Found You

Kiss Kiss

The next meeting with my phone was not a nice one though, it was beeping and telling me to wake up, six AM was here again and I was thanking mother nature for making it a Friday. Party day.

I went over my usual morning routine, getting dressed, showered, that sort of thing and spent some time wondering what to wear as I would have to get dressed at work.

I ended up choosing a casual dress, one that hangs just an inch above the knee and also packed a pare of black flat ballerina pumps.

When I arrived at work, I had stopped by the coffee house to pick up a couple of cups of pure heaven for Gee and I.


I froze when I heard the familiar voice and turned my head as I took the two cups off of the bar. "Oh, Hey Sam" I said awkwardly.

"Hey, I thought that was you" he laughed, looking me up and down. "You have changed a lot"

I nodded, not knowing what to say to my ex boyfriend.

"Well uh" he looked around "Have enough time to sit down and have a cup with me?"

I looked at the two cups in my hand and shook my head "Actually I'm on my way to work and I have to give this to my boss"

"Oh okay sure, of course" he rambled. "What are you doing tonight?"

"Work things" I shrugged "Speaking of which..." I motioned to the door and smiled "Nice seeing you again"

"Yeah see you" he said with a smile. He leaned down and kissed my cheek "Nice to see you" He said as I walked off in shock.

I walked down the street and into the building, getting to Gee's office before him once again and sat down in a huff, placing the coffees on the table.

I jumped when out of the bathroom came Gerard. "Morning" he says, drying his hands on a towel.

"Stop scaring me" I giggled and pushed his coffee in his direction.

"Sorry, I'll knock before I come out of the bathroom next time" he rolls his eyes jokingly. "All set for tonight?"

"Yeah" I say and point at the extra bag. "Got my stuff in there"

"What did you decide to wear?" he asked and put my mittens on the table after rummaging through his bag.

"Pencil dress and slip on shoes cause I cant walk in heals" I sipped my coffee and looked up at him as he crossed his arms on the table and looked right into my eyes.

"Sounds like a smart idea" he starts, pushing his fingers through his hair. "I have to wear a suit" he scrunched up his button nose and sighed.

"I bet you'll look great"

"You're flattering" He murmured and looked at the clock "At least we have a short day today"

I gave a sigh of relief and smiled "an hour off at the end of the day will ruin my routine" I giggled.

"You have no routine today" he bobbed his eye brows up and down "It's all thrown out of balance and everything is going to go crazy"

"Tell me about it" I stood and took the list of things to do today off of his desk.

"Have a nice day" He sang as I walked out with my coffee.

Annoyingly all day I thought about Sam, he disrupted my entire day by giving me that kiss on the cheek.

I thought about the good times, I thought about the bad times and I thought about why I never fell for him. The real reason is that I just never felt that way for him, I liked him, I thought he was and still think he is totally gorgeous and he has an awesome personality. Any girl is lucky to have him and I never fell in love with him.

People told me it was because I was afraid of commitment but I know I'm not. I love being in relationships but I just cant find 'love' in a relationship.

My father told me it was because of my 'sixth sense' telling me that he was no good, but he was.

I was knocked out of my thoughts when Gerard leaned over my shoulder and smiled "Penny for your thoughts?"

I turned my head around and caught a sniff of his aftershave. Nice. "Nothing" I smiled and looked back to the desk at the paper work I was sorting. "Just... usual stuff"

"Want to talk about it?" He sat down in his chair and leaned back.

I shook my head "It's just ex boyfriend stuff, I'm sure you don't want to hear it" I said and laughed. "I'm pooped that you wont let me drink tonight, I could use one"

"You can have one" he whispers "Maybe two... If you tell me what's going on in that head of yours..."

I sighed and leaned back, clanking up at the clock to see that our shift is over. "Bumped into my ex today" I said and bit my lip "It was pretty awkward... and then he kissed me"

Gerard half smiled "Right on the lips?"

I shook my head. "right here" I raise my hand and point at my cheek.

"Now he is playing on your mind?"

"The 'what if' stuff and all that"

He nodded as if he understood. "Well lets see if we can take him off your mind" He said thoughtfully. "You can use my bathroom to get dressed if you want? I know those cubicles in the ladies room are pretty small"

I looked over at it and smiled softly "Thanks dude... and how do you know about the cubicles in the ladies room?"

"It's a long and painful story" he reached over and took all the paper that I was working on "I'll finish this off, you get changed"

Half an hour later I had finished getting ready. I wore the pencil dress and shoes with a small cardigan to cover my shoulders and a flower pin in my hair for that exotic look. Also to bring some colour to my black on black outfit.

I came out after spraying myself with a small sprits of 'red jeans' perfume and suddenly felt exposed when I saw Gerard looking in the mirror doing up his tie, suit on.

"You sure clean up good" I said, watching him straighten his tie.

His head snapped around and he looked at me with a smile "You look... so different" He said with a reassuring smile.

"Good or bad?"

"Good" he said quickly "Good different" he nodded and walked towards me.

I reached out and picked off a strand of hair from his suit jacket. "Now your ready to go"

He reached out and took both of my hands "Try not to let the ex boyfriend thing bother you tonight and have a good time" he said, running his thumb over my knuckles.

"I wont let it bother me" I assured and I was telling the truth because now that he has done that... Sam is completely out of my head.

"Good" he dropped my hands and turned, getting our coats from the coat hanger. "Ready to go then?"

He handed me my coat and I pulled it on. "I am"
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