Careless, Painless and Voiceless

Chapter 17: Elysium

The Preventer's vessel was on its way to the moon. Haruka was so excited to see her ship and her companions, Edgin and Olivia.

"Milliardo, I want you to see Edgin. I created him." Haruka told him.

"Another android?" Milliardo asked after remembering Olivia's transmission.


"How come you have a ship that has mobile suits and androids in it?"

"It's suppose to be a backup. Plan B of Operation M."

"That ship?"
"It was my fault. I was scribbling my plan for Edgin when that stupid son of Dekim Barton saw my plan of Elysium. Elysium is suppose to be a house for kids with no homes can stay and feel secured because of the security alarms and things like that. After I created it, I took it go Ganymede so they can't use it. "

"I see."

"What is that?" Shinjin asked as she looked at the screen.

It was a big carrier that looked like a bird.

"It looks like a phoenix." Shinjin praised.

"I designed it that way." Haruka boasted.

"Haruka, I was thinking. Why do we have to stain our hands just to get what we want?" Shinjin asked.

Milliardo, Noin and Haruka looked at her.

"What do you mean?" Haruka asked.

"Why can't they stop fighting for something useless. What's your future in it?"

"Shinjin, we fight because they don't listen. They only think of themselves."

"Is that it?"

"Humans are selfish creatures. They want to get what they want even if someone will take the consequences."

"They can get it in some other way. Not this."

"But this is the easy way."

"You don't have to go, right? These guys are experts. They can do it."

"I can't just leave something unfinished since I have already started it. Besides, even though we are not sisters by blood, we are sisters by bond. I have to fulfill that responsibility."

"There you go again. You don't have that responsibilities anymore. We are-"

"I know that already but during those times that Karrie was kidnapped, I'm still responsible. I'm still your elder sister."

"Don't you think that you’re going too far?"

"No. Not at all. besides you're not my boss."

"Like you have a boss."

"Lady Une is my boss."

"You have a job now?"

"Yes. I'm a proud member of the Preventers."

"Then let me fight with you. I'm also a temporary member of the Preventers. My partner is Wufei and Sally."

" No."

"Password." Olivia asked.

Olivia was on the screen.

"My Olivia, let us in." Haruka told her.

Olivia recognized her voice so she let them in. They wore space suits when they went out of their ship and into the port of the carrier. They saw different kinds of spacecrafts.

"Those humans who left those spaceships died." Olivia told them through the speaker.

They all went in the control center where Edgin and Olivia were waiting for them.

"Impossible!" Milliardo cried.

"That's my android, Edgin. I made him." Haruka told him.

"My Haru." Olivia greeted in monotone.

Haruka hugged her.

"My Olivia. It's been awhile." Haruka said.

"My Haru." Edgin said with a smile.

"Edgin! Cheerful as always." Haruka told him as she removed her helmet and kissed his cheeks.

"Why aren't they removing their space helmets?" Edgin asked.

Noin and Lady Une looked at each other then removed their helmets. The others also removed their helmets.

"Humans are strange." Olivia said.

Haruka took Edgin outside.

"How did you get oxygen? We were expecting that you'll run out." Sally asked.

"Information classified." Olivia replied.

"Are there mobile suits in this ship?" Noin asked.

"Information classified." Olivia replied again.

"What time is it?" Sally asked.

"Information classified." Olivia replied.

"Can we sleep here?" Duo asked.

"No." Olivia replied.

"Where is the kitchen?" Quatre asked.

"Information classified." Olivia replied.

"Where is the toilet?" Duo asked.

"Information classified." Olivia replied.

She was getting on everyone's nerves. One of Rashid's members took out a dagger and an apple but Olivia pointed a gun at him.

"Olivia, don't!" Haruka ordered.

Olivia hid the gun.

"I'm sorry. I have to give her a new command but I'm done with Edgin so you can ask him." Haruka explained.

Haruka took Olivia while Edgin smiled at everyone.

