Careless, Painless and Voiceless


It was a fine day in an orphanage because an orphan finally found his family. He can tell that they are his real parents because he thinks he got his father's hair and facial features but he got his mother's eyes. They went outside the orphanage.

A woman approached them with the boy's sketch pad and handed it to the boy with a smile.

The woman is about 24 years old. Her skin is fair and smooth. Her long auburn hair was tied in a bun.

"Thank you, Mama Lea." the boys said cheerfully.

"Be a good boy, Kevin." she reminded him.

The boy nodded.

"Thank you again, Ms. Cole, for taking good care of our son." the boy's father said.

He was a gentleman in his 30's. He has a short, black hair fixed neatly. His wife is only 25 years of age. Her long brown hair was tied in ponytail.

"Don't mind it. It's our calling to take care of lost kids, Mr. Park." she said.

"Are you sure you don't want the money?" Mrs. Park asked.

"I am certain of it. We only want the children to be happy. Besides, my brother has a job." Ms. Cole explained.

Three girls went near them. They were wearing blouses and cute skirts that Ms. Cole made for them.

The tallest kid is Haruka. She tied her long straight red hair in ponytail. Her blue eyes were sparkling and her smile was radiant.

Beside Haruka is Shinjin. She wore a headband on her long wavy golden hair. Her radiant red eyes were looking at Kevin's parents with amazement.

The girl crying beside Shinjin is Karrie. Her long black hair was braided and her green eyes were flooded by tears.

Ms. Cole comforted Karrie when she saw them. Kevin approached Karrie.

"I want you to have this." Kevin said as he took out a bracelet from his pocket.

The bracelet was made from a nylon thread and there were different shapes of shells attached to it. Karrie took the bracelet and held it tight.

"I'll never forget you, Karrie. You're like a sister to me." Kevin said.

"Take care, brother." Karrie told him.

"We'll never forget you." Shinjin said.

"Be happy." Haruka added.

Kevin nodded with a smile.

Then a man who looks like Lea came. He has a very short auburn hair. He is Lea's twin brother. A boy came running in from behind Lea's brother. This boy has a messy golden hair and sparkling blue eyes. He was trying to catch his breath from exhaustion.

"Papa Arthur, Edward, I'm glad you made it." Kevin said.

"How can I miss your day?" Mr. Cole said.

"We'll miss you." Edward told him.

Kevin and Edward shook hands.

"Thank you, Mr. Cole but we have to go. We'll be late for our flight." Mrs. Park said.

"I'll escort you. But It was nice meeting Kevin's parents." Arthur said.

"Same here." Mr. Park agreed.

The Parks went out of the gate and went in a car. Shinjin and the others were waving goodbye to Kevin and his parents.

"Another one gone. Only four kids left." Haruka said when the car was out of sight.

"Don't worry. You'll find a family that deserve you." Lea told her.

"What about me?" Shinjin and Karrie asked in chorus.

"You, two as well. Papa Arthur and I will make sure they are deserving." Lea told them.

Then Lea glared at Arthur.

"Why are you late?" Lea asked Arthur furiously.

Arthur did not answer. He was not hoping his sister would ask that question. He knows that if he told her that he had forgotten all about it then he is dead.

"I'm sorry, Mama Lea. Papa Arthur got stuck in work because of me." Edward told her.

"That's right. He was a very naughty kid." Arthur added.

Edward and Arthur looked at each other and winked.

"Edward is a well-mannered young man! In fact, if it wasn't for him, you'll end up being hysterical again and you won't know what to do in work. How come you're not organized?" Lea nagged.

"Geez! Not in front of them, Lea. Pick a good time to nag." Arthur complained.

The kids laughed at Arthur's complains.

"I wish you are my parents." Haruka said.

Edward saw Haruka's eyes were glowing. He knows that Haruka is very happy and he would do anything to protect her.

"Don't worry, my dear Flame, Mama Lea and PAPA ARTHUR will surely keep all of us." Edward said.

Arthur and Lea were frozen by Edward's statement. Edward knew what's on their minds so he went on.

"They said that if we would not find our real family then we'll have to create one where everyone is happy and contented. Since Our real parents died years ago and Shinjin and Karrie haven't found their real parents AND we are all happy and contented here then adopt us." Edward added.

"Edward is right! You told us that!" Shinjin agreed.

Haruka and Karrie nodded. Lea and Arthur looked at each other for a few minutes. The kids were observing them. They are waiting for their decision.

"Very well, you win." Lea said in defeat.

The kids jumped for joys.

"It looks like the orphanage is not a suitable name to our mansion, Lea." Arthur said with a grin.

"I know. A long as they're happy then we'll adopt them." Lea said.

"Goodbye, marriage..." Arthur mumbled.

The girls gathered around Edward.

"This means that you are our official big brother?" Shinjin asked.

Edward nodded with a smile.

"So cool! I've always wanted to have one." Shinjin said with sparks on her eyes.

"You have to take good care of us because you are the eldest!" Karrie told him.

