Seven Steps For Falling In Love

Hayley is a normal girl, goes to school everyday in her friend's car, listens as she speaks 24/7 about her crush and tries to survive the changes on her life.

But one day, bigger changes happen, a new guy, Nick, arrives, and her friend finally makes a move on her crush, Steven.

Her life would never be the same, and it all started when she helped a guy with a messy locker.
  1. Step I: Meeting Him
    "Can’t deny your feelings anymore." (Please, listen with the song, The Ride Of Your Life by: John Gregory)
  2. Step II: Telling Your Friend
    "The World Is Waiting Right Outside Your Door."
  3. Step III: Making A Small Move
    "What are you waiting for?"
  4. Step IV: Making A Bigger Move
    "Don’t let it slip right through your hands."
  5. Step V: A Friends’ Goodbye
    "Your dreams are riding on the wind, just reach out and pull them in."
  6. Step VI: A Special Goodbye
    "Don’t let fear of falling hold you down."
  7. Step VII: A Never Ending Dance
    "Get ready for the ride of your life."