The Window of Opportunity

Chapter 12

Justin at the front with his phone to his ear looked in the rear view mirror and flipped his phone shut. “Hey you guys. Just got some news, the guys said they can come meet you for breakfast”, he said then focusing back on the road. The girls said nothing but they were all excited.

They all went to a small dinner and ordered. Then waiting for the Green Day trio to arrive, the girls gang mixed in with the guys. Amy and Sky sat one side of the table, with Shawn and Cole the other side.

“So what happened with you guys this morning?” Amy asked.
“And last night?” Sky said after.
“Uh, last night we just watched the movie and Tre pranked, like, all of the people in the hotel”, Shawn laughed.
“They were good pranks”, Cole said.
“Great pranks”, Shawn laughed, “uh and this morning, they brought clothes and things in and that's about it”.
Sky laughed and said, “what no make over?”
Amy laughed too and said, “ohmigod”, as she noticed Billie Joe walk through the door.

The guys turned around and saw Mike and Tre follow behind.
“Billie!” Amy called, “over here”.
He waved and started towards them.
“Excuse me”, Cole said sliding of the seat and going over to Ben and the girls.

Amy thought he was nervous and was too embarrassed to sit with Billie.
“Hey guys”, Billie said sitting down next to Shawn.
“Hey Billie what is the 'problem'?” Amy asked.
“Oh”, Billie said then clearing his throat.
“Well”, Sky said.
“Um well it's kind of...there doesn't matter”, Billie stuttered.
“Billie just tell us”, Amy said curiously.
“Oh, well. This morning I had a fight with my wife over the phone. Her way of getting back at me, she canceled my credit cards”, Billie explained, “but it's ok, it's all been sorted now so. It's fine”.

Amy just smiled sympathetically, “why don't you just cancel her credit cards”, she laughed.
Billie just laughed and shook his head.

After a second of silence, he said, “Jade did a good job on you girls. You look great”.
Amy and Sky looked at each other, they just smiled, “aww. Thanks Billie”, Sky smiled.

After eating their breakfast, they were taken to where the photo shoot was going to take place. The Green Day trio hadn't yet arrived for some reason. The girls had their make-up touched up and then were aloud to explore the huge studio. The MTV cameras filming every movement. AJ wanted to stay close to Amy. But Amy wanted to hang with Sky, after what they talked about in the car. Plus she felt she was most like her and just, basically liked her more.

“Girls let's go to the bathroom. We don't want to need to go when Green Day are here”, Tia said wisely. “Yeah good idea”, Amy said leading the girls to the bathroom.
Tia and AJ went in but Amy called Sky before she went in.
“Hey, be as quick as you can so we can make a run for it and explore by ourselves”, she said with Sky smiling at her.
“You really don't like Tia do you?” She whispered.
“Hurry we have no time to waist”, Amy said dodging the question.

After Amy had finished, she exited the cubicle, seeing Sky was already finished she quickly ran over and washed her hands. As she dried them she heard someone coming out of a cubicle. Sky grabbed Amy and they made a run for it. They ran out of the bathrooms and up the stairs.

“Ha ha, who did you think it was? Did you see?” Amy asked.
“It was Tia”, Sky said back.
The walked around peeking in all the rooms.
“What do you think they meant by have a look around?” Amy asked.
Sky just shrugged.

Amy walked over to the window in one of the corridors. She looked out and saw a car pull up in the back of the studio.
“Hey Sky come here”, Amy called.
“What?” Sky asked walking up to her.
“I think. . .it's Green Day”, she said seeing Tre jump out of the car.
“Oh my god quick”, Amy said stepping back.
“What?” Sky said running back down the corridor with her.
“We don't want to keep them waiting”.