Careless, Painless and Voiceless

Chapter 1: Again

In the graveyard, three young adult women gave respect to their departed ones.

"Mama Lea, I have fulfilled my dreams. Please help my sisters so they could fulfill their dreams too." one of them said.

It was Karrie. Her long black hair is shinier than ever. She wore a spaghetti strap shirt and blue mini skirt.

"Papa Arthur, you know I've done my best. Tomorrow, they will announce those who pass the board exam. Wish me luck." another said.

This time, it was Shinjin. Her golden wavy hair is still long. She were a light blue blouse and her jeans.

"Edward, I wish you rest in peace. Don't be mad at me if I'm not working." the other said.

She was Haruka. She cut her long red hair. She wore a white long sleeves polo shirt and black pants.

"Edward, knock some sense out of Haruka." Shinjin said.

"Right! Tell her to accept the job." Karrie added.

"I don't want to do that! Besides I'm on vacation!" Haruka protested.

"A company in New York wants you to be their engineer but you refused! Think about that!" Shinjin nagged.

"I can't! I made up my mind!" Haruka told her.

"You are 20 years old now. See how time flies?" Karrie insisted.

Harold came and saw them having a dispute.

"Guys, stop arguing. Let's just celebrate Haruka's birthday." Harold told them.

"Right! Come on, I want cakes!" Haruka said.

"Okay. But if something happens to your stomach, don't cry and beg for medicine." Shinjin said.

"Don't do that to me Dr. Shinjin Cole."Haruka pleaded.

"Doctor-to-be, Haruka. We haven't seen the results yet." Shinjin said.

"That's okay. We know you will pass, after all, we are geniuses." Karrie boasted.

"What about you, Karrie? How come you keep being commercial model while you're already a nurse?" Harold asked.

"My dream to be come a nurse is fulfilled but I love being a commercial model. It feels good doing that job." Karrie replied dreamily.

"Besides, maybe someday she'll become like Tyra and have her own show." Haruka added.

"Kyaa~ That is so good!" Karrie said.

"I almost forgot, I have to pay respect to my father, too." Harold said.

Harold went to his father's grave and prayed in silence.

"Okay, I'm done. Mom prepared something for your birthday at our house. She wants you all to come and stay for awhile." Harold told them

After they have reached their legal age and the death of her husband, Mrs. Llamas insisted that she and Harold should leave the house and move away but the girls are very fond of her and think of her as their own aunt. Since they noticed that their parents also left them four empty lots near the mansion, they let gave one to Mrs. Llamas. Even though she resisted, the girls kept on insisting and built a house for her and Harold. There is nothing she could do but to accept their gift to her.

"Sure. Aunt's cooking is delicious." Haruka complimented.

"Are you coming with us later? We are going shopping." Karrie asked Harold.

"No. I have to manage the winery. Maybe I'll go at your place tonight. I know you're going to throw a small gathering, correct?" Harold asked.

"Yes. We are. Susanna and Ramil will come. Sarah said that she couldn't come so I'm expecting less visitors." Haruka said.

"Everyone is so busy now. After all, they have their own family now." Shinjin said.

"Anyway, let's go. I want to eat good food!" Haruka said.

"Man! This old hag never change. Food is always on her mind. She don't care even if she turned into a pig." Harold teased.

Shinjin and Karrie laughed while Haruka glared at Harold.

"I heard that, bust king!" Haruka said sarcastically.

"Bust king? Hey! You're getting personal!" Harold said.

"Stop arguing. Let's go. You're mom is waiting." Karrie said.

"You're so lucky that it's your birthday today." Harold told Haruka.

"I'm always lucky! Duh?" Haruka countered.

They left the graveyard and went to Mrs. Llamas house by riding Harold's car. Harold didn't stay. He left as soon as the girls were out of his car.

Mrs. Llamas knew that they were outside so before Karrie could ring the doorbell, she opened the door and greeted her guests.

"Haruka, my dear, I told you not to cut your hair again. Having a hair that short may accused you for being a guy." Mrs. Llamas said.

"She tries to be one but she couldn't." Karrie said.

