Careless, Painless and Voiceless

Chapter 15: Headache

Haruka was lying on the lobby’s sofa. She was worried of Karrie and Shinjin. She had thoughts of Karrie’s sufferings as a prisoner and Shinjin with Wufei.

“Those girls really give me a headache.” Haruka said while holding her head as it aches.

She looked at the ceiling then at the door.

“Those two are really doing it. I’ll take care of them later.”

“Aren’t you supposed to be in your bed?” Quatre asked.

She was startled by Quatre and watched her friends laughed at her except for Heero.

“Are you all right?” Heero asked when he noticed her expression.

“I’m f-fine.” Haruka replied then sat on the sofa.

“We’ve got what you need, Careless. I’m sorry about that and Voiceless.” Duo apologized.

“I should be killing you right now.” Haruka told him.

“Same old expression. I guess you’re not sick anymore.” Duo said.

Haruka stood up and strangled Duo. They looked like they were playing.

“It’s so nice of Hilde to help us.” Quatre said.

“Hilde?” Haruka asked.

“My girlfriend.” Duo replied.

“Would you look at that? You have a girlfriend? That girl is certainly blind.” Haruka teased with a grin.

“Poor Quatre for having you as his girlfriend. It’s a big mistake.” Duo teased.

Haruka punched Duo’s right arm. Duo rubbed it.

“He is not my boyfriend, idiot! I don’t have one.” Haruka said.

Duo laughed at her.

“It means that boys still have good eyesight.” Duo teased again.

“That’s it, monkey!” Haruka said in an irritated manner.

She tried to strangle him again but her head aches so she touched the part that is greatly in pain.

“You still need to rest.” Trowa said.

“I-I-I’m fine.” Haruka told him while blushing.

“Where’s the doctor?” Quatre asked.

“And Wufei.” Rashid added.

“I… I don’t know?” Haruka said with a wide grin.

“Ah… Dating?” Duo asked.

Haruka sat on the sofa.

“Maybe.” Haruka replied.

Trowa sat beside her and handed her a slice of chocolate mousse cake. Haruka’s eyes widened then kissed Trowa’s cheek and took the cake.

“Thank you. This is my favorite.” Haruka said.

She savors it then giggled.

“I know that cake would cheer you up.” Trowa said.

“Too much.” Duo added.

Haruka glanced at Trowa then blushed. She remembered what Trowa had whispered to her when Quatre’s maids were looking for her then she turned red. Trowa was just looking at her as she takes a spoonful of cake.

“I’m going to take a bath now.” Quatre said to Rashid.

Haruka choked then drank a glass of water.

“You can’t.” Haruka told Quatre.

“Why?” Quatre asked.

“It’s… because… uhm… It’s locked?” Haruka replied.

“Locked? What’s locked? I have the keys to every room so you can open it.” Wufei said as he entered with Shinjin.

“How was the date?” Duo asked.

“Date?” Shinjin asked.

Shinjin and Wufei looked at each other.

“It looks like the lover’s quarrel is over.” Quatre said.

“You’re supposed to stay here and take care of Haruka.” Heero said.

Trowa glared at Heero and Heero glared back at him. Quatre and Shinjin saw that there’s too much tension between Heero and Trowa.

“I’m sorry, Heero. But why are you concerned?” Wufei asked.

Heero just glared at Wufei.

“He has his own reasons.” Duo said while giggling, “I never knew that Haruka’s life is exciting right now.”

“What?” Haruka asked as she scooped a spoonful of cake again.

A stain of chocolate was on her cheeks. Heero saw it and wiped that stain with his fingers.

“Oh. Thank you.” Haruka said.

Heero just gazed at her. Trowa glared at Heero then Heero glared back at him. Haruka was just enjoying her cake.

“So naïve.” Duo said.

“She’s that careless but naïve.” Shinjin said.

