The Alley

Chapter Two

Jamie entered The Alley silently, only a nervous and fidgeting boy was in the dark space.

“Don’t look so nervous, you have already fucked up and we haven’t killed you so don’t worry,” Jamie said to the quivering boy.

“So I'm not in trouble?” The boy looked hopeful.

“No, you are in trouble, because of the tarp incident- because of you someone may have discovered us this afternoon. So you are in big trouble, but we aren’t barbarians we aren’t going to hurt you for a mistake.

“So what is going to happen to me?”

“Some people are going to be asking you some questions, I will be watching. If you are honest- and we will know if you are not- then eventually you can go, “ Jamie replied as two of his fellow leaders entered The Alley.

“You took long enough,” Jamie whispered to them sternly.

“We got held up, okay?” Jamie raised one eyebrow to this reply laced with unprecedented cynicism.

“Sorry we are late Jamie we had trouble getting away,” said Sally pushing the now scared looking Rick into the room faster.

“Okay,” said a frowning Jamie nodding his forgiveness. “I am finished here, he is all yours,” he concluded walking over to stand in front of the main door.

Ten minutes later Rick and Katie were finished, they had learned nothing new and Jamie believed that the possible revealing of The Alley had been accidental.

“Okay thanks for your time,” Katie said glancing at Jamie who nodded. “We believe you are innocent.”

The relief on the boys face overwhelmed his voice as he spoke, “th-thanks,” he stood heading towards the door.

“What are you doing?”

“You said you believe me. So I can go, right?” he started to look nervous again.

Jamie laughed, “Yes we believe you, but that doesn’t mean you can leave. I mean you still might have revealed The Alley, even if it was unintentionally.”

“Oh,” he nodded looking slightly forlorn.

“Don’t worry; I will be back in about 30 minutes okay? Katie will stay here until I return.”

“And then I can go?”

“If everything you have said checks in,” he nodded. “Then you can go,” Jamie left The Alley as silently as he had come.


“Name?” demanded Mikey.

“And don’t lie,” said Jay entering one of the many store houses owned by The Alley, the door closing behind him with an ominous metallic clang.

“I wasn’t going to,” said the captive standing to the left. The other two seemed to be looking to him for instructions, Mikey noted him down as the leader.

“Good, name, age, school and I want to know exactly what you know and why the fuck you contacted Jay for,” said Mikey looking up to the one who had spoken. “Starting with you.”

“I am Jon Song, 17, your school,” he paused as I he expected a reaction to his name.


“Why do you two wear masks?” He demanded, “you can see who we are, share the favour?”

The hidden Mikey circled behind Jon and kicked him twice in the back of the knees, he fell forward onto the concrete floor with a loud crack and a cry of pain. “I wear a mask so that weak weasels like you can’t reveal my secrets and I seem to remember telling you to continue.”

He looked down at is feet as he spoke, rather than having to stare at the cold unchanging masked faces of Jay and Mikey. “I had heard rumours about some sort of club amongst the seniors as a junior, I stayed quiet until I was a senior but to my disappointment nothing of the sorts was revealed to me. I became a prefect to help me do some digging, but still nothing and I had passed it off as an urban legend.”

He stopped, much to Mikey’s displeasure. “That doesn’t explain why you contacted Jay?” He prompted.

“Today when it rained, Tony here.” He pointed to the dark haired boy next to him, “saw a tarp come out of nowhere, this aroused my suspicions of old, so I went to have a look.”

“What just on a whim you decided to go look at a tarp?”

“Yes, on a whim if that’s how you wish to put it, when I got downstairs I saw nothing that looked like a tarp. However I saw Jay, I followed him until he seemingly disappeared near the science labs. That’s when I knew he must be part of the secret society I had heard about all those years ago.”

“Hmm an interesting story,” mused Mikey as he paced in front of Jon. “Though a lot of your beliefs seem to be based on vast assumptions and one has to wonder how a regular teenager such as you claim to be has become so well spoken.”

“You and I have a lot more than you think in common, we both have secrets… Mikey.”

Mikey ripped off his mask in a flash he had Jon by the collar, "how the fuck did you know who it was?"