The Catch

The third stage of grief

They say there are some number of stages of grief, and if I remember correctly, anger is supposed to be the second or third. Well, I think I skipped a couple and went straight to fury. What the fuck did Alex think she was doing? Did she ever even stop to think of the people she was leaving? I wasn't that close to her, granted. But that doesn't mean I don't see the people who were close to her.

Chris, the poor kid. Chris has always been one of my closest friends, and it just pisses me off to see such a beautiful person in such a horrible situation, I mean, how cruel can the world be? No, that's the wrong question. How cruel can Alex be? Dammit, Chris doesn't deserve this, but I see my friend moping every day now trying to get over this loss. I can't even believe Alex would do that to her best friend. I thought I knew her well enough to assume she'd never do anything that hurtful, but I was wrong. I mean, seriously, she never even left a note. I just wish she'd even stopped to think of how she might be killing other people too by what she did, but no. Chris, Chris will get through this. Chris will pull through, even if just for Alex, but that doesn't make this okay.

Then there's Lucas, Alex's younger brother. He's only ten... Basically, he's old enough so he'll remember his sister's death forever, but young enough that he's still just a kid. And kids can get fucking screwed up by this shit. Excuse my French. I may not be a close family friend, but my little sister, who is in Lucas' class, has told me enough so I can deduce for myself that Lucas is going to have some fucking issues later on, if not already. I heard Alex's dad's been drinking again... she's really screwed up that family. I understand coping, we all do it in different ways, but seriously, you gotta think before you jump. And I have no fucking clue what was going through that girl's head.

Life's a bitch and then you die. It's true, it really is. But if you can't stop to think about the people who love and depend on you, your life really is worthless. Maybe I'm just being an idiot, I should be more reverent of the dead, or I just don't understand what she was going through. But I do see what the people she left behind are going through, and it just makes me want to scream. But it's not my place, so I'll just hold my tongue, a rarity for me.