Wufei raised his arm so that everyone looked at him. When he got everyone’s attention, he lowered his hand and held Shinjin’s hand.

“Haruka, if you wouldn’t mind, I would like to marry your sister.” Wufei said.

“Sure,” Haruka immediately answered, “but why are you asking me? Why not ask her?”

Shinjin blushed.

“I already did and she agreed. But she told me that it would be best if I also asked you about it to make it formal.” Wufei told her.

“I don’t mind after all that has happened between the two of you.” Haruka said.

Wufei and Shinjin’s eyes widened but the rest ignored Haruka’s last sentence and congratulated them.

“I don’t want that to happen but what can I do? Shinjin loved him.” Haruka thought.

This gave her an excruciating headache that Heero noticed.

“Something wrong?” Heero asked.

“M-my head.” Haruka said.

“Can you move?” Heero asked.

Trowa noticed that Heero and Haruka are talking. Then after a few seconds, he saw Heero lifting Haruka and out of the room.

“What’s wrong with Haruka?” Rashid asked.

Shinjin was alarmed so she followed Heero and Haruka.

Lady Une went in Haruka’s room. She saw Haruka sitting on the bed while Shinjin is beside her.

“Lady Une.” Haruka called.

“I want to talk to you, Haruka.” Lady Une said.

Shinjin noticed that it is serious so she went out of the room.

“What is it?” Haruka asked.

“Join the Preventer.” Lady Une replied.

“I knew you would say that.” Haruka said.

“We need another person who can help us save the Earth and is also good at getting information.”

“You also need someone who can provide you with a larger vessel. All those Khushrenada fanatics can’t fit in one place and besides we need more space crafts and jets even mobile suits just in case.”

“You have all of that?”

“I have. If you got what I needed.”

“I have.”

“I could lend you Elysium.”


“That’s the name of my vessel. I’m only lending it. I’m not giving it.”

“Then, I have to give you a position higher than Sally.”

“I haven’t agreed to-”

“Are you rejecting my job proposal?”

Haruka kept quiet and think.

“That job is meant for you only, Haruka.”

“I guess I have to agree.”

“If it’s okay, I would like to talk to you about your sister.”



"Are you against Wufei getting married?"

"They are?"

"Yup. After what happened, he should marry her."

"Oh, that's- That's not it. We found her real family."

Haruka's eyes widened. She tried to stand but Une stopped her.

"Tell me where I can find them." Haruka said.

"Her brother is here. He wants your help." Une told her.

"Where is he?" Haruka asked.

Frederick went in.

"I'm sorry if I didn't knock. I really need to talk to Ms. Cole." Frederick said.

Haruka was puzzled. She looked at Une who just nod.

"I'm Shinjin's brother." Frederick told her.

"I see... WHAT?!" Haruka shrieked.

Frederick was puzzled. He repeated his last sentence.

"Ok. What do you want?" Haruka asked.

"First, I want to thank you for taking good care of my sister. Second, I need your help in convincing her to come with me. Mother wants to see her and we don't want her to get hurt." Frederick replied.

Haruka paused for awhile then nodded.

"I can't risk losing another sibling." she said.

"You're going to help?"

"I will. Let's also convince Wufei."

"Wufei? Why?"

"He's the boyfriend."

"So, he can help us?"

"Shinjin is stubborn. We need all the help we could get."

Haruka and Frederick went out of the room and looked for Wufei. They found him in his room. They told him their plan on keeping Shinjin safe. Wufei paused for a moment.

"You're right. I can't take it if my future bride will die." Wufei said.

Frederick was surprised to heard it.

"Future bride?" Frederick asked in horror.

"We are getting married soon. After this chaos, we'll set a date for our wedding." Wufei replied.

Haruka snickered while Frederick was in rage.

"No! Not yet! Don't marry, my sister this year." Frederick begged.

"Sister?" Shinjin and Wufei said in chorus.

