Sequel: Shut Up. Kiss Me.

Just Jenny!

Chapter 5

“Oh, hi! You’re new!” I greeted the barista smiling. The young girl with purple streaked hair smiled self consciously before asking for my order. “A really LARGEcafé americano with a shot of espresso!” I said excitedly, what can I say I haven’t had coffee in a while, I ran out yesterday morning and didn’t really feel like running to the store after work.

“Ah, so you’re a red-eye girl, nice!” she laughed.

“You know that stuff’ll kill you.” Came a smooth voice behind me. Turning to look at the speaker, there stood, a guy who could have easily jumped out of the pages of G.Q. About six foot four, blond, blue eyes, immaculate suit…yup, oozing snobby trust fund.

I laughed, “Nope, I needcoffee, without coffee I stop the walking and the talking and words putting into sentence doing.” That being done, I turned around and gave the barista (Marty according to her name tag) the patented who-the-hell-does-he-think-he-is look.

Biting back a laugh Marty gave me my total, “That’ll be $3.19”

“Here” Mr. G.Q.said brushing past me and holding out his platinum card, oh nohe freaking didn’t!

“Um, no thank you.” I stated pushing my way back towards the counter, and handing Marty a ten-dollar bill. “I can buy my own liquid death, thanks.” I said tossing all of the change into the tip jar, as Marty handed me my coffee. “Thank you.” I smiled at her as I hurried to prepare my coffee.

But alas I’m never quite quick enough, although this time it wasn’t my fault there were people in front of me. “That tip was much to hefty you know.” Came a smooth drawl uncomfortablyclose to my left ear.

“She was good.” I stated simply stepping away from this guy, talk about invading my personal space. Seriously what the heck is up with this place?

“Ah, but one mustn’t flaunt their wealth in such ways, the tip was larger than the overall cost of your coffee.” He smirked.

“Excuse me, but what business is it of yourshow much I do or don’t tip?” I demanded getting fired up. “And another thing, ‘flaunting my wealth’? Now that’s rich coming from the guy decked out in a custom tailored Dior suit that isn’t even on the market for another five months. Now if you are done insulting me, I have to get to work.” I stated side stepping him and making my way towards the exit “See you Marty!” I called out with a small wave, always stay on your barista’s good side, ignoring they eyes I felt on my back as I left.

“Now that you’ve proved your point, we can cut the chit-chat, you can give me your number and perhaps, if you’re niceI’ll give you a call.” Came the ever-irritating voice next to me as I walked the two blocks to work. Now this is getting ridiculous! As in I seriously had to suppress the urge to go all middle school on him and ask, ‘Exactly what part of no is it that you don’t understand? The N or the O?’ so I opted for a slightlymore mature version.

“Obviously it didn’t hit home if you’re still talking to me, so let me simplify it for you. I’m flattered, but I’m notinterested.” With that I walked up the stairs to the Daily Observer building, hearing him yell his oh, so witty comeback to my retreating form.

“You weren’t worth it any way, you frigid BITCH!” Well I’m sure his mother would be proud of his manners…

Once on the eighth floor, I hastily made my way to my cubical practically chugging my coffee as I started logging into my desktop with my right hand before I even sat down. Man I hate when people get to me but already I longed for some wide leg slacks and an oxford, in place of my skirt, blouse and fitted vest. But at least now I have something to write about.

And that’s exactly what I did for the next few hours, I simply wrote. I ended up rewriting today’s coffee shop incident about four times before being even remotely satisfied. I know what you’re thinking, but no I don’t just wait for one big thing to happen then scramble to write about it last minuet. Usually I write a bit every day or take notes then I look over everything the day before deadline and come up with a final piece, the Kevin thing not withstanding as he totallyblew the rest of my week out of the water. Just as I finished saving the file an interoffice IM window popped up on my screen.

d.Danes:I need to see you in my office.
j.Mo: Be right there boss.

Closing the window, I slowly made my way to his office, “You needed to see me?” I asked walking in.

“Close the door, and take a seat.” He said seriously, what’s up?

“Um, am I in trouble?” I asked sitting down.

“No, but something is up, and I want to know what it is.” He said sternly, but not unkindly.

“It’s nothing Chief, just had a rough morning.” I said with a weak smile.

“Bull, you were more chipper when that jerk dumped coffee on you head. Today, you walked in here made a beeline for your computer and haven’t come up since. Not even for coffee.” He added, as I was about to argue.

“It’s not a big deal, just some loser at the coffee shop got to me is all. I’ll be fine.” I smiled, once again thinking about how everything in my life seems to involve coffee.

Another one? What’d this dumb ass do?” he asked resting his arms on the desk in front of him.

“Uh, it’s a long story. First he insulted my coffee choice, THENhe just bypassed me, as in literallywalked around and stood in front of me, then held out his platinum card trying to pay for me, acting like he was God’s gift or something.”

