” Nick defended obviously the first to regain his composure.

Fine.” He sighed dusting himself off, and giving me a normal hug. “So, what’d you get me?” he grinned the previous spill forgotten.

“Who says I got you anything?”

Mean! First you drop me now this?” he gasped swatting at my ponytail, which obviouslyled to me flicking his ear, which escalated to his tweaking my nose…and just as we were about to make the Three Stoogesproud…our consciencestepped in?

“Okay, you two, let’s get going, mom said she wanted us over to help with the decorations for tomorrow. In the car.” Kevin ordered. Needles to say Joe and I just stood there staringat him, head cocked to one side, perplexed looks on our faces.

Now.” Nick commanded, and wouldn’t you know it, all three of us hopped to attention…guess he’s Jiminy Cricket.

“Okay so how did weget stuck stringing cranberries and popcorn?” Joe pouted as we watched Nick and Kevin do the cool ladder jobs.

“Something about predetermined clumsiness.” I pouted eating the popcorn I accidentallybroke.

“But cranberries and popcorn? Everything else is all expensive looking, why have this handmade stuff on the tree too?” he grumbled.

“To add dimension, we need some traditionally homey feeling stuff as well as the more lavish decorations, so it has a nice balance.” I shrugged.

“You’re such a girl.”

“At least Idon’t spend hours on my hair.”

Hey! That was uncalled for you area girl.”

“But you meant it as an insult.”

“Fine, truce?” he asked holding out his hand.




“Weekend alonewith Kevin…”


“You have fun?” he asked…suggestively? Weirdo.


“I bet there was lotsof sleeping…”


Together?” he smirked wiggling his eyebrows trying to make me uncomfortable.

“You reallywant to know?” I asked biting my lip suggestively, trying to get the twinkly eyed chick flick look.

“Oh ew! Gross.” He gagged as I tried not to die laughing.

“That’s what you get for being a perve.” I scolded throwing popcorn in his hair.

“I was just tryingto teaseyou…”

“How’s thatworking out for you?”

“Mean.” He grumbled reluctantly getting back to work. “So, did you get that dress we talked about?” he asked after a few minutes of silence.

Shh!” I admonished looking around to make sure Kevin wasn’t listening. “Yes.”

“Jumpy, can I see it!?” he asked excitedly his decorating task forgotten.

“I don’t have it with me.” Duh!

“But you took a picture because you knew I could ask.”

“Fine, here.” I sighed looking through my cell phone for the picture I took of the dress for shoe shopping purposes.

“I said sexy.” He reprimanded.

“It is!”

“It’s long.”

“Hardly, it’s above my knee.”

“By a millimeter, and it’s black, come on how are you going to get a guy dressed like a nun!”

“It’s strapless, fitted, has red, and a shiny thing going on in the back…it’s hardlynunnery garb.” I laughed, causing Nick and Kevin to eye us quizzically.

“All I’m saying is if this doesn’t work, you can’t blame me.” He warned going back to his threading.

“Noted.” I giggled, not taking offence at Joe’s lack of approval it’s not like I’m trying to snag him after all. “But trust me, on me…it’s sexy.” I smirked as he pricked himself momentarily losing focus while trying to thread a cranberry.


“Joe! Come on you have the easiestjob!” Nick reprimanded from atop his ladder skillfully hanging oversized Christmas ornaments from the ceiling to accentuate the garlands.

YeahJoe.” I mocked

“Kevin! She’s buggingme!” He called out, sticking his tongue out at me.

“Fine, Joe you can start putting the lights on the trees, but make sure you check they work first, if not there’s more lights in the kitchen.” Kevin instructed.

“Light duty?” he grumbled.

“Yep, mom put me in charge, and you already hurt yourself with a needle, so I’m guessing ladder’s out. “ He grinned.

The rest of the afternoon went in pretty much the same fashion with Kevin and Nick doing most of the dangerous tasks as Joe and I did the tree decorating, throw pillow arranging, and pretty much anything that had little chance of killing either of us…I even had to take off my shoes before I was allowed to stand on a chair.

Mrs. Jonas meanwhile baked cookies with Frankie for the party, one of the few non catered foods for tomorrow’s event, and consequently another thing to keep me and Joe far away from. Joe for his massive sweet tooth, and me…well let’s just say lasttime I made cookies, someone broke a tooth.

Yeah, Jenny baking equals bad.

“Whoa! What happened to you two?” Nick snickered joining an exhausted Joe and me on the couch.

Christmashappened, what of it?” I mock glared.

“Hey Kev. Look out, she’s an angryelf.” Nick laughed, watching Kevin take the vacant seat to my left.

“You try winning a fight with a vicious box of Christmas ornaments, and come out notcovered in glitter.” I pouted, as Joe merely nodded his support.

“Fair enough, but how do you explain this?” Kevin asked plucking some kind of ornamental twig from my once immaculate ponytail.


“You startedit!” Joe defended, at Nick and Kevin’s understanding nods.


“You put the star on the tree withoutme!”

“But that’s because it was mytree, you put the star on the other tree.”

“But your tree was bigger, I should have done it, I’m taller.”

“You claimed the short tree, so you could be done faster.”

“But that was before…”



“Real mature guys.” Nick deadpanned.

“See what you did!” Joe whispered in my ear, “Nick’s mad at us again!”

“We can take him.”

“No…we can’t” Kevin interjected from my left.