Piracy Jack and the Gun


When we finished walking about the port we returned to Ana's house. We decided that the idea I had originally planned wasn't going to work. So she would still dress up as a boy but instead go onto someone else's ship. It wasn't what I wanted her to do but my love now had no choice but to do that. I helped her pack and we'd be a leaving early next morning so I decided to see what other ships there were. One was the Pearl, then there was this other huge-ish ship and it was called Penguin, and a third one was Mountain Plains. I saw that there were 3 ships. All of the ships were fierce and huge-ish but the Pearl was the best. When after looking at the ships I went back to Ana's house.

"Anamaria where are you?" I called.

"Over here Captain!" She announced as she flew down the stairs. She was in a sailor's outfit.

"So what do you think of this outfit do I look boy-ish?" Ana asked in her most boy voice.

"Great Ana!" Then after we figured out that she could pull it off I saw fit to helping her make sure she sounded good too. No one would believe her if her voice was still girly. Not that there's anything wrong with her being a girl but she wanted to be boy-ish so I helped her.

The next morning I rushed out to the Pearl and got there before me dad did. I didn't see him coming but I did see Andrew. (Andrew was Ana's new name that she had picked.) She/he looked very convincing. I still love her. I was excited to embark on this new journey over to

"Tortuga." I had no idea what it would look like.

"Jack, me boy, are you ready?" me father asked. I wasn't mentally ready I was still partly drunk from last night but I'd get over it.

"Yes." I answered.

After a 3 month journey of storms and starving we made it. I don't know if it was actually 3 months it was just a long.

"Jackie me boy, get up look over the railing." Me father said pulling me out of my hammock.

"We're here!" he said.

"Huh?...what? oh is that Tortuga?" I asked still groggy from the rum and lack of sleep.

"Yes, take a good look son, that is where we will be staying for a long time." me father said.

When we got off the ship I felt dizzy from the shaking of the sea on the ship. But in the end I realized that I had liked the shaking and knew I wanted to be a captain of a ship so I started now.

"My name is no longer Jack Sparrow, its CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow!" I mumbled to meself.
I thought that changin me name would get me more respect. I later saw that wasn't it, it wasn't til I was ACTUALLY a captain of a ship that I got some respect.