I'm Not Like Your Guitar, You Can't Play Me


Aaron leads Jessy to his car, helping her into the passenger side and closing the door. When he gets in he drives her to his own house; Jessy looks at him shortly before throwing up into the bag. Aaron helps her out and brings her inside, leading her up to his room.

"Aaron, I need to call my mom." She tells him.
He smiles at her as she turns to the bucket her hands her.
"I'll call her." He tells her.
She hands him her cellphone and he finds her mom's number.
"Hi is this Jessy's mom?" Aaron asks.
He listens for a second.
"My name is Aaron." He explains.
"She couldn't exactly tell me where she lives, so I brought her to my house and I gave her a bucket."
Jessy watches Aaron roll his eyes.
"Yes Ma'am. My mom won't mind if she spends the night. I understand."
He pauses and nods to himself.
"I understand. I'll keep an eye on her. It'll be easier here."
Jessy smiles when he frowns.
"No ma'am. I don't plan on taking advantage of her. I actually wanted to help her before Jason Rickson..." Aaron stops and frowns again.
"Yea ma'am. Jason Rickson. That's right."
Aaron shakes his head and smiles.
"I certainly will keep him away from her." He states, smiling again.
"Ok ma'am. I'll tell her. Goodbye."

Aaron hangs up and turns to Jessy, a smile on his face.
"Man, your mom really hates that Jason guy." He tells her.
"Yea, I know." Jessy replies.
She groans before turning to the bucket, dry heaving.
"So, what's your drug of choice?" He asks her calmly.
Jessy glares at him when he sits on the bed next to her.
"I'm your boyfriend. I have the right to know." He tells her with a smile.
"Vicodin and Oxycodine." She replies before leaning over the bucket again.
"Shit. Not at the same time though right?" He asks.
Jessy shifts uncomfortably and stares at the bucket.
"Puke is not that interesting." He states.
"Yes at the same time. Two of each." Jessy tells him.
"That's a lot." He replies.
Jessy nods and leans over the bucket again.
"How many did you take today?" He asks.
Jessy wipes her mouth on her sleeve and turns to him, tears in her eyes.
"Four of each." she replies quietly.
"FUCK. I'm taking you to the hospital right now." Aaron tells her.
Jessy looks up at him worried.
"No Aaron you can't." She tells him.
"You need your stomach pumped!" He snaps.

Jessy looks back at the bucket before dry heaving again. Aaron grabs his jacket and throws it over her shoulders before lifting her.
"Hold on to the bucket." He tells her.
She nods and grabs the bucket as he carries her downstairs and out the door. He sets her in the passengers seat and she clings to the bucket as he drives down the road.
"The hospital is just up the street Jessy, hold on alright?" Aaron tells her.
Jessy nods weakly and shuts her eyes, leaning against the cool window. Within minutes, Aaron is pulling into the hospital and parking at the ER entrance.
"Let's go sweetie." He says softly.
Jessy rolls her head and tries to talk but her voice fails her and her eyes close.
"Fuck." Aaron mutters.
He climbs out of the car and picks her up again, walking through the doors.
"I need some fucking help!" He hollars out.
The nurse looks at him angrily before seeing Jessy.
"What happened?" She asks worriedly.
"She OD'ed, now can we get some help?" He snaps.
The nurse buzzes some doctors and gets a wheelchair. Aaron puts her in the chair, and holds onto her cold hand. He wheels her into a room that the nurse directs him to, and is ushered out as soon as the doctors rush in.

Aaron sits in the waiting room, tapping his foot impatiently while the nurse keeps looking at him with concern in her eyes. After about twenty minutes a doctor walks out and looks around. Aaron stands up.
"Is Jessy ok?" He asks.
The doctor sighs and waves him over. Aaron follows him into Jessy's room.
"What's wrong with her?" He asks, tears in his eyes.
"You got her here just in time. We pumped her stomach and she's now getting food and water through a tube. We don't want her to get dehydrated, or starve." The doctor explains.
Aaron nods his head, looking at Jessy's pale face.
"How many did she take?" The doctor asks him.
"Eight." Aaron replies, his voice small.
"Why didn't you bring her in sooner?" The doctor asks angrily.
Aaron faces the man, fear in his eyes.
"I didn't know. I brought her home and she finally told me. She took four Vicodin's and four Oxycodines." He snaps.
The doctor looks at him sadly and nods his head.
"I'm sorry son. Who can we contact?" He asks.
"Her mom isn't in town. Her dad...Her dad is dead." He replies.
"I understand. She can go home in a few hours. But you need to keep an eye on her 24/7." The doctor tells him.
Aaron nods and looks back at Jessy.
"Is she staying with you?" He asks.
"Yea. Her mom won't be home until next Friday and asked if she could stay with me until then." Aaron replies.
"Ok good. I'll have the nurse come in and tell you when she can leave." The doctor replies.
Aaron nods absently and sits next to Jessy's bed.
"Baby, you scared me." He whispers.
The doctor looks at the boy sadly before he walks out of the room.
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Hope you like it.