Careless, Painless and Voiceless

Chapter 9: Voiceless' Past

Karrie hesitated before leaving the comfort room. She remembered those times when they were kids.

The young Karrie was speechless as the young Shinjin nagged at her. Edward came and saw them. He noticed that the bracelet that was given to her by Kevin was scattered on the ground. Edward tapped Shinjin's shoulder and smiled at her.

Shinjin nodded and left them.

Karrie's tears ran down her face so Edward wiped them away.

"I didn't mean to break it. The branch caught it and I pulled it then this happened." Karrie explained.

Edward smiled at her and picked up the remains of the bracelet. Karrie watched him then helped him pick the pieces. When every piece were collected, Edward hand them over to Karrie.

"It's no use crying over something broken, Karrie. All you have to do is to pick up the pieces. It's up to you if you're going to keep it or throw it away." Edward told her.

Karrie stared at Edward then nodded. He shook her hair but Karrie resisted and complained. This made Edward laugh which made Karrie pout.

"How come you let Shinjin nag you while you won't let me shake your hair?" Edward asked.

Karrie blushed when Edward showed her his sweet smile.

"It’s because I don't like anyone to mess up my hair." Karrie told him.

"Then, how will I show my feelings to you? Tell me." Edward asked.

Karrie's eyes widened when she heard the words my feelings from Edward.

"A kiss." Karrie suggested.

Edward was surprised.

"It could be on my forehead or my cheeks." Karrie added.

Then Edward suddenly grabbed her and kissed her forehead.

"Is that it?" Edward asked.

"You have to promise me that I'm the only one who will receive that kiss. No matter how Flame or Shinjin beg, you will only kiss me." Karrie said.

Edward paused for a while then nodded.

"Edward, if you only knew my real feelings then." Karrie thought.

Someone knocked on the door.

"Hurry up. The guards are here." Maremaia told her.

Karrie went out.

"What took you so long?" the guard asked.

"It’s my own business!" Karrie told him.

"Minster Purcell is waiting.” The guard told them.

The guards lead them to the dining room where Ted Purcell and Theodore Glow were waiting. They sat on a chair.

“What do you want from us?” Relena asked.

“Followers, Vice Minister.” Theodore replied.

“You and Ms. Khushrenada are one of the top influential persons. We’ll use you to get followers.” Ted added.

“What made you think that we will cooperate?” Maremaia asked.

“If you won’t the Yuy family are.” Theodore said.

“I have a surprise.” Ted said.

He clapped his hands twice then a man and an old woman entered the room with blind folds. They are assisted by the guards to their chairs.

The man was about 30 years old. He has brown hair and mustache. While the woman has white hair and was carrying some sort of albums.

The guard took off the blind fold and left.

“Karrie?” the man asked.

“Minister Yuy?” Maremaia asked.

“That’s your brother, Karrie. The woman he is with is your mother.” Ted told her.

Karrie was frozen. She never thought that she would really meet her family for real. Tears fell from her eyes. Mrs. Yuy touched Karrie’s hand but Karrie resisted and wiped away her tears.

“This is a trick, right? No. I’m not going to fall for it.” Karrie said.

“This is no trick. This is real.” Ted told her.

“That is the real Minister Yuy, Karrie.” Relena said.

Karrie looked at the woman then to the man.

“It’s us. We’ve been searching for you.” Minister Yuy said.

“Karrie, my little angel.” Mrs. Yuy told her.

Mrs. Yuy hugged her but Karrie didn’t respond because she was too shock to hug her back.

“How did I end up in France?” Karrie asked.

“Someone took you from us when we were in Italy. A video tape was sent to us and they demanded money or they’ll launch you to space but when they got the money, they didn’t keep their promise and we thought that you’re never coming back.” Minister Yuy narrated.

A big screen rolled down from the ceiling and a video of what Minister Yuy told them was shown.

“We also got the same video tape because they also kidnapped my sister.” Ted told her.

Karrie saw herself when she was a toddler and a girl with a blond wavy hair beside her. They were both sleeping.

“Shinjin.” Karrie said.

“She’s my little sister.” Ted told her.

“This means. She is a Purcell. I have to tell them who they are.” Karrie said.

“How? You’re in here. You’re my prisoner. Haven’t I told you before that she is my sister?” Ted told her.

