Chapter 25

-Chapter 25-

A few months had passed and my injuries were nearly healed, me and Ryan’s relationship was better than ever, and that bad feeling I had about Ryan’s dad was apparently wrong. School was going well and so was home life. I was the most content I had ever been in my entire life. I checked my watch. Ryan was going to be here any second now. My Love began to bark at the door. Right on time, I thought.

“For the last time, I’m not buying any Girl Scout cookies!” I yelled jokingly through the cracked door.

“Fine! But you don’t know what you’re missing!”

I laughed and let him in. “Hey,” I said and connected my lips with his.

“I got some bad news,” Ryan said pulling back.

I was worried. “What is it?”

He sighed. “I kinda quit my job…”

Bad news? I thought. That’s great news. “Why?” I asked sounding concerned.

“I was tried of working so much. I needed to spend more time with you. I feel really bad about not being with you after that… incident.”

“It’s not your fault.” Ryan took full responsibility for the confrontation because he wasn’t there when it happened and would always say “If I would’ve got off just a few minutes earlier.” No matter what I said he insisted on taking the blame.

He sighed and kissed me again. “I’ll never let them hurt you. I promise.”

I smiled at his use of lyrics. “Okay.” I pulled away and walked to the back door. “Come on. Let’s go outside. It’s pretty.” We went outside and sat near the edge of the lake. I pulled off my shoes and dipped in my toes.

“I hope an alligator doesn’t come by and eat your little toeies.”

I laughed. “I hope not too.”

Ryan leaned over a kissed me fervently. I ran my fingers though his soft hair, which he had recently re-dyed just plain black, by the way. The sun was setting and the pastel colors of orange, pale yellow, pink, indigo, and violet blended together causing a mixture them all to cast an unknown fusion on his face. He is so gorgeous, was all that I was thinking. We both pulled away and stared deep into each other’s eyes. Nothing had ever been so right in my entire life. “For you a thousand times,” Ryan whispered. I smiled and held him close as we watched the sun fall into the darkness.