"With all my heart. I'll also protect you." Edward said.

"No girlfriends unless you have our permission." Shinjin told him.

"Promise." Edward assured Shinjin.

"You'll treat us equally and you should stop teasing me." Haruka said.

"Impossible, my little Flame. I won't stop teasing you. In fact, I'll have to tease everyone of you because that's what big brother's do." Edward said and grinned.

"Don't call me Flame. I sound like fire and don't treat me like I'm your only sister." Haruka complained.

"Can't do that, too. You know that you are my real sister so you are the apple of my eyes and Flame suites you because of that scar behind your neck. It looks like a flame to me."
Edward said.

"This is really great! Four geniuses as our own kids! This is very convenient!" Arthur said.

"I know what's on your mind. You already made Edward help in your winery so don't make my little girls work!" Lea scolded.

"Fine! What would they do?" Arthur asked.

"Girls stuff." Lea said.

Everything was going smoothly for them in a year until a group of bandits invaded their home. Lea and Arthur died, trying to protect the children. Edward and the others are trying to escape. They were running towards the secret passage that Arthur told them.
Edward noticed that a bandit was following them.

"Flame, go to the library without me. I'll try to distract the bandit so he would not follow you." Edward told her as they ran.

"No! We are not leaving you here alone, Edward!" Haruka said.
The others nodded.

"We'll stick together no matter what!" Shinjin added.

"Right!" Karrie added.

Edward glared at them.

"Listen and follow what I have to say! I'm the eldest, remember! I'm obliged to take care of you!" Edward told them.

"Then we are also obliged to take good care of you because you are our family!" Karrie said.

"Do as I say!" Edward insisted.

"Then you have to promise us that you'll stay alive no matter what!" Shinjin insisted.
"Promise." Edward said.

Then they turned left on a corner. The girls entered the library while Edward kept on running.
"Take care of them, Flame." Edward told her as Haruka closed the door.

The library has a lot of books and paintings so it is hard to tell which one is the secret passage. Haruka pressed the painting of a fruit bowl then a large painting opened like a door. They went in and closed the door.

The passage was dark and they have no idea where it leads but they gather up their courage and walked in. At the end of the passage was a lever, they pulled it down and a door opened. They were now inside Arthur's office. They closed the door behind them and noticed that the same painting in their house where they had passed through is in Arthur's office.

They ran outside and cried for help. Some male workers and villagers gathered their guns and ran towards the mansion.

Haruka, Shinjin and Karrie stayed in the office with Ramil. Ramil is five years older than them. His black hair is short and curly. His skin is brown and his black eyes are wide. He used to stay in the orphanage until he was adopted by Mr. Carlos.

Mr. Carlos owned a convenient store in town. He is a 39-year-old bachelor. He has a black trimmed hair and small black red eyes.

After an hour, Mr. Carlos went in the office with a sad expression in his face.

"I'm sorry, kittens, but no one survived." Mr. Carlos said.

Haruka, Shijin and Karrie could not believe what they had heard.

"What about Edward? How is he?" Haruka asked.

Mr. Carlos gently shook his head.

"This can't be!" Shinjin shrilled and cried.

She hugged Karrie who was already crying.

"But Edward promised." Karrie said under her sobs.

Ramil walked towards Haruka who was frozen by that time. Ramil put his hand on her shoulder.

"Haruka, I'm sorry." Ramil said sadly.

"That's not true. It's a lie." Haruka mumbled then she collapsed in Ramil's arms.

A week after the funeral, Arthur and Lea's cousin came with her family. They occupied their house together with Haruka, Shinjin and Karrie.

"Hi! I'm Wilma Cole-Llamas, your adoptive parents' cousin. I'm here to act as your guardian because according to their will, you will inherit this house once you reached legal age. They gave their company to me as long as I provide you." Mrs. Llamas said.

Wilma is a 27-year-old woman with beautiful long curly blue hair and small red eyes. She gave them an unconvincing smile.

"Hi! I'm Harold Llamas. I'll be your cousin from now on!" Harold said cheerfully.

Harold has short blue hair and green eyes. He seemed not to care about the death of his uncle and aunt.

Then a man with green eyes and short fixed brown hair went near them and glared at them.

"I'm Sony Llamas. To tell you the truth, I won't let you off that easy even if Arthur asked me." Mr. Llamas said.

"Sony, don't be harsh to them." Wilma warned him.

"To show a little consideration, you can call me uncle but you have to train and become my spies." Sony told them.

"Spies?" Karrie asked.

"Yes. This is the only way I can treat you nicely. Do you agree?" Mr. Llamas asked.

"Yes." the girls said in chorus but with bitterness.

"You can't let them join your little rebellion, Sony." Mrs. Llamas told him.

"Dekim Barton needed my help and I'll help him no matter what!" Mr. Llamas said.

"You have this planned all along!" Mrs. Llamas said.

"Girls, training starts now." Mr. Llamas said when he ignored his wife.
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