"Have you heard of a girl who tries to be a guy but is currently in love with a guy?" Shinjin asked.

"I'm not in love, Shinjin. I never loved a guy except for Edward and Papa Arthur." Haruka replied.

"Then, what about that guy you always talked about after your mission with Doctor S?" Karrie asked while raising an eyebrow.

They all looked at Haruka. They expect her to answer that. Haruka was blushing heavily.

"It was just a crush. It was never love. Besides, I know I will never see him again." Haruka replied.

"Anyway, Let's go inside and talk about the other details." Mrs. Llamas said.

They went in the dinning room. Mrs. Llamas served them a fiest. They had fun eating and laughing their hearts out.

"So, after this, where are you going?" Mrs. Llamas asked.

"Shopping." Karrie replied.

"And circus." Haruka added.

Mrs. Llamas, Karrie and Shinjin raised an eyebrow. Haruka looked at them puzzled.

"What? Did I said something wrong?" Haruka asked.

"It's for kids." Shinjin protested.

"I'm sure it's fun! I've never been to a circus before so I want to go." Haruka said.

"But, Flame..." Karrie protested.

"Girls, just let her do what she wants. After all, it's her birthday today." Mrs. Llamas said with a smile.

"Okay." Shinjin and Karrie said in chorus.

"Let's go there before we go shopping!" Haruka insisted.

"Fine." Shinjin said.

They thanked Mrs. Llamas for the food and left. Haruka was having fun watching different acts like the lion show and elephant show while Shinjin and Karrie were laughing at the clowns.

"Hi, kittens." Ramil greeted as he sat beside Karrie.

"Ramil, where is Susanna?" Haruka asked him.

"Work." Ramil replied.

"Susanna is so workaholic." Karrie told him.

"I know but she always try to give time for me. She even forgot to allot some time for herself. I always tell her to give some time for herself." Ramil said.

"I understand her though but the good part of it is that you understand." Shinjin said.

"Right. No wonder..." Haruka was suddenly interrupted by a clown who was wearing a half-mask.

She felt like she knew this clown because of his brown hair with a very long bangs fixed on one side of his face.

"Haruka, you're saying something?" Ramil asked.

Haruka's eyes never left the clown as he performed. Ramil looked at the direction where Haruka's eyes were fixed.

"Wow! You must have like his act. You're not even responding to what I just asked." Ramil told her.

Shinjin and Karrie thought that that is very suspicious.

"Flame, do you know him?" Shinjin asked.

Haruka didn't respond.

"Flame?" Shinjin called her but she didn't respond.

Karrie pinched Haruka's thighs. This made Haruka screamed in pain. Those around them looked at her so she apologized.

"What was that?" Haruka asked while rubbing her tigh.

"You know him, right?" Karrie asked.

"Maybe but I doubt that it's him because I know that he is not the type who would join something like this." Haruka said.

"Then, let's have a better look." Shinjin said with a wide grin.

"What are you planning?" Haruka asked when Karrie replied with a wide grin.

"Let's go and sneak." Karrie said as she took Haruka's hand.

All four of them snuck their way to the backstage. They hid behind hanged costumes before someone came.

The clown went in with a woman. The woman has short, straight hair but a bit curly at its ends and her eyes are green.

"Good job, Trowa." She told the clown.

Trowa nodded as the woman tapped his shoulder.

"Now?" Ramil whispered.

"No. Let's go." Haruka told them in a low voice.

"Wait. Don't rush, Haruka." Karrie said in a low voice.

Haruka didn't listened to her. She was in a hurry to get out of the place that she tripped on something and exposed herself. The woman and Trowa noticed her as she tried to stand up. Trowa immediately helped her.

"Are you all right?" Trowa asked.

"I'm fine." Haruka said in a manly manner but she kept hiding her face using her hands.

"Mister, you are not allowed in here." The woman said.

"I'm sorry. Don't worry, I'm going." Haruka said.

Haruka bowed her head so her hair would cover her face but it's so short so she covered her face again using her hands and walked away.

Trowa had a glance of her face so he pulled her back.

"Haruka, I know it's you" Trowa said.

