Found You

Time to Wake up

I jumped a little when an unfamiliar alarm clock rang, one of those old fashioned ones that the houses down the street could probably hear.

I flickered my eyes open, looking around the room, snapping my head to the side when I felt some one move.

"Morning" Gerard groaned, limply laying an arm across my waste.

"Hello" I replied, now remembering how I fell asleep nearing the end of the movie and... well, nothing after that.

He nuzzled the back of my neck and kissed my hair "Want coffee?"

I brought my hand up to my eyes and rubbed the nights dust out of them "Yes please" I said, sitting up "And... a cigarette please" I said, my voice croaky.

"Sure" he nods, pushing himself up. He rubbed his face, giving me a chance to look at him. I smiled to see an old cracked iron maiden print on a grey tee shirt and a pair of black baggy pyjama bottoms.

"I'll come too" I said, pushing the covers from my body to see that I am still dressed in last nights clothes, minus my shoes and socks.

You stand up out of the bed and look around the room, there is a guitar in the corner on a stand and hundreds of drawings on the walls, all on pieces of paper stuck up with tape.

"Come on, sugar" He said, walking around the bed after pulling a zip up hoodie on.

"You look so young" I said, walking next to him through his high-ceilinged and white walled hallways.

He slung his arm around my shoulders and squeezed me before letting go to walk down the stairs. "With my bed hair and my shitty clothes that I've had since I was, well, your age?"

"Yep" I reply, plodding down the stairs behind him. "You look sexy with your bed hair and your old clothes" I said, giggling when he turned his head and smiled bashfully at me.

He reached the bottom of the stairs and turned around, holding his arms out to me. I fall into them, wrapping my arms around him, wondering how I managed to bag a guy like this.

I nuzzled my face into his slightly greasy hair. "Thanks"

"For what?" He spoke, muffled as his face was some where in my own hair.

"Not letting it go too far last night" I replied, leaning back to look into his eyes. "I know I got carried away"

He took a breath, smiling softly "We both did" He said, placing his lips on mine. "We're only human"

I followed him into the kitchen where we both started working as a team to get the breakfast and coffee made.

"You know I have no clothes for today?" I mentioned, looking down at my attire.

"We can swing by your house before work for you to get changed" He said after laughing a little "Or you can just stink all day?"

"I do not stink... that bad"

"You smell like you just slept" He said, looking up from his cereal and smirking.

"I smell like you" I reply, smirking back.

He finished his cereal and picked up the bowl "When you have finished chasing that last rice crispy around the bowl, I'll be in the shower so don't you dare turn the water on" He said, placing his bowl in the sink.

"I will" I shouted after he had left the room.

After I had finally caught that damn rice crispy, I poured the milk down the sink and put the bowl in there. Something caught my eye when I was walking past the fridge that made me step back.

I looked over a picture that was stuck onto the face of the fridge with a magnet. It was a photograph of six people, two of which looked familiar. One of the people was Gerard; the other looked a lot like him. A pang of jealousy came over me when I saw Gerard's hand placed on a girls waste. The woman had black hair and a beautiful pale complexion. After checking that I could still hear the water in the shower running I took the photo from under the magnet and read the back, it listed the six names. Sure enough, the woman was Gerard's ex-wife.

And boy, is she beautiful.

A little while later, we were on our way into work, I had gone home and changed and some how managed to keep the thought of Lindsay off of my mind.

We parked up in the parking lot and sat in the car for a few minutes, just finishing our conversation on the upcoming film 'The Watchmen'.

I pushed myself out of his car, still half asleep. When we walked over to the stairs he looked both ways before taking my hand and leaning in.

I giggled against his lips when his met mine, bringing my hands up to his face and cupping it.

He held me close to him for a moment before letting go "Just wanted to get a little before we have to pretend we're not involved" he mumbled, dropping his hands.

"I hate it already" I said, starting up the stairs "Having to pretend"

"Tell me about it"

We walked into the main building, I headed straight for the kitchen on the first floor while he took to the elevator. I turned the coffee machine on and walked out to reception while it was starting up.

"Hello" The receptionist, Martin, Called as I walked out.

"Morning" I replied, leaning on the desk "Want some coffee?"

"I got some" He said and held up a coffee mug. "So... want to tell me about this glow you have about you today?" He asked with a knowing grin.

I felt my heart beat a little faster "No" I replied bluntly. "Do you?"

"Well" He outstretched his arms "Munro, as much as you think you can fool me, I'm a gay man who lives on chick flicks... baby I know that smile"

"You know nothing, my stereotypical friend, nothing" I teased, standing up and walking back into the kitchen.

"I know something is going on, and I want to know about it" He said, following me. "Like... right now"

"Or what?"

"Oh come on" He begged. "Tell me... On your first day here I reached out and helped you" he said dramatically "I stood by your side, through rain or fall and brought you to that man..." he paused, then gasped "Mister Way?"

"What about him?" I calmly replied, pouring coffee into two cups.

"Is he your boyfriend?"

"No" I replied, honestly, because we hadn't actually made anything official.

"Damn it... so who is it then?"

I sighed and turned "Is it completely impossible for a woman to be happy with out a man being involved?"

"That's called being a lesbian" He nodded. "And if that's the case then me and you should go to the club together"

I giggled and took the two coffees in my hand "I'm not gay and I don't have a guy, lets leave it at that, shall we, Martin?"

"Fine..." He sulked jokingly and went back to the desk.

After getting in the lift with a few other people, trying desperately not to spill the coffees, I walked into Gerard's office, where a man was sitting opposite him. I kept quiet and placed the coffees on a cabinet on the other side of the room.

Gerard cleared his throat and I looked over, he pushed a piece of paper across his desk in my direction.

I took the paper from the desk, regretting wearing a pencil skirt today...

"Ah, This your secretary?" The man said, tilting his head.

"This is Munro, my assistant" Gerard nodded, looking uncomfortable.

I looked over and smiled at the man. "Hi" I said quietly before looking over the to-do list.

I left shortly after, keeping a close eye on the door, waiting for the guy to leave. When he did, I went straight in.

"Who was that?" I asked, closing the door behind me.

"That... Is one the friends that I got to keep after the divorce" he joked.

I sat down and folded my hands on the table "Everything okay?"

"Yeah, everything is fine... he is getting married, came to personally invite me to the wedding"

"That's good, right?"

"Yeah... Except Lindsay will be there and she is maid of honour so there really is no avoiding an awkward conversation" He shrugged.

I smiled softly and shrugged also "It will be fine"

"Are you going to come with me? I get to bring a guest" He suggested, showing me the invite.

"But you just told that man that I was your assistant" I narrowed my eyes.

"He doesn't work for the company and I haven't done anything to piss him off so..." he tilted his head "Please come, its in a month so you have time to think about it"

"I'll come" I nodded "I'll be your arm candy"

He chuckled, showing that gorgeous smile "Trophy"

"Cradle-snatcher" I joked, standing up and going over to the file cabinet.

"Gold digger" he muttered, taking out a roll of paper.

I poked my tongue out at him as I took out some files and then walked out, hearing him giggle to himself.
♠ ♠ ♠