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Consciousness and Confidence

This was my first Synyster Gates story. Bear with the first few chapters, please. I got into the swing of things the farther it goes along.

As the back-talking, beer drinking, younger sister of Matt Sanders, Ryyan is well aware of the real world around her. She has her own friends to party with, and tends to stray from her life connected with her brother. One reason, she doesn't want him to know her lifestyle. The other goes by the name of Brian Haner Jr, the bane of her existence .

But, after a summer away, she returns to find Brian a changed man. Will she buy into it? Or just brush him off like she always had in the past?

Title Credit: Hit the Lights - Acoustic

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Disclaimer: I do not own the boys of Avenged Sevenfold, nor do I own anyone associated with them. However, I do own my original characters, and the plot line of this story. None of this actually happened, no matter how many times I wish it did.