Careless, Painless and Voiceless

Chapter 12: Call

Shinjin was crying and running at the same time.

“I hate you, Wufei.” She said.

She was not looking to where she was so she bumped Quatre. They were surprised by the incident.

“Master Quatre, Dr. Cole. Are you all right?” Rashid asked.

Quatre helped Shinjin stand.

“Dr. Cole, why are you crying?” Quatre asked.

“Quatre, I’m sorry.” Shinjin replied as she wiped away her tears.

Quatre took a handkerchief in his pocket then wiped some of her tears.

“Thanks.” Shinjin said.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Quatre asked.

Shinjin hesitated but there’s no where she could run to. She was angry at Haruka and Wufei so she agreed to go with them. Rashid saw a kitchen with a table in the middle. They went there and sat on the chairs. Rashid took the liberty to make tea.

“What’s wrong?” Quatre asked.

Shinjin gazed at Quatre then at Rashid.

“It’s okay. We won’t say anything.” Quatre assured her.

“It’s hard. I have feelings for someone but it turned out that he likes my sister.” Shinjin confessed.

Rashid stopped making tea and watched Shinjin. Quatre was surprised.

“That sister is Haruka, right?” Rashid asked.

Shinjin nodded.

“That is a problem.” Quatre said.

“I agree. After what we’ve seen back then, they gaze at each other like a couple.” Rashid added.

“I think they are a couple.” Quatre said.

“I can’t just give up, right?” Shinjin asked.

“If you think you should not give up then do so. We’ll be here for you.” Quatre said.

“You’re going to help me?” Shinjin asked.

“What I mean is that we are here to comfort you.” Quatre said.

“Trowa and Haruka are so close. I don’t think you can compete with that.” Rashid said.

“Trowa?” Shinjin asked.

“You’re in love with Trowa, right?” Quatre inquired.

“Not him! But are they really that close?” Shinjin asked.

She remembered the way Haruka acted earlier.

“Is that so? She is also jealous.” Shinjin concluded.

Rashid and Quatre were puzzled. Shinjin noticed the confusion in their eyes so she narrated what happened earlier.

“That means that you got jealous because Wufei and Haruka were so close. That makes sense.” Rashid said.

Quatre laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Shinjin asked.

“Well, you see, if you didn’t notice, Haruka and Wufei do have similarities.” Quatre replied.

“Both have a sense of pride?” Rashid asked.

Quatre nodded.

“I don’t get it. I wonder why I like Wufei.” Shinjin said.

“So, you are jealous.” Haruka said.

They were startled when they heard her voice. Haruka was at the door then sat beside Shinjin.

“You like him? I don’t get it! Sally told me that the two of you fight most of the time.” Haruka said.

“Yes, we fight but he got this charm…”

“Charm? Whatever! But if you do really like him, I guess I should knock him out.”


Rashid served tea. Haruka took a sip from her cup then smiled at Shinjin.

“It’s a joke, Shinjin. I’ll help you with that Chinese guy!” Haruka said

“I don’t’ think you will be able to do that.” Quatre told Haruka.

“Why?” Haruka asked.

“When the aircraft of Maganac Corps come, you’ll hide.” Rashid replied.

“Why?” Haruka asked with horror in her eyes.

“The maids.” Rashid replied with a grin.

Quatre giggled when he saw Haruka’s expression. Shinjin was puzzled.

“Why? Why are they coming?” Haruka asked furiously.

Rashid and Quatre laughed while Haruka complained and whined. Shinjin remembered something.

“Haruka, you’re hiding something.” Shinjin asked.

“About those maids? Well, they are monsters… They are evil!” Haruka told Shinjin.

“Not that. It’s about you and Trowa.” Shinjin said.

Haruka blushed then assessed her sister.

“What about it?” Haruka asked.

“Are you really a couple?” Shinjin asked.

“C-couple?” Haruka asked.

Haruka was all red and sweating.

“Answer that question.” Shinjin told her.

“Is this the confession table? Because if it is then I’m going.” Haruka said.

“Answer me!” Shinjin told her.

“No.” Haruka said.

Rashid and Quatre were surprised.

“No?” Quatre asked.

“No.” Haruka replied.

“You like him?” Rashid asked.

Sally came.

“I’ve been looking for you. You better hurry. Karrie just called.” Sally said.

Haruka and Shinjin were surprised to hear that so they rushed to the control center.

“Karrie!” Shinjin called.

“Shin!” Karrie said.

“It is her. But how?” Haruka asked.

“We took a cell phone from a guard. I heard what you’ve done. I want to congratulate you for doing the right thing.” Relena replied.

“How is Maremaia?” Lady Une asked.

“I’m fine.” Maremaia said.

Lady Une let out a sigh.

“Where are you?” Lady Une asked.

“We don’t know.” Maremaia replied.

“I can see a castle.” Karrie said.

“Castle? What kind?” Haruka asked.

“A big one.” A man’s voice replied.

“W-who are you?” Lady Une asked.

“It’s me, Ted Purcell.” Ted replied.

“What do you want from us?” Shinjin asked.

“Shinjin? Is that you?” Ted asked.

Shinjin and Haruka were surprised.

“Stop it, Ted.” A male’s voice said from behind Shinjin.

“Fred. What are you doing there?” Ted asked.

“Mom is worried. Surrender now.” Fred replied.

“I won’t.” Ted said then hangs up.

“Mr. Frederick Purcell.” Shinjin said.

“Yes? How did you know my name?” Fred asked.

“Karrie told us that you’re that person who owns that advertising company where she used to work.” Shinjin replied.

Fred shook her hair.

“So, Ms. Yuy told you.” Fred said.

“How did you get here?” Wufei asked, irritated.

“I just came. Lady Une invited me.” Fred replied.

Fred suddenly hugged Shinjin. Haruka, Shinjin and Wufei were surprised. Wufei clenched his fist.

“Don’t get mad, Wufei.” Sally said.

“I am not!” Wufei said.

When Fred released Shinjin, she remained frozen. Haruka looked worried and Trowa noticed it.

“What’s wrong?” Trowa asked Haruka.

“Nanashi, they caught Karrie using the cell phone. I’m worried. What if they do something bad to her?” Haruka replied.

Trowa wrapped his arms around her.

Ted glared at them.

“You called the Preventers?” Ted asked angrily.

Relena, Maremaia and Karrie didn’t respond. They just glared back at him.

“Ted, your blood pressure…” Theodore reminded him.

Ted took a gun from a guard and pointed it at Relena but instead of firing, he threw the gun out the door. A guard went out and took his gun.

“Things will be different from now on, girls. I’m sure of it.” Ted said.

Ted went out of the room.

“You better watch them this time!” Dean told the guards.

“Yes, sir.” The guards replied.

Theodore and Dean went out but the guards searched the whole room. When they couldn’t find anything the girls could use, they left the room.

“I haven’t told Haruka and Shinjin about their real family. This is depressing.” Karrie said.

“Don’t worry, Karrie, I know we’ll find another way.” Relena said.

“All we have to do is: think.” Maremaia added.