"Welcome to Elysium. I'll be your tour guide. If you have any questions, just feel free to ask me. So now, we are currently in the control room where the main control of Elysium is here. I'll give you a slight peak on how Elysium works and the limited controls you can use. Right now, we are going to the kitchen so follow me." Edgin told them.

Everyone followed him except for Haruka, Olivia and Trowa. Haruka noticed him standing.

"You should follow them. I have strict orders that if you entered a certain room, they'll kill you." Haruka said.

"I don't care. I'll stay here." Trowa told him.

"You'll get lost around Elysium if you don't follow Edgin. You won't get any room too. We only have limited rooms."

"I can stay in your room."

"B-but I'm not sharing."

Trowa glared at Haruka.

"You're keeping the reprogramming from me, right? You should have told me in the first place. All I want is to talk to you." Trowa said then left her.

"Those humans who came here left interesting videos and things." Olivia informed her.

"Interesting? That means that those are not in your files. Have you got those files?" Haruka asked.

"Yes. We have stored it in our systems." Olivia replied.

"Show them to me."

Olivia went away for awhile and returned with porn CD's.

"Olivia, did you and Edgin stored information from this CD's?"

"Yes, my Haru."

"Delete them. They are not helpful."

"Yes, my Haru."

"I'll give the order to Edgin later."

"You killed those men, didn't you?"

"Yes, my Haru."

"Good. You used their parts to fix the chemical maker."

"Yes. Now, there's oxygen everywhere and water is flowing from every faucet."

"Good. Help me fix the damages in Elysium after this, ok?"

"Yes, my Haru."

Haruka opened something behind Olivia and started fixing her.

After showing them the whole part of Elysium, Edgin watched them as they observed the hallway. They saw a door with Haruka's name on it then the others that doesn't have a name.

"Any questions before we begin?" Edgin asked.

Duo raised his hand.

"Where are we?" Duo asked.

"Mare serenitatis." Edgin replied.

"Not that." Duo said.

"Inside the Elysium. At the hallway, where those doors are connected to the bedrooms." Edgin replied then took out papers and markers from his pocket.

"My Haru said that you should pick your own room. Write your name in a piece of paper then paste it on the door. No sharing of room." Edgin said.

"This is because of me." Shinjin thought.

"Except for Mr. Peacecraft and Ms. Noin. If you want to share, My Haru said that it's ok." Edgin added.

"Ok. Thanks." Milliardo told him.

Milliardo immediately took a paper and paste it on the door beside Haruka's room and put his name on it. Noin put her name on Milliardo's paper.

Rashid opened a door in front of Milliardo's room and saw that it looks like a hotel's room. He was going to paste his paper but Dana seemed to be interested in the room so they argued for awhile but Quatre put his paper on that door. Heero just paste the paper to the door near him. Trowa also did the same. Duo noticed that the rooms in the hallway were almost occupied so he raised his hands again.

"Is there any other rooms?" Duo asked.

"Up to the fourth floor." Edgin replied.

Duo was too tired to go up the stairs. He saw a door with no name so he pasted his paper on it. On that floor, the rooms were occupied by Haruka, Milliardo and Noin, Heero, Quatre, Duo, Lady Une, Sally, Trowa, Wufei, Shinjin, the five maids and some of Rashid's members.

"Is there any rule that you can't enter or sleep in another room?" Sally asked.

"None." Edgin replied.

"How come you can smile while Olivia can't?" Duo asked.

Edgin smiled at Duo.

"That's classified." Edgin replied.

"I bet you don't know." Duo mumbled.

"I do." Milliardo told him.

Edgin looked at Milliardo in confusion.

"Same expressions as Edward. You didn't see that, Duo." Milliardo told him.

"Yeah! I see it now." Duo said as he looks closely to Edgin who was talking to Noin.

"She is too attached to him to remember his expressions up until now." Milliardo said.

"When we are done, everyone will help fix Elysium." Edgin told them.

"I'm not good at mechanical works." Frederick said.

"You can help by passing the tools." Edgin said with a smile.

"That sounds insulting but I'll do it." Frederick said.

"Now, off to the second floor we go for those who don't have a room. Those who have a room, you can stay in your room or follow us." Edgin told them.