The Catch

Alexa died. She doesn't regret it, but there's a catch. Not supernatural, just a story. Not a fanfic.

So this is basically a story about a girl's death. There's no real progressing plot line, it's basically her death through several points of view (family, friends, classmates, her own). If you even just read the first chapter and decide you don't like it, please take the time to comment. I really do want to hear what you think, even if you didn't like it.
  1. Haha, I'm dead
    Alexa's POV
  2. Why?
    Chris's POV
  3. Don't forget to write
    Anna's POV
  4. A drink for the horror that I'm in
    Eric's POV
  5. The third stage of grief
    CJ's POV
  6. Honestly?
    Anonymous POV
  7. Decieving Memories
    Ally's POV