Careless, Painless and Voiceless

Chapter 13: Some Kind of Joke

Shinjin woke up when she heard Haruka screaming. She looked around her then noticed that Sally and Haruka left her alone. She took a bath then put on a cute blouse and a skirt. She went out of the room and saw Haruka running and screaming.

"Haruka." Shinjin called.

Haruka ignored her then ran inside to the closet.

"What's wrong with her?" Shinjin asked.

Shinjin saw Trowa walking towards her.

"Did something happened?" Shinjin inquired.

"Someone came. Where is she?" Trowa asked.

"Who came?" Shinjin asked.

"Quatre's maids." Trowa replied.

Trowa entered the room and searched under the bed.

"Why is she scared of them?"

"Because they make her wear girlish clothes."

"Why are you searching for her?"

"They were looking for her."

"Does Trowa like to see Haruka in girlish clothes?"

Trowa didn't reply. He just looked at Shinjin, who was grinning because he was blushing.

"It's true, right? But Haruka is so stubborn and she has her own reason too."

"What is that?"


"Her brother?"

"Those types of clothes are the type Edward would wear. You see, she is not moving forward. She still remains the same."

"Where is she?" Dana asked.

Shinjin was startled when she saw five maids went in.

"Who?" Shinjin asked.

"Ms Cole." Amita replied.

"That's me." Shinjin told them.

"The other one with red hair." Aviva said.

"What do you want from my sister?"

"We'll give her a makeover." Apain replied.

The five maids grinned. Knowing what they will do, Trowa giggled while Shinjin's eyes sparkled. This would be her chance to see her wear a skirt.

"I don't know where she is." Shinjin said but she pointed at the closet.

"Is that so?" Chana said.

Dana signaled her comrades to open the closet. From the closet, Haruka immediately ran outside but Trowa caught her.

"Let me go, Nanashi!" Haruka said while struggling to escape.

"Flame, it's only a dress." Shinjin told her.

"You have to forget the past, my Flame." Trowa added.

Haruka stopped struggling when she heard Trowa called her "my Flame." She blushed.

"You..." Haruka said.

"Let's move on. We have to create our own future. Let's make our past an inspiration."

"Stop lying, Nanashi."

"I'm not."

"There will be no "we" in future because I know you belong to Catherine."


"Let me go."

"Are you jealous?"

"I'm not."

Haruka felt Trowa's lips on her ear and heard him whisper. Shinjin was amazed to see her sister frozen as Trowa released her and move back. The five maids immediately dragged Haruka out of the room.

"Amazing! Now, I know what they mean." Shinjin said.

"What did they told you?" Trowa asked.

"That you and Flame are lovey dovey. They even thought that she's your girl friend."

"Does she know?"

"Yes. But is she your girlfriend?"

"What did she said?"

"She's not."

"Then, that’s it."

"Too bad. You know, I want you to be together."


"You're the only one who can control her. Aside from that the two of you look good together and I'm relief whenever she is with you. On top of that, I know that Trowa likes Haruka, right?"

"I don't like her. She already knew what I really feel for her."

"That's disappointing."

"What about you and Wufei?"

"Us? He's my boyfriend."


"But once he knew, we'll break up."

Shinjin laughed at her own joke.

"You really like him?"

"I do. I even dreamt of kissing him every night."

Shinjin was surprised of what she told him. She apologized for telling stupid things and threatened him if he tells any one.

Shinjin opened the door and saw Wufei standing by the door. Both Shinjin and Wufei were surprised.

"You were eavesdropping." Trowa told him.

"I was passing by when I heard you mentioned my name." Wufei said.

"You heard what I said?" Shinjin asked.

"I'm sorry, Shinjin. I can't love-"

Shinjin pushed Wufei and ran away from him. Wufei just watch her as she disappears.

"You better fix this." Trowa said.

"I wish I could but this is for her sake." Wufei said.

"You love her." Trowa said.

Wufei glared at Trowa.

"Those Cole sisters are interesting." Trowa added as he left the room.

"You love Haruka." Wufei told Trowa.

Trowa ignored him and walked away.

Haruka wore a short glossy silver dress with short sleeves and green leggings.

"I look ridiculous." Haruka said.

"But you look good." Quatre said then smiled.

Haruka blushed but tried not to get carried away by her feelings.

"We are in the middle of a scrap yard and I'm wearing something like this! What's so good in that?" Haruka asked.

"You." Quatre replied.

Hearing that made her heart melt like her anger suddenly disappeared. His smile made her think of Edward and that this is fine.

"Careless!" a man said.

