Sequel: Shut Up. Kiss Me.

Just Jenny!

Chapter 44

Once the initialshock of whatever just happened between Kevin and I wore off, I bravely commenced my mingling. Not point in dwelling now, while I’m still stuck in a house full of happy Christmas people. I might as well enjoy tonight, then grill Kevin in the morning because if that boy thinks he can just kiss me and walk away he’s crazier than I thought…speaking of which.

“There, you are. I’ve been looking all over for you.” Kevin smiled charmingly, as he excused us from the conversation I was having with Demi and Allison.

“Okay, so you’ve got me all to yourself nowwhat?” I asked once we were out of the kitchen and on our way to the back yard which was also decorated, and intelligently equipped with outdoor heaters.

Now, is where I apologize for running around all night, and ask you to dance with me?” he shrugged as New Year’s Eve quietly played over the outdoor speakers.

“I’m flattered, but no.” I giggled, to his crestfallen look I quickly amended, “I don’tdance…”

“You don’t dance?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Not around peopleor withpeople who are musically inclined.” I corrected.

“Oh, come on, Jen.”

“Kev, I’ve seenyou dance, I can’t compare.” I giggled.

Don’t, just dance with me? Please?” he pouted taking my hand and leading me to the makeshift dance floor set up in the garden, mostly populated by older couples.

To say we danced, might be an over statement considering we kept it pretty simple, until Rockin’ Around The Christmas Treethat is, when we really started busting unfortunate moves, and twirling much to the amusement of the other couples. But still, it was enough to make me believe at least for a few minutes that this was my very own real life chick flick complete with my little happily ever after, at least until the made for TV sequel where they change the actors and add in a whole bunch of drama that isn’t even relevant to the original characters…little did I know then I’d be throwing a wrench in it soon enough.

“So, what did you think?” Kevin asked taking my coat as we entered his house.

“It was great, I was much less awkwardthan I thought I would be.” I laughed as he led me into the formal living room where the large Christmas tree was located.

“See, I toldyou. Now wait here, I’ll be rightback.” He grinned running up the stairs.

Okay, so he kissedme. There was mistletoe though, and sure it’s not a tradition I’ve overly familiar with considering it’s an American thing, and most of my Christmas traditions are Mexicanbut I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t mean anything…only it did. At least to me, and I thinkto him…and why must I always pace when I get riled up mentally?

Okay, look normal, stand in front of tree, look at the pretty lights, pull painful pins out of my hair and let it loose…breathe, that’simportant. So we like each other, but will it work? Trying to keep myself from hyperventilating obviouslyrequires my full attention, which is why it comes as no surprise that I completely missed Kevin walking into the room, until I felt his chin on my shoulder and his arms around my waist.

“Merry Christmas.” He whispered kissing my cheek. And that’swhen it happened, when I turned a perfectly sweet romanticmoment into a…thing! I don’t know what came over me, I guess I’m just so used to talkingto Kevin, and we’ve been nottalking about this so much, that I just snapped!

“What are we doing?” I asked colder than I intended.

“What? Celebrating Christmas?” he asked straightening up, and loosening his grip a little.

“No, not now…well yes now, but at the party, in New York…heck even after yourbirthday party…before I fell off the bed. What isthis Kevin?” I asked now facing him, arms crossed over my chest.


“Is this some fling, are we dating? Wait, I’m jumping the gun right? Do you even wantto date? We actlike we’re dating but you said it wasn’ta date. Why did you kiss me?” I managed in one breath.

Jenny, I…”

No, Kev if this isn’twhat you want, then please don’t play with me here.”

“…I’m sorry.” He finished, and I swear I felt my heart not shatter, but at least crack inside my chest, “I shouldn’thave kissed you beforeI officially asked you out. But you were under the mistletoe, and I just couldn’t resist.” Wait what?

What?” Don’t you love how eloquent I am even under extreme stress?

“Well I was going to wait until aftertonight to really ask you out, but I guess you beat me to the punch.” He smirked.

“But, oh.”

“What’s wrong? If you don’t want to…I just thought…”

“No, I dobut…Kevin I can’t secretlydate you.” I sighed, flopping on the couch.

“I never asked you to.” He said coldly.

