Careless, Painless and Voiceless

Chapter 11: Jealousy

In the Preventer’s aircraft, Haruka and the others sat on the lobby, waiting for the news about Quatre. Shinjin went in.

“He’ll be fine. Don’t disturb him, now because he is sleeping.” Shinjin informed them.

Haruka and Rashid smiled.

“Good to hear that.” Haruka said.

Wufei entered. He looked at Heero, Rashid and Trowa.

“You guys, again?” Wufei said.

“It looks like fate always finds way so we could meet again.” Rashid said.

“You’re Wufei Chang, aren’t’ you?” Haruka asked.

“Yes.” Wufei replied.

“I’m Eos Haruka Cole, Shinjin’s sister. I want to thank you personally for saving and taking good care of my sister.” Haruka said.

“I haven’t told you anything. How did you know?” Shinjin asked.

“I called Harold. He told me everything.” Haruka replied.

Sally entered.

“This is horrible.” Sally said.

“What?” Shinjin asked.

“The Teddy Bear Corps attacked Indonesia. They have taken over that country.” Sally replied.

“They are trying to dominate the world. What an ambitious man that Ted Purcell is?” Haruka said.

“Their mobile suits are good. Those Leos, Aries and Taurus can’t handle them.” Rashid said.

“We need a good mobile suit.” Trowa said.

“We have their mobile suits. Why don’t we use it so we could create another?” Wufei asked.

“Our enemy is very aggressive. We might have finished making them but they are done with Earth.” Rashid replied.

“And the rooms.” Sally said.

“What about it?” Trowa asked.

“We only have two rooms. I guess Shinjin and Haruka will sleep in my room while you guys sleep in Wufei’s.” Sally told them.

“I can solve all your problems.” Haruka boasted.

Lady Une entered. This time, she didn’t tied her hair like she always do and she is not wearing her glasses. She wore a corporate uniform.

“What do we have here? Four Gundam pilots. This is very interesting.” Lady Une said.

“You’re pretty. What’s your name?” Haruka said.

Shinjin hit Haruka on her head.

“Hey!” Haruka reacted.

“I’m Lady Une and I’m in charge here.” Lady Une said.

“Wow. I like independent women.” Haruka said.

“Stop fooling around Haruka.” Shinjin said.

“Right. It’s only a joke.” Haruka said then laughed.

Nobody laughed with her.

“Tough crowd.” Haruka mumbled.

“What is this solution of your Miss Cole?” Lady Une asked.

“I have a back up in a secret place. You might find what we need there.” Haruka replied.

“Tough mobile suits?” Sally asked.

“Gundams.” Haruka replied.

Everyone was surprised.

“I won’t tell you the details in how I acquired those mobile suits but I need your control center so I can communicate with my companions there.” Haruka added.

“Wufei, take Ms. Cole to the control room.” Lady Une ordered.

“Yes, ma’am.” Wufei replied.

Shinjin watched them as Haruka and Wufei leave the room. She was getting irritated but she tried to relieve herself knowing that Haruka is her sister and would not do anything. Then, she realized that she is feeling jealousy but to who. Is it because Wufei is having time with her sister and talk to her more or because Haruka would get to know Wufei more?

“Don’t worry, Shinjin. He wouldn’t do anything.” Sally whispered.

Shinjin blushed then glared at Sally.

“He better not! She is my sister.” Shinjin told Sally.

Rashid went near Shinjin.

“I’m sorry if we haven’t introduced ourselves. My name is Rashid Kurama. Master Quatre is the one you cured. These are Trowa Barton and Heero Yuy.” Rashid introduced.

“Well… Hi?” Shinjin said.

“I would like to thank you personally for saving our master.” Rashid said.

“Don’t worry. It’s my job.” Shinjin told him.

“You’re very kind.” Rashid said with a smile.

“Thank you.” Shinjin said.

Shinjin went toward Trowa.

“So Quatre is that guy you contacted, Trowa. What’s Heero’s business?” Shinjin asked.

“None of yours.” Heero replied.

“To save the Vice Foreign Minister.” Quatre said.

They all looked at where the voice came from and saw Quatre.

“Master Quatre, are you all right?” Rashid asked.

“I’m fine, Rashid, thanks to this lovely lady.” Quatre replied.

“That’s good to hear. I’ve called the rest of Maganac Corps and they’ll arrive here.” Rashid said.

“The maids?” Trowa asked.

“They said they’ll come too.” Rashid replied with a grin.

Trowa frowned while Quatre giggled.

“I know. It’s irritating.” Heero said.

Shinjin was puzzled.

“She’ll complain again.” Trowa told her.

“Why?” Shinjin asked.

“You’ll see.” Trowa replied.

“By the way, I’m Quatre Raberba Winner. What’s your name?” Quatre asked Shinjin.

“I’m Dr. Shinjin Cole, Haruka and Karrie’s sister, nice to meet you.” Shinjin said.

“Thank you for saving me.” Quatre said.

“Thank you for taking good care of my sister.” Shinjin said.

“What do you think they are doing? What’s taking them so long?” Sally asked.

Shinjin suddenly froze then glared at Sally.

“Excuse me but I have something to do.” Shinjin said then left the room.

Trowa stood up then leave the room.

“Where is Haruka?” Quatre asked.

“She is in the control room with Wufei.” Lady Une replied.

“Is that the reason why Shinjin and Trowa went out?” Quatre asked.

“Do you think he’s jealous and Shinjin is being protective?” Rashid asked.

“Him? Jealous?” Sally asked.