Haruka recognized the voice and got angry.


Duo was already beside her, covering his ears.

"Geez! I'm already beside you. You don't have to shout." Duo said.

"What the hell are you doing here?"


Duo scanned Haruka from head to foot while Haruka glared at him. Quatre was a bit puzzled so he observed them.

"You're still the same Careless I've known years ago but your temper became worse." Duo said.

"You're still the same happy-go-lucky monkey." Haruka told Duo.

Duo grinned at her then looked around and saw Quatre beside Haruka.

"Oi! Quatre, long time no see." Duo said.

"Yes. It's been four years." Quatre said.

"What are you doing here?"

"I'm helping Haruka find the things we need."


Duo scanned Haruka from head to foot and grinned.

"You're a very unlucky guy, Quatre." Duo told him.

Quatre was surprised to hear Duo's comment.

"How did I become unlucky?" Quatre asked.

"Because you're dating Careless."

Haruka hit Duo on his head.

"We're not dating!" Haruka said.

"But I don't think that I'm unlucky. I'm having fun with her." Quatre added.

Haruka blushed as she saw Quatre's smile. Duo noticed her reaction and grinned.

"You know that he is not Edward so it's okay." Duo said.

Haruka hit him again.

"That's not what I had in my mind." Haruka told him.

"You met her brother?"

"Yeah. We used to visit their orphanage because Father is a friend of the Coles. Edward is very warm, responsible and gallant. You and him have the same aura and smile."


Duo and Haruka nodded.

"Careless is the opposite but she protects Painless and Voiceless."

"That's impressive but who are Painless and Voiceless?"

"You don't know who they are but I'll tell you anyway. Painless is Shinjin while Voiceless is Karrie."


"Haruka is Careless because she is clumsy."

Haruka glared at Duo and attacked him but he dodged it and ran.

"I'll kill you!" Haruka threatened and chased him.

Quatre followed them.

Heero was searching when he saw Duo being chased by Haruka and Quatre.

"DUO!" Haruka shrieked.

Haruka didn't see a pipe on her way so she tripped on it. Heero instantly caught her.

"Be careful." Heero told her while helping her stand.




Haruka chased Duo again. Quatre stopped and panted in front of Heero.

"He-help... s-stop... them."

"We have to do something more important."

Shinjin was also searching when Wufei approached her.

"You should be buying the things you need."

Shinjin startled but acted cool.

"Haruka needs these."

"Do you know those parts?"

"I know."

There was a short silence.

"About what happened earlier," Wufei said.

Shinjin stopped and faced Wufei.

"Don't love me."

"Wufei, I..."

"Your world is different from mine and I don't want you in it. You'll only get hurt."

"What do you want me to do? Tell me."

Wufei saw tears ran down Shinjin's eyes. He wiped her tears away but she grabbed his wrist and released it.

"Don't do that! You're adding insult to injuries." Shinjin said then wiped her own tears.

Wufei ignored what she said and touched her face with his both hands.

Shinjin was surprised to see his face closer to hers. She was confused at the moment when she noticed that his eyes are close so she also closed her eyes and waited for his lips.
When Wufei was very, very close, he stopped then walked away.
After a few seconds, Shinjin opened her eyes and saw Wufei walking away and Duo passing by quickly. She was confuse and angry at the same time. She saw a rectangular titanium alloy and threw it at Wufei.

Haruka was chasing Duo when something hit her by the left side of her head.

Shinjin was terrified when she saw Haruka collapse.

"No!" Shinjin shrieked.

Wufei and Duo looked back and saw Haruka’s head was bleeding and Shinjin was running toward her sister.

“Talk about careless.” Duo said then ran towards Haruka.

“She is unconscious.” Wufei said .

Shinjin put pressure on the bleeding site. Heero, Quatre and Trowa came.

“We heard Shinjin. What happened?” Quatre asked.

They saw Haruka lying on the ground and bleeding.

“It’s my fault.” Duo and Shinjin replied in chorus.

“Take her to the headquarters and let her rest. We’ll stay here and look for what she needs.” Trowa told Wufei and Shinjin.

Wufei and Shinjin nodded. Wufei lifted Haruka while Shinjin handed Quatre a note then left.

“What’s that? A love letter?” Duo asked.

Quatre opened it then glared at Duo.

“Groceries and the things they need in the med kit.” Quatre replied.

“You have to help us.” Trowa told Duo.

“Me? Why?” Duo asked.

“Like you said, it’s your fault why she’s bleeding.” Heero told him.

“Man! I have to tell Hilde.” Duo said.