Seven Steps For Falling In Love

Step VII: A Never Ending Dance

Senior year, their last moment as teenagers, was a dance.

She entered the decorated gym holding hands with Nick, even after a year, they were still solid rock, and so was Faith and Steven, even if he was already in college, he had found the time to be there, on his girlfriend’s most important night as a teen.

“It just looks like those movie nights, doesn’t it?” Hayley said, as her boyfriend lead her in the dance.

“It’s far better, but I miss them too.”

The movie nights had ended a year ago, when Steven finished High School, without one of them it just wasn’t right. The funny thing was that Nick and Steven had become best friends, which wasn’t always good, Hayley and Faith had often spent nights watching the boys getting all excited with a game on TV.

“Promise me something, Cinderella.” Hayley smiled, that name had stuck with them, and he always called her that.


“Promise that whatever happens, from this day on, we won’t let this dance ever stop. I told you, that night, not so long ago, that we were never meant to be friends, I don’t need to tell you that the prince needs Cinderella for his happy ending.”

“Don’t worry, it will never stop, I promise.”

A promise sealed with a kiss, it was just like a fairy tell, wasn’t it? But if this was a fairy tell, Hayley wouldn’t have to go to a college far away from Nick’s, Faith wouldn’t go to another country, and Steven would be able to go with her.

But this wasn’t a fairy tale, and the road ahead was long and hard to cross, Hayley, on that night, just made one wish at the stars.

That the road wouldn’t break the friendships and the love she held so dear, that she would be able to dance her way through it.

That Faith, Steven and Nick would always be by her side, always together, just like those movie nights.