Careless, Painless and Voiceless

Chapter 16: Being Careless

"It's ok. Shinjin will take care of Trowa." Quatre told Haruka as they wait for Shinjin's news.

"It's my fault. It's all my fault." Haruka uttered between her sobs.

"No!" Wufei said.

"I-I should..."

Heero grabbed her and hugged her tightly. Everyone was surprise with the way he acted.

"What's happening with him?" Duo asked, "This is unlikely of Heero to do."

Quatre shrugged.

Lady Une entered with Millardo Peacecraft and Lucrezia Noin. Milliardo immediately saw Heero with a girl in his arms.

"New girlfriend, Heero? Relena will be angry." he said.

Heero ignored him.

"I didn't know that Haruka has birthmark." Wufei said.

"So., that's the cute birthmark Edward bragged years ago. It looks like a flame behind her neck." Duo said.

Milliardo was alarmed when he heard Duo. He went close to her as she releases Heero and face Milliardo. He was in shock to see her face.

"You must be the pilot of Tallgeese." Haruka said as she wipes he tears, "Thank you."

"You look like your mom, Flame." Milliardo said.

Everyone was surprised.

"Your nose is like your father's. Technically I won the bet. So, where is this obstinate brother of yours?" he added.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"Milliardo Peacecraft, your cousin." he said.

Everyone was shocked.

"You sure?" Haruka asked.

"You're Eos Haruka Peacecraft while your brother is Edward James Peacecraft." he said.


Haruka fainted and Milliardo caught her.

“Somebody, call the doctor!” Milliardo said.

"Don't worry, Haruka. I'll take good care of Galen." A girl said.

The girl has auburn hair, cat's like green eyes and rosy white skin. She is older than Haruka by 2 years.

"No, Lara. I have to be here for him." Haruka said.

"You need to finish Elysium. You know what will happen." Lara told her.

Haruka paused.

"I'll tell him all about you and him. I'll let little Galen know." Lara assured her.

"I just can't leave him. Even if you say those things, I'm still not sure. How can I find you?"

"I'll show up. Don't worry. Mr. Barton will kill you and Galen if you don't do it. If Galen is with me, he's safe. Your plan of taking the Elysium away from them will be successful. The Doctor supports you in this. You have to prevent the project from happening. You have to stop Nanashi."

"Ok. But be sure that he will be safe."

"He will be."

"Galen is in my room. Take his things with you. Leave as soon as possible and take good care of him for me."

"I will."

Lara left her alone.

"Edward. Please, watch over Galen for me too." Haruka said.

She saw a man who looks like Edward standing in front of her. He was smiling at her.

"Everything is ok now Edgin?" Haruka asked.

"You don't want me to go after her and Galen?" Edgin asked.

"We could track them if you want." Olivia added.

Olivia and Edgin went near Haruka.

"No need. I trust Lara. Even if I die, I know she'll take good care of him. We made a pact." Haruka told them.

Haruka looked at Edgin and remembered her brother. She could hear herself and her brother laughing happily.

"You're such a glutton, Haruka." Edward said.

"You're cooking is excellent." Haruka told him.

"Something wrong, my Haruka?" Olivia asked.

Haruka woke up from her daydreaming.

"Nothing, my Olivia. It's nothing. we better start fixing the parts then of to Jupiter we go." Haruka told them.

"Yes, my Haruka." Olivia and Edgin said.

Haruka woke up. It was just a dream. Shinjin was sitting right beside her while Duo was standing behind Shinjin.

"Are you ok, Careless?" Duo asked.

"I'm not. I'm still asleep so don't disturb me." Haruka replied sarcastically.

"She's ok now, Painless." Duo said.

"Who is this Galen?" Trowa asked.

Haruka looked beside her and saw Trowa sitting on the bed.

"YOU!" Haruka pointed at Trowa and moved away from her so she fell out of the bed.

"Haruka." Shinjin called as she helped her stand.

"We don't have enough bed for you so we took you here. Mr. Peacecraft took you here." Shinjin added.

Haruka froze when she heard the word "Peacecraft." She sat on the bed side.

"Peacecraft, eh?" Haruka said.

"He is your cousin. It was a surprise." Duo told her.

"I can't believe it also until Milliardo told me. He was here a moment ago." Trowa told her.

"Did he ask about me and my brother?" Haruka asked.

"Of course. I told him about the incident. He was down at the moment but he told us that at least, you're alive. He knows that Edward will do that just to protect his younger sister." Shinjin said.

"Oh. What else did you tell him?" Haruka asked.

"Why do you want to know?" Shinjin asked.

"I just want to know. That's all." Haruka replied.

"Anyway, I told him that we met years ago and I met Edward and the things we've been doing together. He was so interested in it." Duo said.

"I told him about the time when we became spies." Shinjin told Haruka.

Haruka looked at Trowa.

"I told him about the time when we were making the Heavyarms Gundam." Trowa said.

"Everything?" Haruka asked as her eyes widened.

"Everything." Trowa repeated.

Haruka was turning red. Trowa grinned and whispered something to Haruka which turned her face even redder than before.

"You told him that you're my boyfriend?" Haruka asked.

Shinjin and Duo grinned.

"I guess we better leave you two alone." Duo told them.

"What?" Haruka asked in disbelief.

Shinjin laughed for awhile and left the room with Duo.

"Hey!" Haruka said but the door is shut.

"I did." Trowa replied.

"How come I didn't know that?" Haruka asked.

"I thought we had an understanding back then. I thought that what happened to us was our pact." Trowa told her.

Haruka remained silent.

"You're just goofing around during those times, right?" Trowa asked.

"I'm not goofing around or playing with you. I just didn't know that you also feel the same then. I thought I was the only one. And I thought that if... if we've done that, you'll never leave. You still left me."

"I thought that we've done that to promise ourselves that we will wait for each other. When I saw you again, I knew that you've waited for me because you never had a lover."

"You have Catherine."

"I think of her as a sister. But you told the others that we're only friends."

"Because of Catherine."

"Are you jealous?"

"Me? No."

Trowa kissed her lips. Haruka kissed him back but pushed him away. Haruka saw his chest with bandages.

"Sorry. Does that hurt?" Haruka asked.

"It hurts a lot. Especially when Heero is treating you good."

"You're jealous, right?"

"I am."

Haruka froze.

"I also got jealous when you're so close to Wufei and Quatre but you never noticed."

Trowa sat beside her.

"I'm sorry if I didn't notice. I'm also sorry for your wounds but thank you all the same." Haruka said.

"Thank you? Is that all?"


Trowa glared at her but Haruka kept on smiling at him. She noticed that Trowa is disappointed. She caressed his face and gently gave him a smack on his lips.

"Is that better?" Haruka asked.

Trowa kissed her lips and Haruka kissed him back. They gently lied down on the bed. Trowa went on top of Haruka and kissed her again. They stopped kissing and tried to remove Trowa's pants when Milliardo and Noin opened that door. They stopped what they were doing and looked at Milliardo and Noin. Noin giggled while Milliardo looked disgusted.

"Eos Haruka Peacecraft, we need to talk." Milliardo said

"We'll be waiting outside so you can finish what you are doing." Noin told them.

"Trowa Barton, you can listen to us if you want. But be gentle on my cousin." Milliardo said as they shut the door.

"I think, I'm not in the mood now." Haruka said.

"I'll just put a shirt on and we'll let them in." Trowa told her as he looked for his shirt.
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