“You didn’t tell your brothers.”

“No I didn’t.”

“You asked menot to tell anyone that I was your date to the Christmas party. Kevin our wholelives are out there for people to look at, yours as a result of your music, but mine because it’s what I do. I tellpeople about my life for a livingand...” I sighed finally catching my breath, “It’s public domain babe, if we can’t tell your family, some of my best friendsmight I add, then we can’tdo this. I’m jumping the gun I know, thinking like twelve steps ahead when we haven’t even been on one date but I can’t lose my best friend because we suckat dating.” I groaned.

“Here.” He sighed handing me a small box.

“Kevin, I just dumped all thaton you and you want me to open a Christmas present?” I demanded.

“Jenny, just do it. I’ll explain everything, address allyour concerns, and even let you talk over me from time to time, if you’ll just openthat box so I can explain my gift.” He chuckled in exasperation. Male ADD I tell you.

“A purity ring?” I asked taking the small silver hoop and slowly trying it on every finger, then repeating the process.

“Well, it’s mine…or it waswhen I was thirteen.” He chuckled at my confused expression.

“Jen, I don’t wantto secretly date you. I want to for real, let the whole world know, date you…”

“But in the emailyou said…”

“The email, exactly. I didn’t want the first time I asked you out to be over an email, much less to a family party.” He laughed.

“Why not a family party?” I asked…okay pouted.

“Because, it would have been our first dateand it should be personal, for one. And also because, you should have been at that party weather you were my date or not.”

“You still kept it from your family…that’s not letting the whole world know.”

“I did, because my family loves you. I didn’t want them to think that this is some kind of rebound thing, or that I was going into this lightly, but mostlyI just wanted to hold on to this until I knew what you’dsay.”

“Oh…so, you gave me your purity ring?” I asked still confused about the gift, and admittedly stalling for time as I processed the idea that Kevin was planning on asking me out and noton a secret date!

“Yes, but not because I’m trying to sleep with you or anything,” he rushed turning a slight shade of red, “I just meant what I said back in LA, about promising to respect women…to respect you. Jen I knowit’s fast and we haven’t even gone out yet, and we may screw this up, but I just want you to know going into this how real this is to me.” He declared fingering the band nestled on my left index finger. “Nowyou’re speechless?” he asked quietly.

“It’s a lotto take in when we got home I wasn’t even sure you likedme…like that.” I laughed.

Likeyou? Jenny,” he chuckled grabbing my shoulders and shaking me playfully, “I’m in love with you.” Oh!

Really?” I giggled.

“Since the moment I met you.”

Bull!” I laughed throwing the wrapping paper at him.

“That’s allyou have to say?” he laughed throwing the crumpled wrapper back.

“What elseis there? You’ve knownI’m in love with you.” I sighed, trying to hide a smirk as his eyes lit up.

“I didn’t know.” He whispered unable to hide his grin.

“Yes you did.”

“I hoped.” He mumbled before finally kissing me. “Thatshould have been our first kiss.” He smiled resting his forehead against mine.

“What’s wrongwith our first kiss?” I gasped.

“It was under the mistletoe, and we weren’t even sure where we stood romantically!” he sighed.

“But it was on our first Christmas Eve together, and full of mystery and excitement before we danced under the stars…okay twinkle lights!”

“You can spin anything can’t you?” he chuckled.

“Pretty much.”



“You never answered my question.”

“You didn’t askme anything!” I pointed out.

“Will you go out with me?”

“You know it’s not as effective when you knowthe answer.” I laughed.

Jenny! Would you letme ask my girlfriend out?”

Wait, so I’m your girlfriendnow?” I grinned raising an accusatory eyebrow.

“That was my nextquestion…” he sighed.

“I’m sorry?” I giggled…I suck at romantic moments.

“No you’re not.” He grinned.

“Yes. Yes, I’m sorry I’m a dork. Yes, I’ll go out with you, and if you still want to ask…I’ll even agree to be your girlfriend.” I grinned, like the cheesy moron that I am, snuggling into his side.

“You know, I resent the idea that we suckat dating…” he declared with a straight face, “we just suck at dating people who are less awesomethan we are.” He amended before we both cracked up.