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The Best Friend

Chapter 14

Back at my house we were having a mini party to celebrate our success.
“Ok, guys. We need a real band name. Any ideas?” Olivia asked.
“Oh! How about ‘The Crew?’” Ryan suggested.
“The crew? That makes us sound like a gang.” I told him.
“It’s better then the no named band,” he objected.
“Oh really?” We were teasing now.
“I’ve got it! How about ‘We’re with the band’” Liam pronounced with a grin. “Oh come on people. Gold! I give you gold! But nooo, you throw away my gold!”
“Yeah well you only gave us fools gold man.” Ryan told him. “Now, my idea, that’s gold.”
“Oh no. I’m with Lyn. It’s too gang material”
“Fine! Go with the people who judge about how gangs are bad,” Ryan said with a pout.
“Ryan. THEY ARE!”
“That’s what they want you to think!” He said.
“I’ve got it! How about Burning Bridges?” I had randomly popped into my head, and I loved it. It seemed that everyone eles did too because they instantly started clapping… for me.
“I LOVE IT!” Hannah screamed as she tackled me.
“Thank you? You can chill out you know,” I said.
“No I can’t! I have a genius next to me!”
“Haha,” I said. “Very funny. Listen guys, I have to get up early tomorrow. Sorry but I have some stuff to do.”
“What type of stuff?”
“The type where I go shopping, and then go through my entire closet to find what fits and what doesn’t. Unless you guys want to help…”
“Oh! I do!,” Olivia and Hannah always volunteer for this kinda stuff. Since I have crazy amounts of clothes, I always give them the clothes that don’t fit me, but do fit them. Or the ones I just don’t really like any more. Trust me, it changes a lot! If none of us like the article of clothing, then we can wait to put up a clothing sale and put all the profits toward the American Diabetes Association. My last one was shortly after Hannah and I became friends. You would be surprised what I can make off of one.
“It’s settled then. Tomorrow is a girl’s day.” I said triumphantly.
Today had been really busy. I had gotten rid of so many clothes today, and it felt sooo good. Hannah and Olivia had gotten quite a few outfits too! We decided that I probably had enough outfits with out the shopping spree. Just then the phone rang.
“Hello?” I answered.
“He, it’s Joe. Guess what!”
“What?” I asked slightly bemused.
“I found this girl, well, she found me. She’s amazing! But I can’t date her, because I’m doing this publicity thing with Camille. I feel so sad!” I knew about Camille. I just didn’t expect the pang I felt about wanting to be her, fake or no.
“Listen I got to go, but I’ll tell you later!”
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Thank you for reading so far. I promise, I'm about to oick up the pace. Drama and such is going to be included.