Hail and Farewell to Paris

So Ava is still living in Paris and is still missing Billie.
They have promised to take things slow but Billie is having trouble with that idea.
He isn't the only one unhappy in his relationship, Mike and Brittany are on the brink of breaking up and Sarah is still hanging around causing friction.
Joey on the other hand, has become quite excepting of his father's girlfriend...
for very different reasons than you'd expect.

So can Ava actually be happy now? Or will her sleazy past catch up with her and once again push her and Billie's relationship to breaking point?
  1. Causerie
    Hello Ava.
  2. Une nuit que j'étais près d'une affreuse Juive
    Poor Mike
  3. Franciscae meae laudes
    Poetry and schmex
  4. Le Masque
    Davy is back - by request of Bobbye of course.
  5. La Cloche fêlée
    Goodbye beautiful
  6. Duellum
  7. Une gravure fantastique
  8. La Muse malade
  9. Le Possédé
  10. Bohémiens en voyage
    Dear Mike, Dear Parie
  11. J'aime le souvenir
    California dreaming
  12. Dédicace
    Oh Lordy lordy
  13. L'Homme et la mer
    A perfect holiday?
  14. À Théodore de Banville
    Canal water
  15. J'ai plus de souvenirs que si j'avais mille ans
    A beautiful night
  16. Les fleurs du mal
  17. Remords posthume
    Make ups and Break ups
  18. le gout du neant
    Gus and Poetry
  19. Je n'ai pas oublie
    okay this is what came from a block of the writer. I know its not all that exciting or great...
  20. Le Reve d'un curieux
    wait and see
  21. Le Jet d'eau
    and so we continue....
  22. Le Flambeau vivant
    The gatecrasher
  23. Le Lethe
  24. Non
    Oh Lordy Lordy
  25. Le Croyant de Rêve de Jour
    Will Billie find out about Mike's confession?
  26. La Mer Noir
    Making friends with Mike
  27. La Fin
    It's been years... I needed to give them their happy ending