"I'm Ramil. You must be kidding." Haruka told him while looking away.

"Like it would work." Ramil hissed.

"You brought your friends with you. What do you want?" Trowa asked.

"Come out now, guys. They have discovered that you're here." Haruka said in her normal tone.

"You can't lie to me." Trowa told her.

As her sisters and friend went out of hiding, she slowly glanced at Trowa. Trowa released her arm.

"Sorry, Nanashi. I just want to make sure." Haruka apologized.

"Why would you want to make sure?" Trowa asked.

"You see, I can't really imagine you being a clown." Haruka told her.

"Flame." Shinjin called.

"Who are they?" the woman asked.

"They are my sisters, Shinjin and Karrie while the guy is our friend Ramil. Okay, guys. Let's go." Haruka said.

"Wait. we can't." Karrie said with a wide grin.

"What now?" Haruka asked.

"Who are they? You told them our names but you never told us theirs." Shinjin said.

"I'm Trowa Barton and that is my sister, Catherine Bloom." Trowa told them.

"Hi!" Catherine said.

"Can we go now?" Haruka asked.

"He's your friend, right?" Ramil asked.

"Invite him tonight! After all, it's your birthday." Shinjin said.

Haruka gazed at Trowa then blushed.

"Is it okay? Are you working tonight?" Haruka whispered.

"I'll try." he said.

"Good. Ramil will pick you up." Karrie told them.

"Me?" Ramil murmured.

"Yes, you." Shinjin and Karrie said.

"See you later. Shinjin said.

"Okay." Trowa agreed.

They went out of the circus.

"You know who he is." Shinjin accused.

"Liar." Karrie added.

Ramil looked at his watched then got scared.

"I'm late! Dad will kill me! I have to go, kittens." Ramil said then ran away.

"Bye." Haruka said then they waved goodbye to Ramil.

"So, he was that guy you used to tell us." Shinjin concluded.

"He is so cute." Karrie said.

"It was a crush back then. It changed now."Haruka convinced them.

"Seriously, you were ared and sweating back there." Shinjin said.

"After so many years, we meet again. How do you expect me to react?" Haruka told them.

"Okay, the Rebellion of Maremaia Khushrenada was over 4 years ago." Karrie said.

A car stopped right in front of them. Five men wearing a coat and black shades went out.

"You are the Cole sister, I presume?" the leader asked.

They did not replied and ignored them but they were aware that this is trouble.

"Shinjin, go get help." Karrie told her.

Shinjin nodded then ran back to the circus.

"Wait!" the leader said.

Two of his followers tried to follow Shinjin but Haruka blocked their way and kicked them at their abdomen.

"What do you want?" Karrie asked.

"A girl." the leader replied.

He fixed his shades then the other two grabbed Karrie.

"Help!" Karrie shouted.

Haruka ran toward Karrie and punched the one on Karrie's left so he released her. Karrie kicked the guy on her right in between so he also released his grip and lay on the ground in pain.

The other two attacked them but Karrie gave one a flying kick and then punched the other one.

Haruka kicked her opponent on the chin which made him out of balance. The leader attacked Haruka and punched her to her abdomen. Haruka was in pain but she endured it for a bit then punched the leader on his face.

Karrie kicked her opponent in between which made him kneel in pain. The other one grabbed Karrie's arm so she stomped on his feet which made him release her. The other one who grabbed he earlier grabbed her hair.

Haruka kicked the leader on his abdomen but he endured it and countered by punching Haruka on her face but she dodged it.

The man who was out of balanced a moment ago, took a can from his pocket and opened its lid then covered his nose. His companions saw this and they also covered their noses. Haruka noticed that a smoke went out of the can so she also covered her nose.

Haruka noticed that Karrie was unconsciously lying on the ground. Haruka was alarmed by what she saw so she tried to carry her. One of them hit Haruka from behind her neck which made her release Karrie and breathe the smoke.

Haruka tried to resist but the drug was affecting her. She was weak then fell on the ground. She felt some one carried her until she feels nothing anymore.
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I bet you're confused but you'll be able to learn more about this as you read the next chapter.