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Headfirst for Halos

Red Dress

I loosened my tie as I flopped down into a rather uncomfortable chair near my family. The wedding had gone off basically without any problems. There were the usual interruptions; sneezing fits and other bodily noises coming form the guests and of course there was the omnipresent shrill of a toddler crying to their parents as is expected during the ceremony. The reception was as expected. It consisted most of alcohol consumption, dancing, more alcohol consumption and then some falling over.

The day had gone well for my sister and now brother-in-law.

The was some notable awkwardness between myself and a certain bridesmaid, but honestly, I somewhat expected that, but just not for the reasons I could ever possibly have imagined.

I first saw her early on in the day. She had in fact walked straight into me, probably due to the fact that she was forever looking at her feet. No doubt this was because of me and my idiotic behavior.

It had barely sunk in to me that the porcelain beauty that had ended up in my pathway in the hall was the same girl I used to know. I only realised it was indeed her when her small, quiet voice drifted to my ears whispering an apology.

"Oh, I'm sorry." She apologised and looked up to meet my disbelieving stare.

She quckly readjusted herself and continued on her way down to the lounge. I was still frozen in the same spot when I heard the gushing from downstairs. Obviously Mel had entered the room full of ladies. She looked amazing.

"Bill, you okay man?" Mike spoke to me, breaking me from my trance like state.

"Uh, yeah, I'm fine, just nervous. You know I can barely walk in a straight line at the best of times, never mind under pressure." I joked.

"Dude, you will be fine, it's not you getting married. Who are you walking with anyway?" He asked, a curious look taking over his features.

"You know that girl from school, the one that lives just across the street, Mel her name is..." My voice drifted off at the end slightly when I saw the look Mike was giving me.

"Awkward or what?" He smirked, and raised his eyebrows.

"Let's get down stairs." I changed the subject, "We must be leaving in like two minutes." I headed for the staircase.

The girls had already formed a que out past the stairs leading to the cars. I spotted Mel further back inside the house, talking animatedly with my brother. I automatically stopped and stared. Mike inevitably slammed into my back.

"Dude what is going on?" Mike questioned whilst following my line of sight, "Someone scrubs up well, huh?"

I could feel the smugness radiating from him.
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