Sequel: Shut Up. Kiss Me.

Just Jenny!

Chapter 42

“Are you surethere’s nothing we’re supposed to do?” I asked for maybe the thousandth time in the past five minutes.

Positive. We already helped decorate yesterday, the guys just took off with the presents which we won’t be opening until tomorrow morning, sorry you’ll just have to wait, and now all that’s left is to relax, and then get ready for the party tonight.” He repeated, also for the thousandth time in the past five minutes.


“I’m sure!” He sighed taking a bite out of his pop up waffle.

“Okay, I was just going to asked how long until we have to get dressed.” I pouted.

“A couple of hours at least, I mean I don’t know how long it takes youto get dressed up, and if you’re anything like Miley you should have started last night…” he laughed.

Shut up! I already showered, so I just have to get dressed, do my makeup and hair, but that won’t take too long I’m not THATunfortunate looking, and if I were, then I doubt a few extra hours of primping would do much…” I trailed off snatching his coffee cup and dipping my candy cane in it.

“Stop it…” he sighed rolling his eyes at my beauty comment, “and that’s grossyou just dipped your slobberycandy in mycoffee.” He feigned disgust.

“Nope, I dipped my candy cane in mycoffee.”

“It wasmine.”

“Exactly…it wasyours.” I grinned taking a gulp and walking out of the room with my newly acquired coffee in hand.

Once settled in the upstairs office, I opened my trusty laptop and made quick work of sending Christmas greetings to everyone on my mailing list. Then I spent the next thirty minutes proofing a few documents, before forwarding them to Chief figuring I’d have one less thing to stress about tonight.

Now I’m listening to Wynonna Judd and doodling random faces that are starting to look suspiciouslylike stylized versions of Kevin and I. I hatelove sick people, they annoy me…I annoy me. That’s probably why I’m avoiding going out to look for Kevin. If I stay in here I don’t have to be some frilly girl….plus I do have all night to swoon.

I can’t believe I listened to Joe, and got as sexy a dress as I’d wear to a family function. Who does that? But if anything is going to go down between Kevin and me…or notgo down, it has to happen soon. I can’t have this stupid crush forever, if it’s out of the question I want to move on and go back to being friends instead of whatever weird limbo thing we are.

Before I noticed, it was time for food and then off to get dressed and primped and prepped.

This is it…the moment of truth.

I’ve been staring at my reflection in the mirrored closet door for about ten minutes trying to get the nerve up to step out of the room. Leave it to me to get stage fright when the only audience member is Kevin…my best friend! But I can’t help but think that once I go out there I won’t be cute, clumsy, comic relief, Jenny…I’ll be sexy I can’t believe I never noticed she was beautiful Jenny. At least that’s the idea, not that this is a chick flick, so I could very well find a way to mess this up, but still at least my mindwill be that of the sexy girl, only I don’t really have sexy girl brain…Okay, I’m going to killJoe. Why would anyone, let alone melisten to that over quaffed crazy?

Did I mention the rule of the feminist is blame the man, anyman?

I must say, it’s hard to think about not falling, not making too much noise on the marble stairs, keeping your chin up, looking graceful, and then actually executeall these things while wearing heels and being watched by the sexiest guy on the planet. I didn’t say it Peopledid…right? I know he was on some sexy list some where down the line, and for darn good reason!

All things considered, it’s not surprising I was feeling pretty proud of myself when I finally made it to the bottom, so in celebration of my success, I failed to keep the concentration on my coordination…and we all know where this is going. Instead of being on the stairs me eyes were on the guy, and I missed the last step propelling me in the most graceless way, right into Mr. Wonderful’schest.

“Sorry.” I gasped mortified, why do I even bother? Sexy girl brain is so not in me.

“Don’t be,” He chuckled, “I’m actually relived.”

“You wanted me to fall?”

“No…kind of? Just that for a second there I wasn’t sure it was youlooking all graceful, beautiful, and put together.” He grinned.

I’m not sure whether to be offendedor flattered, “Thanks.” I shrugged straightening out my dress, “You look great too.” That was an understatement, that boy can sure rock the formal wear.

“Okay so we’re all set right? To avoid a repeat of what happened on the stairs, if Joe looks like he might gain momentum, I’ll run interference.” Kevin clarified as he moved to open the door to the party hosting Jonas house.

“Got it.” I nodded taking a deep breath.

We needn’t have worried though, because it wasn’t Joewho barreled into me the second I got my coat off…it was the bonus Jonas, Frankie.