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The Best Friend


Joe Jonas may be a famous rockstar, but to me he's just my best friend. A best friend I just so happen to have a massive crush on. Although he doesn't know that. But, being that he's a famous rock star it means he has famous, cute, and extremely rich girlfriends. So, for now I'll just be the Best Friend.

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  1. Chapter 1
  2. Chapter 2
    Ok so Chapter 2.
  3. Chapter 3
    Dinner with Pranks.
  4. Chapter 4
    The girls play their prank game again but this time with the WHOLE gang.
  5. Chapter 5
  6. Chapter 6
  7. Chapter 7
  8. Chapter 8
  9. Chapter 9
  10. Chapter 10
  11. Chapter 11
  12. Chapter 12
  13. Chapter 13
    Read the author's note!
  14. Chapter 14