Found You


"Are you Italian?" I asked and squinted at him, comparing him to the waiter who had just set the plates down at our table.

"I'm all kinds of things, babe" He said and reached for the salt. "But only half Italian, why do you ask?"

"Cause your hair is thick and dark..."

"So is yours" He pointed out.

"Yeah but not straight like yours"

"Okay. So I take it you don't have any Italian in you?"

I giggled. "I did have a couple of hours ago" I lowered my tone.

"Oh! Oh that was dirty, even for you" He shook his head in mock disappointment.

"It's true" I mumbled and took a sip of the wine he had ordered.

He smirked and placed both of his feet outside of mine under the table. "I think I vaguely remember something happening" he took a sip of his own glass.

"Yeah? What did it feel like?" I asked very casually.

"Meh" he grinned when I kicked him under the table. "I'm kidding! You were amazing, you know that"

"Yeah well of course it was, it was me"

"It was you. All of you... three times"

"Four... if you count the shower incident"

"How are your meals?"

We both looked up to see the same waiter smiling down on us.

"Great" we both answered, though we hadn't touched them yet.

"I hope he didn't hear us" I whispered as he walked away.

"I hope he did" Gerard bobbed his eyebrows up and down and started on his meal.

The meal was good and the wine was better. We talked until the place closed and then walked to his house hand-in-hand. Glove-in-glove anyway.

"So we didn't really wait did we?" Gerard sighed happily as he let us into his home. He waited for me to go first then dumped his keys on a side table next to his door.

"Yeah... there was like... over twenty four hours from the time we said we should wait until the time we made dirty"

"We waited long enough" He decided.

I went to the kitchen and picked up my phone. I'd left it on the breakfast bar for maximum privacy. It read 'seven missed calls'.

"Oh crap" I sighed. "Dad's been trying to call me" I mumbled. "I forgot about him"

"You forgot your own father? That's cold" He turned on the coffee percolator and walked out to the living room as I pressed the call back button.

"Hello?" he answered eagerly. He'd obviously been waiting by the phone.

"Hi dad, sorry I was just out at dinner with a friend from work" I said and took two mugs out of the dish washer.

"Well I've been trying to call you for four hours!" he sighed, obviously annoyed. "I was about to book a flight home!"

"Well that would have been silly" I giggled. "I'm fine dad. We spent ages in there, three courses and coffee" I lied. We didn't have coffee.

"Well, at least someone was having fun"

"What's going on in England?" I poured the hot coffee into the mugs and started searching for sugar.

"Well, the television is better, everyone has more than five channels now, no need for a satellite dish" He rambled. "your auntie sends her love and your cousin just scored his first goal in the under-nines football club"

"That's great. Tell him I say congratulations" I found the sugar and held the phone between my ear and my shoulder as I made the coffee just how we liked it.

"I will" there was a long pause. I hate these long pauses. "You know, I often wonder why we left England"

"Because the work is bad there and eleven year olds carry knives?" I reminded him.

"Yeah but at least they don't have the mafia"

"They have a mafia... they're just not as stylish as the ones over here"

"Alright honey. Are you home now?"

"No" I answered. There was no point in lying. He would just call the house phone right after we hung up. "I might stay at" I try not to pause for too long. "Alicia's for a while longer, were thinking about watching a movie"

"Alicia? You've never mentioned her before" he tried not to sound too curious.

"She works on a different department from me and we've only just started talking really" I looked behind me to see Gerard reaching around to take his coffee. He mouthed 'thank you' and walked back through to the living room.

"Okay then. Have a good time tonight. I'll see you in a week or so"

I said goodbye and went to find Gerard. He was laying on the couch, one leg on the floor the other stretched across the cushions. "You are a big fat liar" He pointed without looking away from the television.

"Sorry, I'll call him back and tell him that I'm sleeping with my boss" I sat in the empty space by his stomach and sipped the coffee.

"You should" He lazily propped himself up on his elbow and kissed my shoulder through my shirt.

"You can if you want?"

"Hell to the no" He 'pfft' and sipped his own coffee. "He's Mexican, I'm not messing with that"

"How dare you... Mexicans are peaceful people"

"And good in bed"

♠ ♠ ♠