Found You

Sun Sets Over Munro-ville

We walked over to the coffee shop he had just brought the take out coffee from and sat down after buying a bowl of fruit to nibble on.

"So can we get a bit personal?" I asked with a piece of apple in my hand.

"Sure" He nodded.

"What happened with your marriage?" I asked timidly.

"Well" he sighed "We weren't getting along so well... and we wanted different things. She wanted a family and I wanted to hold out a little longer" he nodded.

"You couldn't make an agreement?"

He shook his head "We made an agreement... When we were thirty we would start trying for a baby" he waved his hand "I think you will know when the time is right for you to have a kid and I didn't feel like I could do it"

I nodded and tilted my head "I'm sorry"

He smiled lopsidedly and shook his head "It was a learning experience, I just want her to be happy and if she was happier with a family then I guess she can't be happy with me" He took a few grapes in his hand and put one in his mouth, swallowing it before speaking "Can I ask about your mother?"

I nodded "What do you want to know?"

He thought for a second and licked his lips "Where is she?"

I shrugged "Depends on what religion you are"

"I'm sorry to hear" He said, brushing his foot against mine "How'd it happen?"

"Complications giving birth" I said and licked my lips "A lot of women in our family have had complications giving birth" I say and look up at him "So I'm going to adopt"

"Sounds like a plan" He said with a small smile. "I guess your sick of people being sympathetic, huh?"

I nodded "Pretty much... I mean she's my mum and I love her but I never knew her as a person, you know? I have pictures though" I nodded.

"You also have the knowledge that she did everything she could to get you into the world" He said, taking my hand. "You're all sticky from fruit, dear" He chuckled, taking a napkin and wiping it over my fingertips.

"See, you would be a good dad" I joke, watching him clean me up.

"I don't need images of you being my child, Munro" He laughed.

"Have any brothers or sisters?" I asked once he had finished fussing.

"I have a brother, Michael" He took his coffee and sipped on it slowly "He's a pain in the ass but you got to love him"

"Mum and dad?"

He nodded "Still un-happily married"

"Do you have any nieces and nephews?"

"Expecting one, not sure if it’s a boy or a girl though"

I smiled and clapped my hands a little "congratulations"

"Thank you" He smiled into his coffee. "I have to say something really quickly" He looked shiftily at me and bit on his lip.

"Go ahead"

"We have to keep super quiet about this" He said and leaned forward, kissing my fingers just once. "Otherwise this could all be a big pile of trouble... Not only are you my assistant, which is just a little bit porn worthy, but your just eighteen and I know you are legal..."

I cut him off "I know" I said and squeezed his hand a little "If I were you I'd be scared at peoples reactions to my age... which is why I can't tell my father or friends I'm dating an old man"

He winked and squeezed my hand back "You always understand... That's why you're perfect"

I blushed, as did he when he realised what he said "So cheesy" I commented, taking my hand back and sipping my coffee, holding the cup with both hands "So, so cheesy" I joked, gaining a soft, playful pinch to the arm.

"Well... We should go to the comic store" He said, finishing off his coffee. "What comics do you like?"

"I like graphic novels" I answered "Batman being my favourite, then some spin offs of batman... Harley Quinn is my hero"

He raised his eye brows "You must have pissed yourself when the 'Dark Knight' came out, huh?"

"I saw it in the cinema three times... then brought it when it came to DVD..." I nodded solemnly and finished my coffee.

We brought two more to go and started walking, hand in hand with a close eye out for any one from work who might be around.

We talked comics for about an hour before buying 'The Umbrella Factory'.

We walked to his neighbourhood.

We walked to the neighbourhood that separated his and mine, the sun was setting and it was getting even colder.

"I had a really good time today" He said, stretching a little "and we must have walked over ten miles"

I placed my hands in his, holding them as we faced each other. "Exercise is good for you"

"Your good for me" He said, letting go of my hands and placing both of his on my waste, pulling me into a hug "What are you doing tomorrow?"

"My dad is going to England for a couple of weeks on Monday so I'll probably be spending it trying to convince him that I don't need a minder for the two weeks" I nodded.

"Well if you get bored, call me" He said stroking the back of my hair as he held me closer to him. "Or come over... you know where I live"

I snaked my arms around his body, pulling him even closer. "I'll do one of the two... hey, I might even take a walk on the wild side and text you as well" I gasped.

He pulled away a little and kissed my forehead "See you tomorrow then, Sugar"

"See you" I said. Letting my hands drop from his body. He turned on his heal at the same time as me, looking back at the same time as me and laughing at the same time.

"Bye!" I called, giggling as I walked on.

I heard footsteps behind me and looked over my shoulder, only to gasp when a hand spins my body around and soft lips press onto mine. I smiled into the kiss, wrapping my arms around his neck as he wrapped his around my waste.

The kiss was amazing, long, passionate, just what you would expect from an 'older man'. And boy was it soft. He kissed me full on, then pecked my top lip, then my bottom lip, then the corner of my mouth until we were enveloped in yet another hug.

"I just had to" He whispered, and I could hear his smile.

"I'm glad you did" I said, my insides fluttering like a million birds were being set free in my heart.

"I'll let you walk home now" He said as I nuzzled into his neck.

"Okay" I let go eventually, getting on my tip toes to kiss him once more before I turned around and walked, this time not looking back cause I knew I would just have to give him one last kiss, resulting in a never ending cycle of turning back and coming round to each other.

And that is never smart.

Not in freezing temperatures any way.
♠ ♠ ♠