Vampires Will Never Hurt You... Because I Won't Let Them

Chapter One

“Emma, there’s people waiting at table 8. Table 4 wants his bill and a person just arrived so can you please sit them down?” called a voice over chattering and cooking in the crowded and busy restaurant.

“Yes Margret,” called Emma over the noise.

She managed to navigate her way through the chaos and get to table 4.

“Here’s your bill. That’s comes to sixty-three ninety, please,” said Emma with a smile on her face trying to hide the fact that she hated her job, life and most of all her job.

“Yeah, that’d be right. The only time you come when asked, is when the bill is being presented,” said the man paying the bill to Emma. “Here. And if you’re expecting a tip, here’s one for you. Try to listen to people’s needs before doing anything.” He and his family then left without another word.

Emma then took the money back to the till and sighed.

“That guy was so, annoying,” said Emma to herself as she looked around to see what she has to do next.

Emma has been working in the busiest restaurant in town, the “Red Dragon”,since she left high school. She was the only girl on call tonight because the other girls are either sick or in a coma. And to make things drearier, tonight was the busiest night of the week. “Free drinks night”. This job was great pay and she needed it for her uni studies, but nights like this made her feel like the world had it in for her.

“Emma. Table 8,” yelled Margret over the noise.

“Yeah. I’m going now,” said Emma as she put on her smile and went to serve some customers.

“Hi, my name is Emma. Are you ready to order yet?”

“Of coarse I’m ready to order; me and my family have been ready for about half-an- hour now. I would like the roasted chicken, with mustard sauce and NO cheese. I’m Lactose-intolerant. My lovely guest here will have the Mongolian beef with a side of caviar. Have you got all that?” said the man looking at Emma.

“Caviar. Yep thanks I’ll put this in right now,” said Emma putting on yet again her fake smile.

“Good,” said the man as he started talking to his company.
Emma took the order of to the chef.

“Emma, remember the guy waiting to be seated,” said Margret yelling now because the noise was now so loud.

“Yes Margret,” said Emma sarcastically yet once many times tonight putting on her beautiful yet fake smile.

“God I hate this job, maybe I should quit and become a hooker. Get paid more, work on my own conditions, and meet new people. Sounds goo… who am I kidding I’m to lazy to be a hooker.” She argued to herself in hushed whispers.

She then moved through the obstacle course of a place to the desk out front where a man was waiting. He was tall, taller than Emma. He wore a big dark black coat with a cape, he look really out of place. He wore dark sunglasses and a black billabong cap, his gloves were fingerless and leather. He looked very strong and looked like he was a solider or a warrior of some sort in constant fights.

“Hi, my name is Emma do you have a reservation?” said Emma with the biggest smile on her face that she could muster without passing out.

He spook with a deep voice that sent a chill down her spine. “Yeah. HK, table for one.”

“Ok. Yep, your um name is right here. Why don’t we take a seat over near that window?” said Emma to the strange man.

“Yeah, whatever.”

“Ummm, is it ok that it’s two seats?” said Emma.

“Yeah. Its ok,” said the man in a more relaxed tone.

“Here you go, can I get you anything?” said Emma feeling pretty good with this guy, even though he was very strange.

“Can I get a beer thanks,” said the man.

“Ok, I’ll be back in a minute…or two,” said Emma looking around at all the other customers in the restaurant.

“I’m in no rush, take your time,” said the man.

“Ok, thanks,” said Emma as she left to do other things.

Three hours later. Closing time. After being spat on, yelled at, spewed on, cleaned, washed and served her way to a large ass pay-check. There were only two tables left. Table 8 and the guy by himself.

“I’ll see ya later Margret,” said Emma as she put on her bag over her head and started to walk out.

“Emma, you did good tonight. Your going to get double for tonight,” said Margret.

“Thanks a lot,” said Emma thinking of what she can do with the extra money.
She opened the glass door. She took one step out and a gust of wind blew against her body and she drew her jumper closer to her. She started walking home because she only lived 2 blocks away from the red dragon.

Just then she heard the people from table 8 leaving the restaurant, they were laughing and Emma heard them walking the other way. She continued on walking, but suddenly she felt a chill all the way down her spine, that wasn’t from the cold. She turned around and saw nothing. But the feeling was still there.

She reached into her bag and had her hand on the pepper spray she had bought after being jumped 3 months ago. She set off again home with her hand in her bag, she quickened the pace. She was about 100 meters from her door; the feeling inside of her was growing she felt like she was being laughed at. She looked over her shoulder and walked faster. As soon as she turned around she stopped, there was a man smiling at her. It was dark and she couldn’t see his face.

“Hello, lovely. What have we got here?” said the man with a raspy voice.
Emma not even thinking, but living the moment, pulled out the pepper spray and gave him some of it. The man grasped his eye and took 3 steps back screaming in pain.

Emma bolted to her house; she was panting after the 100-meter sprint and figured that she had about 1 minute or two before he even got up. She ran up the stairs to her house and pulled out her keys. She had the right one in her hand. She was about to put it in. but something was stopping her. A hand on her arm, preventing her to use her left arm.

Thinking again she pulled out her pepper spray and was bout to spray it. But the other mans hand had pinned her to her door. Her hand hit the door hard and she dropped the pepper spray. The man was so fast. Emma’s eyes couldn’t keep up with them.

“Now, now dear. Don’t be playing this game with me, because I’m playing games with you,” said the man. His voice was so familiar to her.
She tried to fight back against the man, trying to get a hand free or move her legs, something to get her out of the lock. But to no prevail. She stood there helpless pinned to her door struggling. But then she caught a glimpse of the mans face. He was a man she had served at table 8. He had ordered a meal off her and even tipped her.

“What are you doing,” said Emma still struggling.

“Having a meal,” said the man in a seductive voice.