Found You


Getting into work in the morning was a mess, it seemed that anything that could go wrong did go wrong and on top of that I got no sleep the night before thanks to my very sexually active neighbors making it obvious again.

I yawned as I stepped into the office headed straight to the kitchen to make a coffee for Gerard and one for myself and when I made it to his office he was already sitting in there.

"Oh hey" I said and furrowed my eye brows at his early appearance.

"Hey little one" He murmurs as he scribbles across a page "Did you get home okay?"

"Yes, thanks" I said and set the coffee down on his desk.

"You don’t start for another five minutes, you can sit and drink your coffee" He said with a sympathetic smile "you look like you need a nap..."

"Thanks" I joked, I knew I had bags under my eyes and eye liner could not fix this one. "I have noisy neighbors..."

He looked up at me through his eye lashes "Night time noisy neighbors?"

I nodded.

"That would be uncomfortable at a family dinner" He giggled.

"It was..." I nod, giggling too.

I blew the surface of my coffee watching the steam float away and then sipped it. "Have you got much planned for me today?"

He shrugged and moved some paper around on his desk "Kind of... not too much though"

I smiled "Good"

We both looked at the door when it opened. A suit walked in and gave one of those obnoxious smiles. "Not interrupting anything, am I?"

"No not at all, Larry" Gerard stood up and shook his hand "This is Munro, She's my new assistant"

"Munro? Well hello, nice to meet you" He laughed and took my hand "She's a keeper"

Gerard sat on the corner of his desk and cleared his throat, Larry looked over to him and did the same. "So!" he said enthusiastically as I sipped my coffee and looked over today's list. "Party is tomorrow, huh? Big day!"

"That's right" Gerard spoke, his attitude very tolerant and calm, although I could see that inside he was screaming at this forsaken suit.

I blocked them out as I started writing notes on the list, places to go, things to do and a rota of when I should do them, like I did every day, planning it all because I cant function before noon with out a time table.

"So I'll see you at the party then, Munro" Larry patted my shoulder. I waved politely and looked at Gerard after he had gone.

"Who was that?" I asked.

"That..." He sighed "That was my old boss, he got demoted but still insists on wearing those damn suites to work..."

I nodded "Overcompensating?"

"Oh defiantly... he owns a Ferrari"


"I know..."

I sit up and take another mouth full of coffee "I better get to work then boss"

"Don't ever call me that again, I hate it" He smiles

"Sorry" I giggle "I better get to work then, Gee"

"That's right, see you later"

"Bye-bye" I cheered as I walked out.

The whole day was so tough, it seemed to drag on and every time I needed help from Gee, he was in a meeting or out of the office.

I huffed one last time, all the paperwork done that needed to be, all of his personals done, errands had been run and I was ready to crash out. I sat down on Gees big computer chair and looked at the final copy of 'The Umbrella Factory' - the comic that this office has been working on for the past year.

I jumped when the door flew open "Hey!"

I turned to see Gee standing there just as shocked as I was. "I was just leaving things here" I said, pointing at the desk.

He nodded with the smile and pulled his coat off of the coat stand "Are you all done? Do you want a ride home?"

"You know, you are a little too eager to take me home..." I raised my eye brow and put my hands on my hips

"Yeah, cause I want to take you home to my house and lock you in my basement with my last assistant..." he held his hands out "You foiled my plans"

"I knew it" I whispered.

"It's snowing you know... Would be a long wait for that bus" He said and nodded at the window.

I looked outside quickly and then back at him. "Okay... maybe I will take up the offer"

"Good, your all small and stuff, would be a shame to see you frozen to the bus stop in the morning" He handed me my coat and scarf. "What are you doing tomorrow night by the way?"

I shrug "Scrubs is having a night on paramount comedy... So it will be me, some cocoa and some scrubs"

"Well if you get bored of re-runs, do you want to come to the launch party? I mean, its over twenty one's but I will see what I can do"

I shrugged and smiled "That would be nice I guess... What is the dress code?"

"Smart casual"

"Alright..." I said and nodded "I'll come with you, but only if you stick with me... I hate being ditched at parties"

"Well cause you are young, you know I'm going to have to ask your mother about this, so I'll look after you all night" He said and pulled his gloves on.

I fell silent and looked at my mittens as I pulled them on. "Well... you can speak to my dad"

His eyes fell on mine for a moment "Oh okay... No mom?"

I shook my head and bit my lip "Can we stop by the seven eleven on the way home, I need a pack of cigarettes"

"Okay" he nodded, noticing that he had touched on a soft spot. "Come on, lets get out of here"

We arrived at my house after a quiet journey home "So is your dad a mean guy?" Gee Said, killing the engine.

"No, he's a great guy" I said and dug in my bag for my house keys.

"Cool" He stepped out of the car and flattened his hair a little. "I know I'm just coming to make sure its okay you come tomorrow... but I feel like I'm about to ask if I can marry you"

I looked at him "Bringing back memories there, Gee?"


We both laugh and I walked him up the drive way "Thanks for doing this by the way, Dad is a little..."

"Over-protective?" He cuts in, walking up behind me.

"You got it"

He looked at me as I opened the door. "That's normal... He is your pupa"

"Dad?" I called as I stepped into the house, a little embarrassed about the slight cluttered state of it. It was nothing compared to the grand house he was used to.

"Hello hon!" he shouts back. I hear his footsteps as I take my jacket off. "Hello, who's this?"

"Dad, this is my boss, Gerard Way, Gerard Way this is my Dad, Bruce Rodriguez"

Gee held out his hand "Hey, It's nice to meet you"

"You too, Sir" Dad chuckled, shaking his hand. "How's my baby doing at work?"

"Very well actually, she is fitting in just fine" He nodded "Actually I was just coming to ask if it would be okay for her to come to our launch party"

Dad looked at me "Well, I don't see a problem... Will there be alcohol there?"

"Yes there will, but I assure you, I am against underage drinking as much as you are" He glanced at me and smiled

"Then I don't see why not... would you be able to bring her home?" Dad eyed up Gee, but in a trusting way.

"Of course I would"

I watched as the two exchanged pleasantries and waved him off as he went back to his car.

"Your boss seems like a nice man, Hon" Dad said as I closed the door.

"Yeah he is, stern but fair, you know?" I lied, he is not stern...

"I appreciate him coming to talk to me about the party, it really shows that he understands you're just a baby"

I rolled my eyes as dad embraced me and kissed my cheek "I'm an adult"

"You will always be a baby to me, sweetie" He cooed and let me go.

"Well your baby is tired and has to get a shower..."

"I thought I smelled something funny"

"Dad! I do not smell, thank you"

"Okay, what ever you say. You want spaghetti for dinner?"

That night I ate a bowl full of spaghetti and passed out soon after will a full belly and a smile on my face. The reason for the smile was not because of the spaghetti, although that was really good, but because after my shower there was a message on my phone, I opened it and it read: 'Munro, you left your mittens in the car, they are very cute but not my colour. Gerard'

I had text him back, immediately, like I would if it was a boy from school. 'I did wonder where they were. Can you bring them in tomorrow?'

And he replied 'I will. Goodnight Munro"
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