Found You

Nice to meet you.

Being the new girl, especially the new runner for an office is always hard work, you have to make a massively good first impression, giving off that you are nice, kind and polite but you have to make sure that no one sees you as a push-over.

I was starting as a runner or a tea girl as people like to call me at the local comic company so I was really nervous this time.

I walked up to the main entrance and went to the reception desk. The man behind the desk looks up at me and smiles. "Can I help you?"

I nodded and handed him a folded piece of paper. "I start today"

He looks at the paper and picks up the phone "Oh okay, one moment miss"

I nodded again and looked up to the clock, I'm fifteen minutes early due to my bus being awfully early or late most days.

After talking quietly on the phone he takes a deep breath "Okay miss, Gerard is expecting you upstairs" He says and stands up "I'll walk you to the right door"

"Thank you, I'm a bit useless with directions" I admit.

"Tell me about it, I get lost on my way home" He rolls his eyes "But don’t worry, you will get used to this place in no time, I promise"

He walked me up to a double door and pointed "His door is on the left, think you can handle that?"

"I'll call down for you if I get lost" I joke, pushing the door open "Thanks"

"No problem" He whispers, turning and walking back the way we came.

I walked through and looked to my left, sure enough there was a door with the name 'Gerard' painted across it. I took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

The first time I came to this building he was out - my boss that is - Gerard. I had the interview with the second in line, Penny.

"Come in!" A man shouts.

I push the door open a little and pop my head in. "Hey" I smiled and brought myself in.

"Sit down, sit down" He says, waving his arms at the chairs in front of his desk.

"Thank you" I said sitting on the comfortable chair and crossing my leg over the other.

"My pleasure, did you get over here alright?" he asked, throwing an empty paper cup in the bin.

"Yeah, apart from a really smelly guy sat next to me on the bus" I say, scrunching my nose a little.

He smiled, making one appear on my face. That lop-sided smile could make any one blush.

"That's the exact reason I learned to drive" He says and hovers his hand over a piece of paper. "Okay we need to get done with some paper work and the likes" he said and took a piece of paper out of his desk.

"Just need you to sign this contract" he pushed a pen and the paper across to me.

I scanned the contract, taking in the important parts - the salary, the hours and the holidays then signed my name on a couple of copies of it.

"Thank you very much..." He took the paper and looked at the name "Munro?"

"Mm?" I replied.

"Munro? Is that your first name?" He asked and looked up at me with an amused look.

I nodded. "I get that a lot" I said and shrugged "That's what happens when you have a father like mine"

"It's a pretty name" He giggled, causing another flush to arise on my cheeks. "Munro" He repeats.

"And you're Gerard" I said then raised my eye brow "Doesn't sound right when a British person says it" I think out loud.

"You're right... Call me 'Gee'" he outstretched his arm and held his hand out.

"Nice to meet you" I said and met my hand with his, shaking it lightly.
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