Here he interrupted me with a soft “Oh boy…”

Exactly! Now, you know thatdidn’t go over well, so I pulled out a ten handed it to the new barista, and tossed the change into the tip jar, not thinking too much of it. She was cool; she gave me a red-eye, no big deal. THENas I’m trying to get near the coffee station, he comes up and whispers in my ear, TOTALLYinvading my personal space, about how I tip too much and it’s not properto flaunt my wealth. The guy was in a custom made Dior suit! So I gave him a piece of my mind, walked out. Stupid me, I thought that was done with, but no… because I have a neon sign screaming “easy” on my back, he follows me over here and asks for my number, saying that if I’m good, he might give me a call.” I stopped for about a second to take a breath before continuing, “because I obviouslywant him, psh! Then he called me a fringed bitch before he left, but that part was kind of funny, obviously him trying to cling on to some semblance of dignity.” I almost laughed at the last part, apparently I wasn’t the only one feeling immature this morning.

“Man, kid what are you a creep magnet?” He asked.

“You have no idea...” I rolled my eyes.

“Okay, so this guy was a jerk, but why’s it got you so bent out of shape, he didn’t tryanything did he?” he asked me, with a penetrating stare.

“No, not at all. He just creeped me out is all, well first he annoyed me, but I guess it was the whole following me thing, It’s really got nothing to do with him…but I’ll be fine Chief.” It’s not like it hasn’t happened before, I’m just in a funk, it’ll be gone by tomorrow.

“What’d he do?”

“I already told you everything, it was noth…”

“Not him.” He cut me off, “the other guy, he must have really worked a number on you.” Darn perceptive old reporters! I sighed before continuing knowing I had no choice.

“He just wasn’t a good guy, he was my first real boyfriend, I was stupid…but I got out of it before things got too bad.” I said looking just beyond his left ear determined not to look down, yet unable to make eye contact.

“He hit you?” it wasn’t a statement, just a blunt question.

“I wouldn’t say that, but he was aggressive.” I said just loud enough to be heard, as he let out an audible sigh.

“Oh, Kid…I’m sorry,” he said standing up and making his way around his desk, “you’re a good kid, you deserve better.” He added placing a hand on my shoulder. “Remember that.”

“I will, thanks Chief, sorry about laying all this on you.” I said with a weak smile, feeling like a little kid.

“Forget about it, now how’s your work coming along?” He asked with a grin I easily matched, grateful for a subject change.

“I submitted the comic yesterday, and I’ve got some stuff finished for next week’s issues, but I’m not sure what I’ll submit just yet. It all depends on whether or not anything interesting happens between now and deadline.”

“Now that’s what I like to hear. Say, it’s Friday, you have nothing to do here why don’t you head home, do one of those crazy movie nights your always talking about, relax.” He said giving me a fatherly look.

“Chief, I’m fine…” Why am I arguinga day off?

“Perhaps, but it would make me feel better.”

“If you insist…” Going back to sleep!

“I do, now go,” he said shoving me out gently “I need you infuriatingly chipper on Monday.” He called out as I laughed gathering my stuff.

Not even an hour later I was home in my pjs and completelybored out of my mind, though I did finally make it out to the store for coffee. So submitting to the powers of my laptop calling me to mindlessly surf the Internet, I picked up my Tough Book and curled up on my bed., pleasantly surprised to find an email from none other than my coffee buddy.

Subject: Bored

J. Mo,

You know I hadto; come on it was too easy! Sorry I haven’t been in touch more in the last few days, but with touring and Brittany flying out for our Vegas show on Tuesday, it’s been crazy! But maybe we can talk tonight or this weekend (we don’t have a show until Monday), we need to catch up!

Any way we’re setting up for a show tonight, but I’ve been rendered useless. So instead of sulking in the corner because nobody trusts my choice in footwear, I decided I’d email you! Don’t you feel lucky? I knew you would. ;)

Oh man, Joe’s griping about me not helping, even though he’s the one that exiled me! So I have to go, but write back okay? Let me know when you want to talk, I don’t want to call you if you’re busy or asleep, and I’d have you call me but I don’t know at exactly what time the meet and greet is over. =(

Ahh! Joe’s com…


And that was Joe.

Subject: Re: Bored
Hey Kev (and Joe),

Ha ha, because I’ve neverheard that one before [insert eye roll]. Any way, it’s cool I know you’re busy, and I’m glad you got to see Brittany. I’m currently at home, Chief wants me to rest; that and I make everyone look bad with my awesomeefficiency! ;)

LOL, okay so I had a lousy morning dealing with some punk at the coffee shop, nope not the same one, totally newpunk! But I was done with all my work so I had nothing to do but twirl in my desk chair and after having fallen enough times in the past Chief is weary of letting me have too much down time.

So now that I’m home I might take a nap, but call me tonight (if you have time, or aren’t too tired), don’t worry about the time I’ll probably be awake, and it’s not like I have to get up early tomorrow. But if not, then call whenever you have time. I have nothing planned all weekend.

Take care (you too Joe),
♠ ♠ ♠
Not quite a filler...more like a set up? Any who, I like writing their e-mails!