Sequel: Shut Up. Kiss Me.

Just Jenny!

Chapter 41

Whyare we doing this again?” I asked Kevin as surveyed the stack of horror films on the kitchen counter.

“Because everyonewatches Christmas movies this time of year, so we’re mixing it up.” He recited with a grin as he pulled the chips out of the pantry.

“Well whose stupididea was that?” I sighed waving the coffee pot like a mad woman….good thing I’ve yet to start the coffee making, so it’s empty.


“Okay, but I didn’t mean bloody, things jumping out at me, fingers getting chewed off grossstuff! I meant Halloween Town, Dracula, psychological thriller type stuff.” To his raised eye brow I continued, “You know like it’s cute, or vampire…y?”

“But that’snot scary.”

“Okay what about the last option? Your braingets scared…but your eyes, not so much! I like that option don’t you?” I grinned enthusiastically turning on the coffee.

“Are you scared?” he smirked pinning me to the counter. YES!

Psh! No, come one Kev. Everygirl now at days loves scary movies, I just figured all this blood and guts stuff was to cliché for you guys.” I shrugged ducking under his arm. “I’m gonna go change.”

So I lied, a little. It’s not so much that I’m scared, than I’m a girl. And by girlI don’t mean this new awesome cool girl that loves scary movies, can throw a baseball and do a back flip while knocking out a bad guy with a chainsaw….nope. I’m an uncoordinated, scream when things jump out at me; I don’t want to see the gore kind of girl, my feminism can only take me so far.

“JENNY IT’S STARTING!!!” I heard Joe yell from downstairs…great, I’m nevergoing to live this down!

I’m neversitting next to Joe again. Every time something jumps out he starts bugging me, luckily I’ve yet to scream, but I keep jumping, much to his amusement.

About half way through the second movie Joe stood up to fetch something which luckily left me alone on the couch and I foolishly let my guard down. Now I knowwhat you’re thinking, but I figured Joe would know better than to attack me from behind after one and a half films worth of torture…which is why I blame him entirelyfor what happened next.

Just as the creepy music intensified and evil villain guy jumped out, so did Joe sneaking up on me from behind and yelling in my ear. Now normally, my reflexes leave something to be desired, so imagine my astonishmentwhen my backhanded fist actuallymakes contact with his face!

Ouch my nose!” came Joe’s muffled cry, as Kevin quickly switched on the lights to see what the commotion was about.

“I’m sorry!” I gasped, even though he deserved it!

“Are you okay?”

“Is it broken?” Nick and Kevin asked at the same time.

“No, just hurts.” Joe pouted taking Kevin’s now vacant spot on the other couch, “That’s the last time I sneak up on you.” He mumbled eyeing me warily.

“Well if you hadn’t been buggingme all night, I wouldn’t have been so wound up that I lashed out at my attacker!” I laughed.

“Is that why you called her as your couch buddy?” Nick laughed.

“Well, it was funny.” Joe defended.

“Yeah, I can see thatworked out well for you" Kevin chuckled, taking Joe’s old place next to me and restarting the movie.

Did I mention I watch the majority of a scary movie trying to block both my vision an my ears form the actual film? Because there’s no point in closing my eyes when I can still hear someone yelling “OH MY GOD MY FINGER MY FINER OH MY GOD NO NOT THE OTHER ONE AAAHHHHH!!!”It just doesn’t do anything for my alreadyfragile sanity, which is why I was curled up into a ball, head turned, shoulders up ready to block when I felt Kevin’s arm pull me into his chest about a second before the screaming started.

“I’ll let you know when it’s safe to look.” He whispered into my ear once the worst of the screaming had subsided. The rest of movie night went in pretty much the same fashion until Nick and Joe passed out and Kevin and I watched The Lost Boys, because it’s the reason we have all this teen vampire craze now, and it’s funny.

“So, notscared huh?” Kevin asked once we made our way onto his bedroom balcony.

“Shut up.” I laughed, “So, I’m not a coolgirl, I never pretended to be.” I defended.

“You’re plentycool, just ask Joe’s nose.” He laughed.

“I can’t believe I hit him!”

“Well, he was asking for it.” He shrugged.

“Yeah, but still I got Joe a bruisefor Christmas.”

“At least I know you can take care of yourself if anyone jumps out at you.” He chuckled.

“True, so what’s the plan for tomorrow?” I asked taking a sip of my peppermint coffee.

“Wake up, feed the animals…I mean my brothers, then they go home to get ready and do us the added favor of dropping off our gifts. Then we get ready and head on over to the party.”


“You okay?”

“Yeah, just nervous,” I sighed looking out into his backyard.

“About?” You! Boys are stupid.

“The party? I don’t know, I won’t really know anyone but you guys and it’s not like I’m going to follow you all night.”

“True, but I’ll introduce you to people and it’s not like they don’t know who you are.”


“Well, we are on the tabloids a lot, and I’m sure between Joe and Frankie alonemost of them are pretty familiar with your work.” He laughed.

“Thanks.” I smiled into my coffee cup.


“This, all of it? In case I don’t say it later or by some horrible turn of events my clocking Joe is the highlightof this trip…I just want you to know it’s been an amazing Christmas.” I nodded determinedly before kissing him on the cheek.

“Nothing’s evernormal in that brain of yours, but thank you for an amazing Christmas as well.” He grinned wrapping an arm around me and kissing my forehead.