“Aren’t they in a relationship?” Rashid asked.

“Who?” Lady Une asked.

“Mr. Barton and Ms. Cole.” Rashid replied.

“They are?” Sally asked.

“Aren’t they?” Quatre asked.

In the control room, Haruka was sitting on a chair, typing something while Wufei was standing behind her.

“Can this reach Ganymede?” Haruka asked.

“Depends on the frequency. Who are you going to contact in Ganymede? There is no life in Jupiter’s moon.” Wufei asked.

“My ship. I call it Elysium.” Haruka replied while setting the frequency and coordinates.

“Elysium? Are you telling that there is someone out there?” Wufei asked.

“There is none.”

“What ‘s inside.?”

“200 rooms, a control center, three kitchen and dining room, three lobby, an entertainment room, five training room and a place for my collection.”

“What do you collect?”

“Mobile suits and their blue prints.”

“You have blue prints of the five Gundams?”

“Six. My gundam is called Phoenix.”

“How did you get those gundams?”

“They are supposed to be back ups in case the pilots destroyed them but I stole it. By doing so, they killed my uncle.”

“Never heard of the so called Gundam Phoenix.”

“Of course. I never let anyone see it.”

“Do your sisters know what you’re up to?”

“They do.”

Wufei saw Haruka pressed a wrong button.

“That’s not it. I’ll help you.” Wufei said.

Wufei leaned closer to Haruka. From behind her, he stretched out his arms and typed, his face was right beside her face.
Meanwhile, Shinjin was watching them. She was so irritated by their closeness.

“HARUKA…”Shinjin whispered in a scary voice.

“Is there something wrong, Shinjin?” Trowa asked.

“Where did you come from?” Shinjin asked but she is not taking her eyes off Haruka and Wufei.

Trowa peeped and saw the scene.

“Olivia, Edgin, can you hear me? Olivia? Edgin?” Haruka asked through the microphone.

“My… My Haru?” a girl’s voice asked.

“My Olivia.” Haruka asked.

“Flame, long time, no see.” A male’s voice said.

“Edgin!” Haruka said.

On the monitor, two persons appeared. The girl has blue wavy hair and hazel eyes. She looked at them seriously while the guy beside her smiled. The guy has a messy golden hair and sparkling blue eyes. He looks like Edward but older, at least 23-25 years old.

“Edward,” Shinjin gasped when she saw Edgin.

“My Haru, is there something wrong?” Olivia asked.

“She is so cute!” Haruka mumbled.

Wufei looked at Haruka.

“Are you lesbian?” Wufei asked.

Haruka glared at Wufei. Their faces were so close but they don’t mind that. Shinjin was even more irritated.

“No. But you have to admit, my Olivia is so cute. I like dressing her up.” Haruka said with a smile.

Haruka and Wufei looked back at the screen.

“My Olivia, I want you to go here in Earth. Use the coordinates I sent you.” Haruka told Olivia.

“Negative. The engine was badly damaged because of those humans who came to Ganymede last year.” Olivia said.

“If we’re going to Earth, we won’t use the booster but it could take us a year or so.” Edgin added.

“What about in Mars?” Haruka asked.

“Three days. It will take us three days. The booster would cool down in the middle.” Edgin replied.

“We need parts. I’ll send it to you.” Olivia added.

They received a message. Haruka printed it.

“Okay, I got it. So, see you in Mars, my Olivia, Edgin.” Haruka said.

“See you, My Haru.” Olivia said.

“Bye, Haru.” Edgin said.

The line got disconnected.

“How long have they been in Ganymede?” Wufei asked as he stood up.

“Four years.” Haruka replied as she read the things she needed.

“They have food there?”

“No food. They are androids. Doctor J created Olivia while Doctor S and I created Edgin.”

Shinjin was very pissed. She was about to charge but Trowa grabbed her shoulder. Shinjin faced Trowa then put his other hand to her other shoulder.

“There’s nothing to get jealous.” Trowa said.

“I know but I can’t control this. It’s killing me.” Shinjin said.

“You should know what’s on Haruka’s mind because she is your sister.”


“Wufei? Don’t worry about him?”

“What’s to worry?” Haruka asked.

Shinjin and Trowa looked at them. Haruka and Wufei were glaring at them. They were so irritated by the scene. Wufei held Haruka’s hand then Haruka stepped beside Wufei.

Haruka glared at Trowa intensely. She doesn’t like the way he held her sister. Trowa glared at Wufei when he noticed him holding Haruka’s hand. Shinjin was glaring at Haruka because she was too close to Wufei. Wufei was glaring at both of them.

“What are you doing?” Haruka asked.

Trowa removed his hands from Shinjin’s shoulders then crossed his arms.

“What are YOU doing?” Shinjin asked in an irritated tone.

“None of your business.” Wufei replied.

“It’s my business BECAUSE SHE IS MY SISTER!” Shinjin said raising her voice.

“LIKE YOU CARE!” Wufei said raising his voice.

“You like each other?” Trowa asked.

“There’s nothing wrong with that, right?” Haruka asked bitterly.

“None. I wouldn’t get in the way.” Trowa replied.

Haruka tightened her grip which made Wufei glanced at her. He noticed that she is affected by Trowa’s statement.

“Like I would also care. It’s a good thing the TWO of you like each other. I’m not worried anymore. Congratulations because you got my sister in just a few minutes.” Shinjin said then ran passed Haruka.

Haruka noticed that Shinjin was crying. Haruka watched Shinjin disappeared. She thought of what she had done then followed her, leaving Wufei and Trowa glaring at each other.