“Right. How?” Karrie said.

“Where is she?” Ted asked her.

“Who?” Karrie asked.

“My sister.”

“I don’t know. I’m a prisoner here. I’ve never been out here.”

“Very funny, Ms. Yuy.”

“Are you laughing, Minister Purcell?”

“You’ve got an attitude.”

“I got it from your sister! If you only knew, your sister always nags me and Haruka whenever possible but we are used to it.”

Theodore noticed the tension between Ted and Karrie.

“Let’s eat. We have time to talk later.”

Theodore motioned for the food to be served.

“Mom wanted to show you something later.” Minister Yuy said.

Karrie nodded. She was very happy to see her real family but she was worried about Shinjin and Haruka. She doesn’t know what was happening to them and where are they. She hopes that they are safe. But she is also worried about leaving them since she found her real family. She wished that she could adopt them but she knew that she can’t because they also have a family of their own.

“As promised, I let you see your sister.” Ted said.

“I know. We’ll keep out promise.” Minister Yuy said.

“I can’t believe this! Because of me, you are in this mess.” Karrie said.

“For your safety, we’ll do anything.” Mrs. Yuy told her.

“When is my birthday?” Karrie asked.

“This August 6 is your 19th birthday.” Mrs. Yuy informed her.

“19? I’m only turning 19? I thought I was 19 right now. That means I’m only 18 years old.” Karrie said cheerily.

“Enough talk. Let’s just eat.” Theodore said.

Dean went in and whispered something to Theodore. Theodore was surprised and furious at the same time.

“What?” Ted asked.

“It’s the factory in the Philippines.” Theodore replied.

“Tell us, Dean.” Ted said.

“The factory of Cubs, Sows and Boars was destroyed. Some group did this.” Dean said.

“What do they want?” Ted asked.

“We don’t know but I’ll show you who they are.” Dean said.

The pictures of five persons appeared on the screen. It was Quatre, Rashid, Haruka, Heero and Trowa.

“Haruka!” Karrie said.

“Heero!” Relena said.

Maremaia grinned at her.

“Your knight is coming, Vice Foreign Minister.” Maremaia whispered.

“It’s no time for jokes, Maremaia.” Relena told her.

“She’s coming for me. She’s going to save me.” Karrie said.

“Those fools. They think they have destroyed my mobile suits.” Ted said angrily.

“Who is Haruka?” Minister Yuy asked.

“She is my sister and Relena’s cousin.” Karrie replied.

“Anyway, we still have a lot of factories in Germany and Russia.” Ted told them.

“The Preventers helped them escape. Your sister is with them.” Dean told him.

“Your mother is coming.” Relena whispered.

“She is not my mom. She’s still single and she’s always there beside me.” Maremaia said.

“Shinjin?” Ted asked.

Dean nodded.

“So she’s right there. Find the Preventer’s aircraft and take her here.” Ted said.

“Please, don’t hurt my sisters.” Karrie pleaded.

Ted ignored Karrie’s plea.

“She seemed to be a very skilled pilot, don’t you think? We could use someone like her.” Theodore said.

Those words made Karrie furious. She stood from her chair and glared at Theodore.

“Governor, don’t you dare use her!” Karrie threatened.

Theodore remained silent then grinned.

“Is she a spy, Ms. Yuy?” Theodore asked.

Karrie froze again. She doesn’t want their past to be exposed and used again.

“I am. I can do the job.” Karrie suggested.

“NO! I won’t allow that! You’re here with us now and I won’t let you get hurt!” Minister Yuy told Karrie.

Their mother just nodded.

“You’re just like her! I don’t need to be treated like I can’t protect myself! I can do things on my own!” Karrie said.

“It’s because I am the eldest! Being the eldest, I don’t want you or mom to get hurt.” Minister Yuy told her.

“But I owe her my life.” Karrie said.

Karrie narrated what happened during their spy days where a gun was shot directly at her but Haruka dodge it so Haruka got hit.

“We do owe her but that doesn’t mean you’ll do her job. I know she wants you to stay put and wait for her.” Mrs. Yuy said.

“You, Shinjin and Haruka are spies?” Ted asked.

Karrie froze because their cover was exposed.

“No wonder she is good. This is interesting.” Dean said.

“You’re not going to take her too.” Karrie said.

“You’ll see.” Dean said.