Sequel: Shut Up. Kiss Me.

Just Jenny!

Chapter 7

Kevin’s POV

The next morning I woke up early. I checked my phone half expecting to hear Jenny awake again, but all I heard was her even breathing. It was a rough night, but she slept through most of it all right. Ending the call, I sent her a quick text to call me when she woke up then headed downstairs where I heard my mom already up.

I wasn’t planningon it, but the moment I saw her, I went up to her and hugged her burying my face in her neck. “I love you Mommy.” I said quietly my voice threatening to crack. I still can’t wrap my head around how anyman could hurta girl, especially one he claimed to love.

“Hey I love you too baby, what’s wrong?” she asked concerned, but I just shook my head not wanting to let go for a second.

Jenny POV

After that night things between Kevin and I obviously changed, I expected some sort of awkwardness, either from him or me, but it never came. Instead we just talked, about everything, about nothing. It’s only been a little over a week since then, and yet he’s one of the few people I feel comfortable with, though I guess that’s easy to do when he’s on tour and I’m here in New York; but that’s an argument Kevin refusesto let me win.

Subject: Getting Old(er)


What can I say it was Forest Gump night, blame Tom Hanks.

So the big two oneis approaching, my little girl is all grown up * tear *! So, this birthday Sunday, have any plans yet?


Your favoriteJonas,

Subject: Just joining your club!

Joe!!! Oops, I mean Kevin!

LOL, you set yourself up for that one old boy. So, first off it’s Thursday, so you knowthat every thing is pretty much done at this point. I just have to clean up the final version of the comic strip and turn it in before I leave tomorrow. Which by the way is Friday the thirteenth! I’m not superstitious, but now that people are starting to recognize me they might start getting funnyideas!

As for my impending birthday, you know… the day in which I join youin the old fogy club ;), nope nothing really planned. My family is all scattered, and they all work Monday, plus the distance is a pain. So I’m starting on Friday, and having a “Birthday Weekend”! Okay so I’m not too sure what I’ll do but my guess is bug you on the phone if you’re free, drink coffee, eat junk, and watch old movies? Not really a big deal, I get older everyyear!

Now go be productive and learn a new freaky-flip-thing! AND DON’T SCUFF THE SHOES!!!

Merry Un-Birthday,

P.S: O.O I just realized I’m going to have to skipStarbucks and go right to work in the morning, without you to bail me out!

I’m smellin’ coffee!” I sang under my breath as I made my way to my cubical the next morning, so I could drop off my
bag. I’d skipped going to Starbucks and just made my way straight to work, not wanting to chance anything, because lets face it if everthe crazies are out today’s the day! Although that also means I have to go brew some fresh cof… “Someone’s in my cubical.... Someone’s in my cubical wearing myhat…” I stated to myself ready to tell the cubical-invading-hat-stealing stranger off.

Well it wasa good plan until he turned around holding two cups of Starbucks coffee, and wearing a smirk. “Marry Un-Birthday.” He said putting the cups down and opening his arms for a hug.

“Kevin!” I laughed hugging him. Okay was he alwaysthis tall, because I don’t remember that, but then again I was swimming in coffee. “What are you doing here? I mean, great to see you?” I asked once he relinquished my chair, although he just stole the one from the empty desk across from mine.

“Nice to see you too.” He chuckled. “Actually, we flew in late last night for an appearance this afternoon, then we have tomorrow off, and then we have a concert on Sunday.”

“Talk about a full schedule. And here I thought you came because of me…” I said trying to look dejected.

“To New York, nope sorry, completelywork related. Though to this particular building…that’s totallyyour doing!” nice save.

“So now what exactlyare you doing in my office building, aside from delivering coffee that is?” I smirked, a little surprised a how natural all of this was even in person.

“Well, I heard you had a birthday weekend planned, something involving coffee, eating massive amounts of junk food, watching old movies…and whatwas that last thing? Oh yeah! ME!” He laughed.

Mm-hmm, I think…I might, remember something to that extent.” I stated pretending to mull it over.

“We, I figured I’d stop by now, so that you know you could get your coffee. Then ask if you wanted to maybe do lunch later with the guys, and maybe a family dinner after work, when we’re done for the day?” he asked twirling in his chair.

What? “Lunch sounds great, but I really couldn’t intrude on you guys for dinner.” I don’t want to be all awkwardwith his family.

Intrude?” He laughed, “Are you kidding? We’re the ones trying to horn in you yourbirthday! So come on, let us take you out!” he asked.

“I vote you go Kid.” I heard Chief seconds before saw him appear behind Kevin. “David Danes.” He said holding his hand out to Kevin.

“Kevin Jonas, Sir. Pleasure to meet you.” Dude! From dork, to public persona in 3.5 seconds!

“You too young man,” Chief cracked a smile, before tuning back to me and saying, “I knewyou were contagious.” Eyeballing my hat still on Kevin’s head then the coffee cup in his hand. Causing both Kevin and I to laugh.

“Okay fine, since y’all are double teaming me.” I agreed faking a pout.

“Good, my work here is done.” Chief said walking away, but not before I caught him winking over Kevin’s shoulder.

“I like him.” Kevin stated fixing my hat on his head.

“I’ll let him know, though I thought you were seeing someone.” I smirked; he gave me a confused look as he took a sip of his coffee. “Wouldn’t want to get his hopes up.” I immediately cracked up, as he struggled to keep from spewing out the coffee, causing him to cough a bit.

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll let you get started here, and we’ll pick you up at say…noon-ish?” he asked finally calming down.

“Yeah, that works, but onlyif I get my hat back.” He laughed.

“Sure thing Smitty,” he said tossing it to me as he walked out.
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Okay so the first part isn’t integral to the story, and i realize it's a little random...but once I wrote it I just couldn’t bring myself to scrap it. Other than that, this was more of a transitional chapter...duh!