Vampires Will Never Hurt You... Because I Won't Let Them



The Cursed.

The Damned.


Things that feed and live off fresh blood. They’re all around us. Living with us as we speak.

Waiting for us to let our guard down just for a second, before pinning you down to a wall and draining all of your blood.

Where once men. But are now something that isn’t man.

It was once said that vampires have been around since the dawn of man. But if vampires start out as man how did they come to be? Or maybe somewhere along the line of time, vampires just appeared.

It has been told that if a vampire doesn’t feed, he goes through an insanity that chills to the bone of any man, and lets out a screech that can be heard even in outer space. After this insanity the vampire fells like all pain and fear of death has left him and he truly becomes something of pure evil.

How do deal with a vampire. Stacks, garlic, and sunlight have no effect on a vampire. Lead bullets can slow down a vampire but only for seconds. But the cross if you have faith repels the vampires. Silver can give a killing blow, only if the bullet pierces the heart of The Cursed. Salt can repel vampires. Holy water and the bible along with faith can kill and repel vampires.

Vampires are very similar to humans except for a few things. There skin is very reactant with fire. Fire reacts with their skin, they burn and then the skin accelerates the process and turns them into smelly ashes.

How to tell of a vampire. Mirrors. Vampires have no reflection and therefore will not be seen in a reflective object. Pupils. Vampire’s pupils are bright red when they feed and get darker after every hundred years. A vampire with deep red eyes will feed at will, even in public. But when they’re in “civilisation” they have fog white pupils.

Vampires react differently to humans. Reactions. Mention the word “God” or “Bible” and a vampire should flinch or shutter at the sound of the words. Mouth. Vampires cannot retract their teeth. Only four teeth will be outstanding and they’re the only one’s you have to be worry about.

Why am I telling you this? To tell you that vampires are real. Very real.

They are living among us. Even right now as you read this a vampire would have smelt your blood, it knows your blood type, and whether or not you have had any major operations up to 3 years. From the moment you leave your door you would have come into contact with at least 12 vampires.

Who am I? My name is HK. Short for Hunter Killer and I hunt vampires. And here’s a twist, I am one.

But I’m not a squabbling worm waiting for my next feed. I’m something different. I don’t feel the urge of feeding, but I can regenerate skin, blood and strength from drinking blood.

There has been a legend told by both human and the cursed. It is said that a vampire with the same traits as me will become the ultimate protector of the human race. He will be the virus that destroys vampires. But that’s just a legend.

I turned when I was 8. My mother and father had died during a car accident that nearly killed me and my brother. That’s when I was bitten. A vampire named George saw the wreck and saw easy pickings. He drained my mother and father, and then went after my brother Felix. Then me.

He had horrible effects; he turned into something horrible, something even vampires would call scary. I stayed the same, no physical effects, only internal. I dragged me and my brother to an abandoned warehouse, where we spent the next few nights. I healed all my wounds the next morning, but Felix, he was badly scared and that night was screaming in his sleep.

I though I should put him to rest, but he’s my brother. I couldn’t do it. He died after 3 nights. Then I met Ice. At first he was going to kill me, but then he noticed that I was different, unique. He took me in as his son, and then taught me how to hunt, how to spot them. I’ve killed plenty and it feels like I will never die. I’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember I have been killing vampires and that’s all I’ll be doing till the day I die… if I ever die, that is.


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