Our Lady of sorrows

Gerard, Mikey and Frankie Have been put on Refugee camp for Emo kids and are forced to the evil living conditions until the government decides what to do with this unimportant race of human. (yeah I had a weird creative boost to start this one.)

You know what screw THIS! *rips up description* Here is a better one:...

Life before (and later in,) The band every body's in high school, and everything goes wrong.

Mikey: begins to realize his every day crying fit are more than routine there's definitely somthing wrong.

Gerard: Has love issues 'Nuff said. when a girl in his neighborhood looks better then usual it may just be for him... And his current crush to the most popular girl in school isn't doing so hot. Or is it?

As the band begins to form they put all there problems to rest which makes there friend ship hard as steel and there lyrics deep in heart.

If that sux to JUST READ OK!!!!