Found You

How Messy Of You

We arrived a short while later and because I was walking in with the boss I had no problems getting into the venue.

A man greeted Gerard as soon as we got into the door, he took his hand and shook it sternly, congratulating him.

"Thank you, Sir. It was hard work but so worth it" Gee said, then turned to me briefly, his hand falling onto my shoulder. "This is Munro"

I put my hand out and the man took it, shaking it gently. I introduced myself as Gerard's assistant and he introduced himself as the manager of the publishing department of our company.

The man got the attention of a waiter who was walking around holding a tray with glasses of champagne. The man took two glasses, handing one to Gerard and one to me. After a small toast we sipped it and Gee looked at me once the man had gone to talk to some one else. "Take it easy" He said, placing his hand on the small of my back, leading me through to the next room.

And that was it, every time he brushed his hand over my shoulder or my back I felt tingles every where. Thanks to the continuous flow of champagne being pored into my never empty glass, things were a bit different than how they should have been...

Gerard burst out laughing as we stumble into the cab. I sat down and faced him "What's so funny?" I slurred, reaching up and tucking my hair behind my ear.

He carried on giggling then reached out and took my hand "I'm sorry to tell you" He said, trying to hold back the laughter. "Your dress just ripped at the back"

"Oh no" I covered my mouth, no doubt smudging my lipstick and felt my cheeks burn red.

As the cab pulled off he reached over and ran his fingertips down my cheek. "Don't be embarrassed" He cut off his laughing, but that smirk was still on his face and due to the small amount of alcohol I had drunk I blushed further. "Did you have fun?"

I nodded and looked down at our hands as he brushed his thumb over my knuckles. "I had a great night"

"I'm glad" he nodded, following my eyes and looking down at our hands "I'm glad you came to work with us too"

I looked back to his eyes and they looked right into mine. "How so?" I pushed.

"Well" He took a deep breath and held my hand a little tighter. "It's just nice to come into work and see a smiling face for a change"

I felt my heart beat a little faster and stay silent.

"It's nice to have some one to look at" He tried, smirking a little wider.

I felt my cheeks burning and looked away, hiding my ever growing smile. "Thank you"

"Don't thank me" He whispered, leaning forward and placing a kiss on my cheek "Now you have something else to think about all day"

I licked my dry lips, turning my head a little bit when I felt his breath softly on my skin. "Gee?"

He murmured in response, running his hand from mine up to my upper arm, trailing kisses down my jaw line.

I open my mouth to speak but I get cut off when the driver clears his throat. I snap my eyes to the window and see that we are outside my house.

"See you on Monday" I whispered, picking up my handbag from the seat next to me.

"I'll walk you to the door" He said awkwardly, obviously snapping back to reality. The reality of him being my boss.

"No, it's fine" I said and stopped moving for a second, wanting to say a lot but instead I climb out of the taxi with out another word and rush into my house.

What a mess.
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quick note: before i get corrected by you hard core gee-ers out there, i know its called the unbrella accadamy, but i changed it cause im trying to not let it be associated with MCR.

Love you xx