Frederick and Wufei were surprised to see Shinjin by the door. Haruka noticed that they were silent for a minute.

"Shinjin, Frederick Purcell is your brother. We want you to go back with him to your mother." Haruka said.

Shinjin was confused. She doesn't want to believe it.

"We have proof. If you want tests, name it Jinny..."

"Jinny... I remember that nickname."

Shinjin said.

"Dad gave you that nickname." Frederick said.


"Yes, Jinny."


"Do you remember now, Jinny?"

"I'm sorry."

Frederick took his wallet and showed them a family picture.

"This was caught on your third birthday." Frederick told Shinjin.
Haruka and Shinjin were surprised to see three-year-old Shinjin being carried by her dad. Every Purcell is in the picture.

"It is really you Shinjin." Haruka said.

"Then..." Shinjin said.

Shinjin hugged her brother. The two of them are crying. Haruka went beside Wufei and patted his shoulder. Wufei grabbed her hand, held it tight and smiled. Haruka smiled back at him.

"How did you find me?" Shinjin asked.

"I don't know. Ted found you." Frederick replied.

"What about Haruka and Karrie? Does he have any idea about their past?"

"Karrie is a member of the Yuy family but I don't have any news about Haruka's family."


"Ted has the files. We only knew a few things he told us."

"That's so unfair!"

"Don't worry. I already know that they are dead." Haruka told them.

"Then why did you hire a detective? You're searching for Lara Dale." Frederick inquired.

Shinjin glared at Haruka.

"That's not the issue here. Shinjin, don't you want to see your family? Go with Frederick." Haruka said.

"I won't. You need me here!" Shinjin told them.

"Jinny, we don't want you to get hurt." Frederick said.

"Come on!" Shinjin whined.

"Please. Shinjin. I don't want to lose you." Wufei said.

Shinjin blushed.


"It's for the best." Lady Une said as she entered the room.

"Ms. Une." Frederick said as his eyes sparkled.

Sally went in.

"Ms. Sally." Fredrick said as he checks her out.

"Lady Une, Dominick Purcell is here but we're under attack." Sally said.

"Let's go." Lady Une told them.

They went to the control center. They saw 5 Cubs, 5 Sows and a Boar.

"They want to communicate with us." a guy said, "I'll open their lines."

"Do it, Dominick." Frederick ordered.

"We need Ms. Purcell only. Su- Aghh!!"

A beam hit the Boar. It came from a Cub, maneuvered by Haruka.

"Over my dead body." Haruka said.

"No!" Shinjin said.

"Cool!" Dominick said as he watches the fight.

"This is suicide. Look! More enemies are approaching!" Frederick said as he pointed them.

Haruka already hit 5 Cubs when she saw 5 more Cubs approaching.

"I'm dead." Haruka thought.

A bazooka was fired on the Sows but they used their force field. Then a Sow, a Leo and two Boars came and attacked the enemies. A Cub came from behind the enemy Sow thrusts it's dagger behind it.

"We knew you need back up." Quatre said, who is inside a Cub.
"Just promise us that you won't go off like this again." Wufei added, as he hit a Cub with the Leo's beam gun.

"Talk about Careless, you're getting worse.” Duo teased after using his Boar's machine gun on the Sows.

"Thanks." Haruka said then u joined them.

"The Sow's force field can only protect their fronts." Trowa told them as he thrust his Sow's sword behind one.

"Be careful, Haruka." Heero said as his Boar uses his beam canon behind the Sows.

They have defeated the enemies but an enemy Boar appeared behind Haruka and fired its beam canon. Haruka was surprised which made her frozen. Out of nowhere, a Sow went in front of her with its force field activated. As the beam lessens, the force field malfunctions which made the force field disappear and the beam hits only the Sow.

"No. Nanashi... NANASHI!" Haruka shrieked.

The Boar tried to attack but a Tallgeese III came and sliced the Boar in half.

Quatre took the Sow and they rushed back.